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This weekend was the last hurrah for many MSC teams as the club converts to birth-year teams for next fall.

Congratulations to these WYSL teams who went out winning their divisions:

Girls U13Timbers
Boys U13 Aztecs
Girls U12 Surf
Girls U11 Beat
Plus U14 Rowdies who tied for first in their division but were edged out for the title on a tiebreaker.

Congratulations also to U16 Villa and U14 Titans who added yet another championship to their impressive spring seasons, winning NPL titles this weekend, one week after winning NY Cups last weekend. 

Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Summary
2016-06-13 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 5 0 Greenburgh United Avalanche The Strikers remain undefeated after a convincing 5-0 victory on Sunday. Ansel Brooks unleashed a 4-goal tirade with an additional goal from the fleet-footed Jonathan Thomas even in the face of outstanding goaltending from the Avalanche.
2016-06-12 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 4 0 Edgemont Fireballs Lyon continues on their winning streak, undefeated for the spring season! Great team work and hard work by all involved.
2016-06-19 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 3 1 Edgemont Unicorns The Rockets finished their season with a BANG! The girls played a great game against the Edgemont Unicorns. Ironically, our last match vs. Edgemont was on Mother's Day and we tied 2-2. On Father's Day the girls persevered, passed, shot and defended well, yielding a 3-1 victory! This is such a notable conclusion to the Rockets’ year because Edgemont is a team that beat the Rockets in the fall season, tied 2-2 in May, and finally the girls got their 3-1 win today - solid evidence of the players’ individual development and team-wide improvement. It has been a great year of growth for the Rockets and we thank Coach Hatem for his instruction, encouragement and coaching all through the year.
2016-06-19 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 1 1 Larchmont Wildcats The Comets finished their 2015-16 season this Sunday in Larchmont with an exciting match. The MSC girls took an early lead off a beautiful goal with Geri making a fine pass from the back, wide to Lila who took it all the way down the line on a terrific run and crossed it to Emmy for the finish. It was exciting. The Wildcats came back with a nice goal of their own and the two teams went back and forth with the Comets passing well and pressing, but just coming up a bit short. Each side defended well and the result was a well earned draw. Nice to see how far the girls have come this season and a BIG thank you goes to coach Edison Sanchez (and the entire G9 coaching team) for the good work with the Comets. It was a really fun season and we look froward to seeing everyone back on the pitch in 2016-17. Have a great summer!
2016-06-19 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 4 3 Rivertowns United
2016-06-18 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 3 2 Eastchester Red Rockets
2016-06-19 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 1 4 Asphalt Green
2016-06-19 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 4 3 Eastchester Bulldogs
2016-06-18 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 0 4 Yonkers Utd Rush Vipers
2016-06-19 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 5 1 Rivertowns United G05 Cyclones The Hurricanes came out ready to play today. Sammi Glogoff got out in front of the Rivertowns defense and scored three times in the first fifteen minutes. Rivertowns would add a goal to close it to 3-1, but Larymar Herrera would put one in on a direct kick from 30 yards out that the Rivertowns keeper never had a chance to stop.The second half was a bit more even as RIvertowns tested Sofia Markham in net, but she was up for the challenge, making save after save. With time winding down, Larymar Herrera would find Isabelle Arbeitman off of a corner kick, and Isabelle didn't leave any doubt as she buried it as time expired. Final score: MSC 5 Rivertowns 1. It was a great way to finish up a great season for the Hurricanes. Congratulations to all of the girls and coach Katie.
2016-05-29 Tournament U12 Boys Clash 3 0 EDP 1st place cup game
2016-06-19 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 3 1 FC Somers SideKicks The MSC Spirit saved its best performance for the final match of the season, earning a 3-1 win over FC Somers SideKicks. Spirit dominated both sides of the ball for nearly all of the match, with standout defense by Gnouma, Maria, Tyyne and Shaye. Talia, playing goalie for the first time this season, made several tough saves and had some great downfield punts. Jordyn scored two goals, the first on a blistering shot just before halftime, and the second on a beautiful rush toward the goal where she outran her defenders. In between, Kate had a superior throw in that glanced off of the goalie and went in for the score, giving Spirit a lead that they wouldn't relinquish. Tess had a few good shots on goal and came close to scoring as well. Midfielders Flore, Maya G and Maya S all turned in top performances and the final game for the Spirit ended well for all. Best of luck to all of the girls next year -- we had a great run!
