Manhattan Soccer Club Adds More Value to Girls Player Development and Coach Education with Beyond Pulse Smart Belts

Manhattan Soccer Club Adds More Value to Girls Player Development and Coach Education with Beyond Pulse Smart Belts

By Ellie Eckerle, Beyond Pulse

Manhattan Soccer Club, the largest soccer club in New York City, is revolutionizing its girls program with Beyond Pulse’s innovative Smart Belts, designed to track a range of metrics, including active participation, distance covered, speed, and intensity of play.  

The Smart Belts will provide a clear picture of each player’s progress and each session’s effectiveness, enabling both players and coaches to analyze, reflect and improve their skills. The tool will also help increase player engagement and retention, by providing simple and intuitive feedback loops that encourage individual and team growth.   

Manhattan Soccer Club, who already uses the Beyond Pulse Smart Belts for their Boys program, are united with Beyond Pulse in their mission to create a positive and stimulating learning environment for their players. Both organizations believe that a player’s success on the field is intrinsically linked to their development off the field. By leveraging the power of Beyond Pulse’s smart belts, Manhattan Soccer Club is looking forward to further enhancing their girls’ training environments and cultivating strong players on and off the field.

“We at Beyond Pulse are ecstatic to be providing Smart Belts for both the girls and boys within the Manhattan Soccer Club,” said Matt Pell, CEO of Beyond Pulse. “The club’s commitment to providing the best possible training and development for its players is something we are honored to be a part of. It’s an exciting time to be part of such a forward-thinking organization.” 

Coach Jay Myers expressed his excitement about the partnership saying, “The MSC Girls 07′ Flash is excited to take their training to the next level. The inclusion of Beyond Pulse is the next natural step in our progression. The support by this company has already been excellent. We look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

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