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Spring 2021 Bus Schedule

MSC Weekday Bus Service

Season : Spring 2021

Starts : April 6, 2021

ENDS : June 18, 2021

Manhattan SC Bus Service resumes on Tuesday, April 6 with Academy Bus LLC in the driver's seat. Academy is the largest privately owned and operated motor coach company in the US, with a fleet running from Boston to Miami.

Academy is the charter company of choice for numerous professional and collegiate athletic teams, including the 2021 Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Bucs, the NY Mets, and Columbia University.

Academy Buses run under stringent Covid 19-protocols, including hospital grade Merv 14-15 filters and air exchange rates between 35 and 60 times per hour. Academy Bus cleaning video is here. Buses and drivers are assigned to ONLY Manhattan SC routes each day.

Players and coaches MUST wear masks at all times while waiting for, riding, and departing the bus. As in the fall, no eating or drinking on the bus is permitted.

By signing up for MSC bus service, you and your child agree to the following rules:

By registering for the MSC bus service, you and your child agree to the following rules:

  • Players must be masked at all times while waiting for, boarding, riding, and exiting the bus.
  • No eating on the bus.
  • We will have a bus chaperone on each bus.  Each child must check in with the chaperone when boarding or leaving the bus.
  • We expect all of our players to be on good behavior while on the bus.  We reserve the right to deny riding privileges to any player who does not conduct themselves in a safe and orderly fashion.  If your child engages in negative behavior, including bullying, or any other disruptive, disrespectful behavior, we reserve the right to revoke their bus privileges, and there will be no reimbursement.
  • Please be on time.  If you are late for a bus, assume that the bus has left.  The bus will not wait past the scheduled departure time.  Do not call us if you plan not to take the bus.
  • All players must wear a seatbelt while the bus is en-route.  Please be careful approaching bus stops and crossing streets.   
  • The bus will make stops only at designated stops.  Only a registered child may ride the bus.  Siblings, friends, parents, or others who are not registered may not ride on the bus
  • Please let the chaperone know if your child is not taking the return bus from Randall's back to Manhattan.
  • If a child is not met at a drop-off stop in Manhattan by a parent or an authorized person, our chaperone will wait with your child until he or she is picked up.  You agree to reimburse the Club for any overtime expenses associated with waiting with your child.
  • The driver, Academy Bus LLC, or the Club bears no responsibility for items or gear lost, stolen, or damaged while on the bus or at practice fields.
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