2016-06-19 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 1 2 Chappaqua Red Devils
2016-06-19 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 4 3 Port Chester B03 B The Aztecs had to play catch up three times against Port Chester, but finally pulled ahead in the last few minutes of the game to close out a remarkable year -- in which they moved up a division in the spring and still came out on top -- with a win. Congratulations to all of the boys! And many thanks to Coach Brad for helping the boys become better soccer players and better teammates over the past two years. We will miss you, Aztecs!
2016-06-18 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 4 0 Mamaroneck Red Lions Our make-up game against the Mamaroneck Red Lions was difficult to schedule and not everybody could make it. But thanks to Maya, Sidney, and our guest player Isabel, we started the game with 11 players. We also appreciated the encouraging presence of Coach Ra, who covered for us when neither Katie nor Greg could make it. The entire team played great. Maya was amazing in goal, using her height and skills to great advantage. Ryan, Kayla, Ava, and Gwynne were our outstanding defensive team. Audrey, Alex, and Ainsley were the A-team in midfield. And Aria, Sidney, and Isabel kept the pressure on in forward positions. Twice, Aria scored off of Ainsley's well-placed corner kicks. Popps was perfectly positioned for her goal assisted by Aria and Alex. Izzy scored off of a well-placed pass from Popps, who was great at moving the ball up the field.And all of this with a dwindling supply of players. Kayla's hurt back kept her out for the second half. Then Alex took a ball to the face and had to leave the field with a bloody nose. A winded Isabel came out with just a minute to go, leaving us with just 8 players on the field. Our exhausted girls and their parents were all happy to hear the final whistle. Thank you all for a wonderful and UNDEFEATED season!
2016-06-19 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 3 1 New Rochelle Raptors
2016-06-18 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 7 4 PDB Fury
2016-06-19 WYSL U17 Boys Cougars 5 2 MT Pleasant Fire


Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Summary
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 7 3 Yonkers Storm Barcelona started its spring campaign with a convincing 7-3 win as Rafi, Nuhan, Ian and Jonathan all scored.
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 7 1 Rye Brook Storm Another strong and balanced performance as Nuhan, Jonathan, Ewing, Rafi, Damian and Nuhan all scored. The team passed around the ball nicely on an extra-large field on a picture-perfect day.
2016-04-03 WYSL U8 Boys Sparta 0 0 Riverdale Lions
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys Sparta 2 3 Harrison Legends
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 1 0 Yonkers United
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 1 2 Eastchester Typhoon
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Boys United 1 3 Eastchester Storm
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys United 4 1 Scarsdale Black City
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 5 0 Castleford B07 Cyclones The boys had a great start back to outdoor matches. The first quarter was led by Lev and Marco, Gavin, Naeve and Charlie at goalie. Marco scored the first goal. Second quarter saw some action from Jordy who carried it up the field and a save by Holden at goalie. Charlie scored goal 2 with a pass from Marco. In the third quarter Charlie, scored two more goals to bring the score to 4-0. All of the boys had a lot of playing time and some great action from Jack, Naeve, Jake and Ethan. Ethan came in with a great goal to make it 5-0. Great job to all the boys!
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 4 1 Yonkers The boys started off with a lot of action early with Charlie and Marco at forward with Jordy, Jack and Ethan and Holden at goalie. There were some shots taken, but no goals. Subs came in with Gavin and Matthew and then Lev and Jordy. Quarter 2, the boys saw more action with Jack, Matthew, Holden, Gavin and Ethan playing defense and Charlie at goalie. Matthew scored goal 1, then Holden scored goals 2 & 3 with a pass from Matthew and the second goal with a pass from Jack. Gavin passed to Marco for goal 4 for Olympiacos. Quarter 3, the boys continued great teamwork, but Yonkers kept the boys on their toes taking more chances and came in with a goal. Quarter 4, both teams played hard and neither scored any more goals. Overall, great playing on both sides and great teamwork for the Olympiacos.
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 6 2 Alba Storm After a relatively even first quarter, the Strikers opened up the second quarter with 2 quick goals in succession. From there they domanated the play, adding 2 more goals including one by penalty kick. In the second half, the Storm excrcised their right to add another player to the field, creating some balance in the remainder of the game. The teams traded 2 more goals each in the fourth quarter, ending the game at 6-2.
