Welcome and Farewell – MSC Board Election Results

MSC's Annual General Meeting took place via Zoom (where else) on Monday, December 7, and concluded with the presentation of the new MSC Board for 2020-21. Jon Graber, who began his second term as President last night, welcomed Danielle Auerbach (PSG 2013), Derek Cribbs (Fury 2002 and Surf 2004), Julie Kronish (RomaECNL 2007 and Freedom 2005), and Scott Marwin (PSG 2013).

Loryn Bergman (Barcelona ECNL 2008) and David Kramer (Charge 2002 and Express 2006) will serve as Vice-Presidents, with newly-elected member Julie Kronish taking on the role of Board Secretary.

A special thanks to Noelle Savarese, David Ottavio, and Phil Poppinga, our outgoing Board Members who have contributed a tremendous amount of time, talent, and energy over the past years. We wish you well.

The full list of our board of directors can be found here