At times, questions or concerns will come up regarding a players’ experience on a team or with the Club. Here are the Club’s guidelines for resolving them:

Step 1:

We’ve found that many issues result from a lack of communication and are resolved most effectively if they are raised first directly with the people involved.

Step 2:

In the event that an issue arises that in a parent or team’s opinion cannot be solved by the team manager or coach, or you have exhausted that avenue, contact Executive Director Rich Corvino or Director of Coaching Ray Selvadurai.

Grievance_flow_chart_V2_large (1)

Step 3:

If your issue cannot not be resolved by the above channels, you can submit your issue to the club’s grievance committee, which will investigate and bring to the Board of Directors for resolution.

Grievance Process Under Rules and Regulations of Manhattan Soccer Club, Inc.:

Issues may arise that cannot be resolved at a team level or that transcend the management of a single team. Most of these issues can be handled most efficiently by following the informal issue resolution guidelines established by the Club. On occasion, an issue may be so serious or time-critical (including situations where the issue is not getting resolved in a timely manner by following the informal guidelines) that the Club’s formal grievance process may be invoked.

Article IX of the MSC Rules and Regulations authorizes the MSC Board to establish a Grievance Committee comprised of members of the Board and such other individuals as may be appointed by the Board to hear grievances, appeals and protests from players, teams, coaches or employees regarding the application and enforcement of the Rules and Regulations and other policies of the Club in effect from time to time.

The Board has appointed a Grievance Administrator (“GA”) to administer the grievance process and a Grievance Committee (“Committee”) consisting of three MSC Board members (which may include ex-officio and/or honorary members of the Board) and/or counsel to the Board. The GA shall support and be a non-voting participant in meetings of the Committee.

Any player, team, coach or employee who believes they have been aggrieved by a decision so serious or time-critical as to warrant a formal grievance, appeal or protest under Article IX (“Complainant”) shall complete and submit an online grievance form, please click here.

The GA shall promptly review the grievance, assemble the Committee and, if requested by the Committee, gather additional facts relevant to the grievance.

A minimum of three (3) members of the Committee shall be required to hear a grievance. The Board may add other members to serve on the Committee or otherwise change the membership of the Committee in relation to any particular grievance as the Board may deem appropriate.

The grievance shall be heard after the Committee has had the opportunity to review and consider the grievance and other relevant information. The Committee shall act by making a recommendation to the Board. The GA or other representative of the Committee shall communicate any recommendation or final action of the Board to all interested parties with such detail as the Committee deems appropriate.