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 5 4 Bronx Coyotes
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 1 2 White Plains Flash
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 4 0 Rye took Empire
2016-04-10 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 8 0 Scarsdale Green Sporting
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 1 0 Somers Stars
2016-04-17 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 1 0 fc somers stars
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Boys Scorpions 1 3 Rye brokk Boys worked really hard - great control of the ball
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 0 6 Port Chester B07A
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 3 2 Larchmont Blue Jaguars
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 0 5 Yonkers Utd Rush Cobras
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 0 7 Alba Thunders
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 1 3 Alba Thunder
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 3 2 Rye Mustangs
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 3 2 alba thunder
2016-04-09 NYCSL U9 Girls Fusion 2 1 Stony Brook Rush Nice start to the spring season for the Fusion. Down 1-0 against the run of play early in the second half, the team fought back to secure a nice 2-1 win to start the season.
2016-04-16 NYCSL U9 Girls Fusion 0 3 Oceanside Orange Strange game, Fusion dominated possession and the chances but ended up losing 3-0.
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 0 1 Larchmont Yellow Wildcats Rockets had a good season opener. The girls all seemed focused and engaged in the game, made good passes, and worked hard to move the ball down the field. Despite the 0-1 loss, Rockets took several shots on goal. Our keeper did a great job covering the goal and feeding the ball to open players. It was a good start to the season and our next match should be even better!
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 6 1 Scarsdale Spartek The Rockets had an exciting win over the Scarsdale Spartak. The players were focused and working hard. All the girls moved the ball well and rapidly up the field beginning with good feeds from our goalkeeper, and good passes among the field players. It was the first time the Rockets had to switch strategies due to the 6-0 goal differential at half time. Hatem had the girls making multiple passes before attempting to score, and practicing passing back and switching the field of play.
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 2 1 Edgemont Unicorns The Comets had a strong start to the Spring season with an exciting match vs Edgemont. It was a competitive one and the girls moved the ball well and had a couple great finishes. Together with some solid defending and goalkeeping, the girls had a good showing. Most important were the smiling faces seen across the field. Thank you coach Pat for leading the way and Jeff J with the warmup.
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 2 2 Yonkers United Rush The Comets held their home opener on Kantor Field this Sunday vs a formidable opponent from Yonkers. The girls played with organization and intensity and the score went back and forth as there were great finishes (and saves) on each side. Gheri was outstanding in goal making some game saving stops and the Yonkers keeper did the same to keep it close. The first Comets goal was off a terrific cross and strike and the next was off a strong move in the box by Zoe drawing a PK which was knocked in perfectly by Maura. The defense was tough and the match ended in a well deserved draw. Well done Coach Edison (the development is evident to all) and special thanks to the volunteer "field crew" for setting up the goals.
2016-04-10 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 3 3 Edgewood Blue Jays The Spring season started for the Magic with an extremely tight and exciting game. Facing an Edgemont squad that beat them handily in the Fall, the Magic came out playing aggressively and had a number of good scoring chances throughout the 1st half.The Magic led 2-1 at the break, but Edgemont came out much stronger in the 2nd half and had a number of opportunities leading to two goals to go ahead 3-2. The Magic responded very well and put on intense pressure over the final 10 minutes with a number of corner kicks and shots, all of which were turned aside. Finally with only 2 minutes left the Magic got the tying goal, and the game ended 3-3. It was a great start to the season and was a hard fought game by both sides!
2016-04-17 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 3 2 Rye Running Rock Stars In a hard-fought, back-and-forth match against a very strong opponent, the Magic girls earned an exciting 3-2 victory. The first half was tightly played with both back lines particularly impressive, stopping rush after rush. The Magic scored first, but the Rock Stars tied it before the half. The 2nd half was back and forth, with the Magic scoring to go up 2-1, Rye tying it shortly after, and then the Magic putting on pressure over the final 10 minutes and scoring (on a hat trick from A.G.!!) the winning goal to finish 3-2. Great work by the girls on a bigger field and a hot day!
