Code Of Conduct


Manhattan Soccer Club Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Responsibility The Manhattan Soccer Club, herein called the “Club” or “MSC”, its Officers, Directors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Employees, Parents, Volunteers, and Players, herein called “Club Representatives”, shall adhere to this Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Responsibility. Failure to do so may result in dismissal, suspension, probation, or other action as determined appropriate by the Manhattan Soccer Club, or its’ designee, which shall be the MSC Rules & Discipline Committee unless otherwise designated.

Code of Ethics

Club Representatives will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship at all times. Club Representatives shall provide a safe playing experience for players, and encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice, and other event. Club Representatives shall organize practices to best develop players. Club Representatives shall provide a sports environment for teams that is free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language. Coaches shall be knowledgeable in the rules of the game of soccer and shall teach these rules to players. Club Representatives shall put the well being of players ahead of personal desires and the desire to win. Club Representatives shall treat opponents, referees, other club members and any one with whom they come in contact with respect. Club Representatives shall remember that they represent the Club and that those with whom they interact may be of a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, emotional & physical development. The MSC Board, or its’ designee, has the authority to suspend Club Representative (with or without pay) as it deems appropriate, if their conduct is considered detrimental to the Club. Determinations by the Manhattan Soccer Club, or its designee, regarding matters discussed in this document shall be final.

Unbecoming Conduct

Behavior of Club Representatives that is unbecoming or inappropriate shall be referred to the Board of Directors, or their designee, for review and possible action.


Players are expected to participate in practices and games. Parents are expected to participate by ensuring that their children are on time for team events and picked up from both practices and games as designated by Club or their team representatives and unless otherwise indicated, they are expected to provide their own equipment as may be necessary. If a player cannot be present for a scheduled game or practice, the player or their family representative is expected to notify the coach in advance. During games parents are welcome to cheer for the team, but shall not do anything that may be construed as coaching from the sidelines including but not limited to, giving instructions to players. Club Representatives shall not make derogatory comments toward any player, coach, parent, or other parties. Parents and all Club Representatives shall support coaches, help maintain discipline, and promote good sportsmanship. If problems should arise that cannot be mutually resolved they shall be addressed as described below under “Other Grievances”.

Other Grievances

In the event that a player feels he/she is not being treated fairly or a parent feels that their child is not being treated fairly by a coach in the Club, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. We’ve found that many issues result from a lack of communication and are resolved most effectively if they are raised first directly with the people involved.
  2. In the event that an issue arises that in a parent or team’s opinion cannot be solved by the team manager or coach, or you have exhausted that avenue, contact Executive Director Rich Corvino or Director of Coaching Ray Selvadurai.
  3. If your issue can not be resolved by the above channels, you can submit your issue to the club’s grievance committee, which will investigate and bring it to the Board of Directors for resolution.

You can start that process here.

For more detail on the process click here

Responsibility for Referee Support & Safety

Club Representatives shall provide support to referees and game officials at all times. Club Representatives are expected to provide an extra measure of respect for game officials and referees. Club Representatives shall understand and embrace the concept that game officials and referees shall be supported and allowed to grow in ability and develop just like players. The safety of players is paramount in all Club activities. Club Representatives shall obey the rules of any facility at which they may be training or playing a game. Club Representatives are also expected to take precautions to protect players and the Club’s membership which may be above and beyond the rules of the facility when merited.

Sanctioning Entities and Codes of Conduct of Other Organizations

Players and coaches shall abide by the constitution and by-laws of the United States Soccer Federation, US Club Soccer, USYSA, and any league or tournament in which their team may be playing. In addition to any sanction enacted by such an entity pertaining to a Club Representative, the Board of Directors, or its designee, may choose to take further action after reviewing the situation. Club Representatives have the responsibility to review and abide by not only this Code of Conduct, Ethics, and Responsibility of the Manhattan Soccer Club, but also any code of conduct or similar endorsed by any league, tournament, or licensing organization, in which the Representative’s team participates. Such leagues or licensing organizations may include but are not limited to, the US Soccer Federation, USYSA, US Club Soccer, the ECNL, NYCFC, NYCSL, EDP, and WYSL leagues.