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MSC Practice Schedules

Fall 2018 Weekday Practices and Bus Service to Randall's Island  begins on Tuesday Sept 4 (Bus Registration Opening Soon)

Field Locations

FALL 2018 Weekday Practice Schedule

MSC Fall 2018 Weekday Practice Schedule

Age Team Day 1 Day 2 Time Field Field
G-2011 Ajax Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
G-2007 Armada Tue Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2009 Atletico Mon (R8) Wed (McCabe) 4:30-6 R8 McCabe
B-2008 Barcelona Mon Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2011 Battery Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
G-2004 Beat Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2007 Blitz Wed Fri 6:30-8 R70
B-2009 Boca Mon (R8) Wed (McCabe) 4:30-6 R8 McCabe
G-2009 Boltz Tue Fri 4:30-6 R8
G-2005 Breakers Mon Wed 7:30-9 R70
B-2006 Celtic Mon Wed 6:30-8 R70
G-2003 Charge Tue 7:30-9 R10
B-2010 Chelsea Mon Wed 4:30-6 R8
B-2008 Chivas Tue Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2004 Clash Tue 7:30-9 R70
G-2006 Comets Tue Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2002 Corinthians Tue 7:30-9 R70
B-2007 Cosmos Wed Fri 6:30-8 R70
B-2009 Derby Wed (McCabe) Fri (R8) 4:30-6 McCabe R8
G-2006 Devils Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2010 Dynamo Wed Fri 4:30-6 R8
B-2005 Earthquakes Mon Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2001 Emelec Tue 7:30-9 R74
B-2011 Energy Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
B-2006 Express Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2007 Fiorentina Tue Fri 6:30-8 R70
G-2001 Fire Mon 7:30-9 R70
B-2003 Flamengo Tue 7:30-9 R70
B-2005 Freedom Wed Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2003 Fury Tue 7:30-9 R74
G-2006 Fusion Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
G-2002 Galaxy Tue 7:30-9 R10
B-2003 Gremio Mon 7:30-9 R70
B-2007 Impact Wed Fri 6:30-8 R70
B-2010 Inter Wed Fri 4:30-6 R8
B-2008 Lazio Tue Fri 6:30-8 R70
G-2007 Lyon Tue Fri 6:30-8 R70
B-2008 Milan Tue Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2011 Monarchs Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
B-2005 Mustangs Wed Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2009 Panathinaikos Mon (R8) Wed (McCabe) 4:30-6 R8 McCabe
G-2008 Phoenix Wed Thu 4:30-6 R8
G-2001 Pride Tue 7:30-9 R10
B-2001 PSV Tue 7:30-9 R70
B-2011 Rangers Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
G-2008 Ravens Wed Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2011 Real Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
G-2009 Revolution Tue Fri 4:30-6 R8
B-2004 Rockers Tue 7:30-9 R70
G-2006 Rockets Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2007 Roma Wed Fri 6:30-8 R70
B-2011 Roughnecks Mon Wed 4:30-6 FD102
B-2007 Scorpions Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2009 Sevilla Mon (R8) Wed (McCabe) 4:30-6 R8 McCabe
B-2004 Sounders Mon 7:30-9 R70
G-2007 Sporting Tue Thu 6:30-8 R70
G-2010 Spurs Tue Fri 4:30-6 R8
G-2004 Stars Tue 7:30-9 R10
G-2009 Steel Tue Fri 4:30-6 R8
G-2005 Storm Mon Wed 7:30-9 R70
G-2010 Strikers Tue Fri 4:30-6 R8
G-2003 Surf Wed 7:30-9 R70
G-2008 Surge Wed Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2004 Thunder Tue 7:30-9 R74
G-2002 Timbers Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2002 Titans Tue 7:30-9 R74
B-2007 Torino Tue Fri 6:30-8 R70
G-2005 Union Mon Wed 7:30-9 R70
B-2008 United Tue Thu 4:30-6 R8
B-2005 Valencia Tue Thu 7:30-9 R70
B-2006 Whitecaps Mon Thu 6:30-8 R70
B-2006 Wolves Mon Wed 6:30-8 R70