2016-04-10 WYSL U10 Boys Express 7 1 Scarsdale real
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Boys Express 5 1 Scarsdale real
2016-04-10 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 1 5 Rivertowns United
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 0 2 Ossining
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 3 3 Mamaroneck White Panthers The MSC Celtics spring season started today on Kantor 1 and kicked off with a bang against the Mamaroneck White Panthers. Early offensive pressure by the Celtics gave the boys a lead of 1-0 within the first few minutes of the game. The Panthers scored shortly after and from then on it was an exciting match that ultimately ended in a tie game, 3-3.
2016-04-10 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 1 4 Mamaroneck Green Panthers
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 4 2 Eastchester Galaxy
2016-04-02 NY Cup U10 Girls Union 1 0 Farmingdale Spirit United The Union Girls hosted Farmingdale Spirit United in NY Cup Round of 16 at Randall's Island. The Union girls played some real good soccer and it seemed they had more possession and were attacking more through both halves. However, neither team could score either in regulation time nor in the 10 minutes overtime. The decision went to penalties where Union girls prevailed 3-2. Great game.
2016-04-09 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 1 2 West Side Red Bulls An evenly fought game in harsh weather conditions saw Union go down to the West Side Soccer Red Bulls by 1 goal.
2016-04-16 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 2 1 SUSA Alliance An exciting and very well-fought match at Randall's Island. Having played and lost (badly) to this team twice before there were some nervous onlookers at this game. The first half was fast-paced with the Union girls having greater possession of the ball. Notwithstanding many missed chances, the half ended with Union up by 1 to nothing. The Alliance girls came into the second half very determined and managed to equalize in the early part of the half. The rest of the game was strongly fought by both teams. In the final seconds of the game a punt from the goalie reached a Union girl, who passed it forward to her teammate who gave a one-touch pass forward to her teammate who ran and shot the winning goal.The game was a 30-minute half and the referee did an outstanding job on the field.
2016-04-10 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 2 0 West Side Red Bulls
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 1 1 Mamaroneck Shooting Stars
2016-04-10 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 1 6 Rivertowns Utd.
2016-04-17 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 2 6 New Rochelle
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 0 3 Port Chester 05A
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 5 1 Mamaroneck Red Wolves
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Boys Mustangs 1 6 Edgemont United
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Boys Mustangs 2 6 West Side Red Bulls B05
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 3 1 MSC Valencia
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 3 4 Pelham Pumas
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 1 3 Manhattan Toros
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 0 5 John Jay Indians
2016-04-10 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 1 0 ISA White
2016-04-17 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 1 7 East Meadow
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 4 1 Rivertown
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 0 1 Rye Inferno
2016-04-10 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 4 0 WSSL Red Bulls G05 E The Hurricanes dominated the pace from the opening kickoff and continued moving the ball freely throughout the game. First half goals from Sammy Glogoff and Isabelle Arbeitman gave the Hurricanes a comfortable 2-0 lead at the half. The Hurricanes continued to apply pressure on the offensive end of the field in the second half. Isabelle Arbeitman added a second goal early in the half, followed by Isabella Gernandt putting in a chip from just inside the 18 to close out a strong 4-0 win.
2016-04-17 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 1 2 Castleford The Hurricanes jumped out to an early lead with a first half goal from Isabella Gernandt. Castleford tied up the close match with an early goal in the second half. A penalty in the Hurricanes defensive end late in the game would give Castleford an indirect kick from 20 yards out. Despite a great effort, the ball was just out of the reach of the Hurricanes keeper. That goal gave Castleford a 2-1 lead and that's where it would end.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 3 4 John Jay Spartans
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 2 3 White Plains Barca
2016-04-23 NY Cup U12 Boys Clash 4 1 BWGottschee 03 Royal This was a well-matched game and the Clash played well together today. They played hard and gave it their all on the field. The Clash first goal of the game was scored by Julian Assante with of course the assist from the rest of the team like all goals. This started the momentum the team needed to keep the game progressing forward. Then Ben Sullivan and Xavier Valdez, with a great assist from Cooper Graber. Matthew Troncozo scored for us the 4th goal on the penalty kick. The opposing team never gave up at any point, it was a great game and we are glad to see the boys progress to the next NY CUP Level.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 2 2 Pelham Red Devils The rockers spring season began in true Rocker style. The team spent the first half of the game "finding the groove" this resulted in the opposition slipping two forgettable goals in the first half. The second half saw the team come back from behind getting a new lease of life first by a perfectly executed goal from Akira and then a beautiful equalizer by Eli who having sliced his way first through midfield and then the defense buried the ball with a perfectly angled right kick (he is lefty) equalizing the match. From that point onwards The Devils were running out the clock as the onslaught of rocker attacks pounded them from all sides. Fortunately for them they succeeded in maintaining the status quo!
