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Positions are open for immediate entry

Boys U8 (Born 2012)

Girls U8 (Born 2012)

Boys U9 (Born 2011)

Girls U9 (Born 2011)

Girls U10 (Born 2010)

Boys U10 (Born 2010)

Boys U11 (Born 2009)

Girls U11 (Born 2009)

Boys U12  (Born 2008)

Girls U12  (Born 2008)

Boys U13 (Born 2007)

Girls U13 (Born 2007)

Boys U14 (Born 2006)

Girls U14 (Born 2006)

Girls and Boys High School, U15-18 (born 2005-2001)

Teamwork, Collaboration, and Commitment!
• Professional Coaching
• Progressive Curriculum 
• Goalkeeper Training
• Injury Prevention Modules 
• Fitness Education 
• Numerous State Cup Winners 
• Competition on the National Level 
• High Percent of MSC Graduates Playing Soccer in College

Some spots open in other divisions too, please contact us for more information at:


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