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2017 Columbus Day Weekend Recap

By MSC, 10/11/17, 12:45AM EDT


Outstanding weekend for Manhattan SC boys and girls teams!

This picture sums it up. Two teams competing for a title. Leave the field as a club and family and speaks to what our program is about!


Discovery Cup- Maryland

2006 Sporting- Semifinalists

2005 MSC Union- NPL- Finalists

2004 MSC Stars- NPL- Semifinalists

2003 MSC Charge- NPL- Finalists


Northport-Long Island

2005 Blizzard- Finalists

2006 Rockets- Finalists

2007 Flash- Finalists


Brooklyn Italians Columbus Cup- NY

2002- Manhattan Titans- Champions

2002- Manhattan Corinthians- Finalists

2003- Manhattan Fury- Champions

2003- Manhattan Gremio- Semifinalists

1999/2000- Manhattan Villa- Semifinalists


NYCFC Friendlies at TSF, NJ



2004- Manhattan Thunder- Champions

2004- Manhattan Clash- Semifinalists

2005- Manhattan Freedom- Finalists

2005- Manhattan Earthquakes- Finalists

2006- Manhattan Wolves Blue- Champions

2006- Manhattan Express- Semifinalists


Northport- Long Island

2004 Rockers- Semifinalists

2005 Valencia- Finalists

2006 Celtic-Semifinalists

2007 Fiorentina- Finalists

2007 Cosmos- Semifinalists

2009 Sevilla- Semifinalists

2009 Villareal- Semifinalists