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 0 5 Yorktown United As Orlando reported to the parents, the game slipped away in the second half. The Rockers seemed to deflate after the second goal. On the bright side, Owen made some fantastic saves in the first half, keeping the score manageable for 30 minutes. And players like Will, Elias, and Braden--who were playing in unfamiliar positions--showed improvement in those positions as the game progressed.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 4 1 Chappaqua Hotspurs Lots of cobwebs to shake off, but the Sounders did manage to form some power plays toward the end of the second half.Sounders scored twice then the Hotspurs in the first half. Then two more goals in the second half.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 4 1 Chappaqua Hotspur
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 2 3 Rye Razors First half no score. Sounders had possession most of the time, Second half sounders down two goals came back with two and then the Rye backs managed to get a goal off the keeper. Good game.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 4 4 Rye Razors
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 7 3 Larchmont Sharks
2016-03-12 NY Cup U12 Girls Charge 3 0 Massapequa Sirens The first Cup game of the spring started with a game delay because lines and corner flags had not been set. The Charge held their own against the Sirens, who stayed close to the ball and took 14 shots on goal in the first half. The Charge took nice advantage when they were on the offensive side with 3 shots on goal and one corner kick that netted 2 goals, one at 20 minutes and one at 27 minutes, after a nice series of passing and dribbling. The score at the half was 2-0, Charge.The second half continued with 14 shot attempts by the Sirens, with a number of centering passes that ended in shots that were high over the goal.Again, though with less shots taken, the Charge emerged well. A Charge penalty kick and rebound attempt were blocked by the wall then the goalie, at 11 minutes, and then a run at the goal after a throw in ended in a collision. At 26 minutes a nice run up the field and dribbling around the Siren defenders ended in a Charge goal. Two penalty kicks for the Charge at 30 and 32 minutes just missed, and the final score was 3-0, a Charge victory.
2016-04-02 NPL U12 Girls Charge 1 2 ISA Blue
2016-04-10 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 3 Brentwood, Blue Weather was 42 degrees and sunny with 5 mph wind on April 10 as the Charge Blue battled the Brentwood Blue team. At 6 minutes, Solange scored from the top of the penalty box into the upper left, a nice shot, 1-0. The Charge were controlling possession well early. At 15 minutes, good passing created a great shot opportunity up the middle of the field and a nice shot by Lulu missed right. At 21 minutes, a steal by Aki dribbled 10 yards found Sara with a nice pass. Sara passed to Lulu, who scored easily, 2-0. At 23 minutes, a great save and good defense cleared the Charge box. Then a free kick at the top of the box by Ella passed to the far left to Leora who delivered an amazing shot to the upper right from way out. Goal, 3-0. Brentwood scored at 30 minutes, 3-1. The score was 3-1 at the half. At 6 minutes in the second half, Brentwood scored, 3-2. At 17 minutes, 10 yards up from the penalty box, a series of soft headers were finally controlled by Sophia, who scored on the right side low, 4-2. At 19 minutes, a good shot by Brentwood from out far in center of the field scored in the upper left corner, 4-3. At 21 minutes, a throw in from Ella was passed to Lulu at the left post, who put in in easily, 5-3. A win for the Charge.
2016-04-10 NPL U12 Girls Charge 2 0 Brentwood, White In two 30 minutes halves (vs 35 slated) of MSC White vs Brentwood the Charge controlled the ball with no real threats, with perhaps 4-5 shot attempts by Brentwood in the entire game. Charge offense was subdued in the first half, 0-0 at the half. The Charge offense found a nice making quite a few good attempts against a strong goalie in the second half. At 13 minutes, the Brentwood goalie rushed to defend, and Brentwood defense attempted to pass towards the sidelines. Janae took advantage of the goalie being out of position taking a nice shot from right side, 1-0. At 25 minutes, Janae soccer again from the right side to the upper 90 far post, 2-0.
