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MSC Kids



Having and refining technical skill (ball mastery)l and confidence with the ball are some of the foundations that all soccer players need to possess to compete. MSC Kids is catered to teaching young children (beginners) who are in the beginning phases of learning the beautiful game.  The program is designed to really engage young players in developing their skills by playing ball oriented games and making sure that they are having FUN while learning. Smiles are a good indication of fun, and we want all our players to feel happy to be there. This will allow their passion for the game to grow, passion being a primary foundation for any player. Coaches are keen to nurture both passion and skill so that the players can develop into complete players.

General Information


All of our sessions are designed around ball mastery. Ball Mastery or technical skill is a players' ability to control the ball quickly and close to their foot. All sessions are oriented around maximizing each player's foot contact with the ball. In each session, they will learn something new or go over something they have already learned to refine their technique. Our coaches aim to get players to love manipulating the ball with their feet while playing fun games. While the children are playing these games, they are steadily developing key attributes they will need if they choose to play competitive soccer. The more a player touches the ball, the better they will be when in possession of the ball.

This program is an introductory period for children of these ages, which is why we are committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere for our youngest players.  A positive, distraction-free environment is key to developing players' confidence and willingness to take chances without fear of failure. Confidence is another key foundation for young players. The more confident they are when in possession of the ball, the more their confidence will grow in themselves. This age group is not only about player development but also social development as they are learning how to become teammates while playing a sport they enjoy. Players of this age group are expected to learn at their own pace and capacity.  We just want them to have FUN while playing soccer.

Please review the schedule below and see what class works for your schedule.

We offer one session or two sessions a week. If you would like to add a third session, please speak to the Director.

The Spring season begins Monday, April 6 and ends Sunday, June 21.

Limit your choices to ONE or TWO days. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM FIRST (scroll down and click the Registration in BLUE),

and then Pick your scheduled days here

If your child is born in 2013 and he or she registers with the MSC Kids program,  the will be automatically eligible to enroll in our travel team program in the fall of 2020.  For more information about the travel team program please contact Carlos Moreira at carlos.moreira@manhattansc.org

New players receive an MSC training shirt and MSC branded ball.


  • Choose any two days per week - $700 (22 sessions)
  • Choose one day per week - $400 (11 sessions)

Register and pay for MSC KIDS here

Make-up policy  - If we cancel a session because of weather or a facility gym/ field pull, please contact the director (Carlos Moreira) to reschedule within 48 hours for another day (space permitting).  He will tell you what days are available for make-ups.

HOLIDAYS (Easter Sunday and Memorial Day) DO NOT COUNT AS CANCELLED SESSIONS.  For those holidays, you will be allowed to pick another day to attend during the winter season.

For questions about the program or registration, please contact Carlos Moreira at carlos.moreira@manhattansc.org

MSC Kids Schedule

Fall 2020 Schedule - TBA

About The Director


Carlos Moreira is our U5-U8 Development Academy Director.  He brings a wealth of teaching and coaching experience to our program as an inspirational collaborator with a proven track record in creating a compassionate, supportive and encouraging environment in which our players will not only develop their fundamental skill set, but also realize the true meaning of teamwork. As Coach Moreira says, “What I have learned through soccer is what I seek to instill in my young players: autonomy and authority can only co-exist with camaraderie.”

“I am a soccer coach because I became the best version of myself on the field, and that is what I want to offer my kids: a space where they can not only acquire the foundation of great skills and a deep love for the game but also learn what kind of people they want to be.”
A former DIII offensive player for William Patterson University, Carlos’ enthusiasm for soccer began at the age of 5 while living in Japan where he first played travel soccer.  When his family settled in Fayetteville, GA., he joined and played for AFC Lightening Club for five years.  Thereafter, he began a highly accomplished coaching career working with boys and girls of all ages during his eight years at Super Soccer Stars and NY Stars Premier. During this time he coached his teams to regional success and developed a number of highly popular programs and saw his most gifted students fulfill their soccer ambitions. 
“My proudest moment as a coach is seeing a star player pass the ball to an open teammate rather than attempt to score on his own. No matter how many times I witness it, I am always moved by the instant when their love for the game and their respect for each other overcomes their desire for individual stardom. Often, when kids learn independence, they associate it with not needing other people. Sports humble us and remind us that we can only succeed if we work together, for no one player can single-handedly win a trophy.”
View Carlos's Bio here
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