2016-04-16 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 1 Rush Blue A great game was played by the Charge Blue vs the Rush team. The Charge demonstrated nice ball control and passing against the kick-and-run style. The first Charge goal happened at 15 minutes into the first half by Pilar, assisted by Kyra and set up by Ava. The Charge kept firing at the opposing goalie with some nice shot attempts by Lulu and then Kyra at 25 minutes. Then a high shot by Lulu into the upper left scored again. 2-0 at the half. The charge continued to shoot with more attempts by Ava at 5 minutes and Pilar at 7 and then Solo, followed by a shot attempt from opposing with a beautiful save from Pops. Another nice shot from Sarah. Some late game pressure from Rush created a penalty shot for Rush that resulted in a miracle save from pops. The last score of the game resulted from a corner kick that bounced around and went in for the Charge.
2016-04-16 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 1 Rush White The first half between Charge white and Rush white was relatively even to start. Charge had a slight advantage in possession, though Charge keeper Syd Poppoinga was forced to make several nice stops early to keep the game scoreless. Finally at 20 minute mark, on a nice counter attack for Charge, Ellie Harned was able to convert a beautiful cross from Ava for a 1-0 Charge lead. The goal energized Charge and they began to dominate possession and the game. First half ended only 1-0 Charge however.Charge continued to dominate in the second half. At 10 minute mark, Sophia Stellabotte slotted home a goal off a nice feed from Aki Yamaguchi to make it 2-0. Shortly thereafter, Sophia scored again to make it 3-0, this time a nice pass from Ava. Charge continued to relentlessly press forward thereafter. Near the end of the game, Rush made a nice counter attack to draw a highly questionable penalty shot. The ensuing penalty score for Rush completed the scoring to make the final score a 3-1 Charge victory.
2016-04-17 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 2 Princeton Blue
2016-04-17 NPL U12 Girls Charge 2 0 Princeton White The Charge's second game this morning was a tighter affair, with both sides threatening throughout. Princeton decided early that the best way that they could make it past the Charge's formidable midfield was to launch speculative punts into the home team's penalty box. A couple of these efforts ruffled the defense, but none succeeded. In the end, the Charge's dominance in possession won the day. The first of their two goals was the result of feisty play in Princeton's goal box, ending in a classically scrappy striker's poke by Lulu. The second came towards the end of the match; Solange's shot from the wide left flank hit the goal post only to find Kyra who, in turn, supply caressed the ball into Princeton's net.
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 2 0 West Side Red Bulls
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 3 0 New Rochelle Purple Reign
2016-04-10 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 1 1 Greenburgh United Lightning The Spirit returned to the pitch for its first match of the spring season on a beautiful, if extremely cold, April afternoon. The match was tightly fought from the opening whistle, with both teams playing strong defense and fighting off good scoring opportunities by each side. In the first half, Jordyn came close to scoring several times on strong shooting and a few nice rushes at the opponent's goal. On the defensive end, Maria, Gnouma and Talia were in mid season form, shutting down several scoring opportunities. In the goal, Samantha once again made several incredible saves, including one while getting kicked. Greenburgh scored before the end of the first half, but the Spirit came back in the second on a goal by Sydney following a great pass from Jordyn. At midfield, Elis, Shaye and Maya G had strong games while Maya S, Flore and Tess had some nice moves throughout the match. When the final whistle blew, the Spirit and United Light teams found themselves in a hard fought 1-1 tie, an outcome that both teams should be proud of.
2016-04-17 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 0 2 Castleford G03 It was a beautiful afternoon for soccer when the MSC Spirit took the field at Kantor to play Castleford. Spirit was playing without Samantha in goal, but Ellis and Olivia both filled in admirably and well. It was a hard fought defensive game with Spirit's defense holding tough thanks to strong play by Talia and Maria. Castleford scored off of a corner kick and went into half time up 1-0 despite strong midfield play by Shaye and a few nice rushes by Jordyn. The second half Spirit had several more opportunities on strong corner kicks by Samara and Tess, but unfortunately, none were converted into goals. Tenne, Maya G and Flore played strong in the middle as well, but Castleford scored again in the second half and the Spirit went down by a final score of 2-0.
2016-04-10 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 0 3 Yorktown Galaxy
2016-04-17 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 2 0 Deportivo Yonkers Red Bulls First goal was a free kick by Henry. Totally turned around the game. Second goal was a beauty by Brian.
2016-04-10 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 0 1 West Side Red Bulls
2016-04-17 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 4 1 New Rochelle
2016-03-19 Jefferson Cup U13 Girls Power 0 3 FC Bucks Red Pre ECNL The undermanned Power, 12 Players, fought a tough FC Buck, Pre ECNL squad to a first half 0-0 draw. The second half found the regrouped #2 PA East squad stronger on the offensive end. Final score Bucks - 3, Power - 0.
2016-03-19 Jefferson Cup U13 Girls Power 0 1 CASL 02 Ladies Black The Power played this North Carolina team tough. An early CASL goal was enough to win, but the Power kept up the pressure, dominated possession and had several strong shots on goal in spite of it's 12 girl roster. The defense and goalie, Sarah, held the CASL scoreless in the second half. Power suffers a tough 1-0 loss.
2016-03-20 Jefferson Cup U13 Girls Power 0 0 Loudon 02G Red Now down to 11 starters, with no subs, the Power "Randall's 70 Eleven" took on a tough Virginia team, the Loudon 02G Red in their last of three Jeff Cup qualifying matches. The game proved to be the most competitive of the Power's three games. Playing with a newly found focussed energy and speed, the Power kept up superior ball control, a strong offensive effort, and a game long defensive resolve. With neither team able to get a ball past two neat keepers, the final score remained knotted at the opening score of 0-0! All in all a good weekend for the Power, who allowed only 4 goals in three games. The offense failed to find the back of the net, but not without several good shots and chances at the goal. It will be a long drive home, but the players who made the trek to Colonial Williamsburg, showed a big heart and a strong foot all weekend long. Great Job Power! On to the Spring NPL and State Cup.
2016-04-02 NPL U13 Girls Power 1 3 ISA Slammers NPL 02 Saturday's match between the ISA Slammers, winner of the U13-NPL02 East, and MSC Power NPL-02, the second place finisher, was an anticipated first match of the spring season. The Power, coming off a tough Jefferson Cup (where they lost three tough matches with an overall score of 4 goals against versus 1 goal for with one 0-0 tie) had the Power hoping they could find their goal-scoring mojo while keeping up a tough D. Unfortunately, the scoring prowess of ISA built up a quick 3-0 lead before Power could focus and settle in. They finally connected on a neat combination off of a corner kick. Alex inbounded the corner to center midfielder Stephanie, who quickly lofted a cross to the box that found sister midfielder Justine, who headed it into the goal off an outstretched goalkeepers left hand, bringing the halftime score to 3-1. In the second half Power tightened up on defense and held ISA scoreless. Unfortunately, the depleted Power roster, due to the Spring vacation schedules, were unable to score a second time.
2016-04-09 NY Cup U13 Girls Power 2 3 Quickstrike FC NPL-02 In a tough and hard fought game that saw Quickstrike strike first to go ahead 1-0, then Power answer to tie 1-1, then Quickstrike took the lead, only to have Power knot the score at 2-2. Then the real struggle began as both teams fought back-and-forth trying to break the tie and move on to the Round of 8. Power had a great chance on strong forward pass from Justine to Malia who broke right up the middle to the edge of the 6 yard box before she was caught, as her strike could not get past the Quickstrike goalie. Quickstrike made a fast recovery and started an upfield rush that resulted in the game winning goal with Quickstrike moving on, as the Power will need to wait until next year.
2016-04-10 NPL U13 Girls Power 1 1 Brentwood SC NPL-02 Game two of the spring NPL-02 season took place at Brentwood State Park on a cool sunny morning. The game turned out to be an exciting and well-played game by both squads. Power, coming off a late afternoon NY Cup Game, followed by a team Bat Mitzvah, and the long drive to Brentwood, seemed destined for a long morning. What resulted was quite to the contrary. Power came out ready to play, focused and determined. They took control of the first half, peppering the strong Brentwood defense and keeper with a steady stream of shots. If not for two great and one outstanding saves by the Brentwood keeper, the score would have been 3-0. Halftime remained knotted at 0-0. The second half was much the same, but Brentwood came out strong in the first five minutes and got close to breaking the scoreless tie, before Power again began to take over possession. Time and again Power peppered the Brentwood keeper with good, better and great shots, including a powerful post shot by Pilar Rossi. It wasn't until Power subbed Charge guest Sofia at left Striker. With fresh legs and a strong foot, she found the back of the net on a neat combination of passes to give Power a 1-0 lead with about 10 minutes to go. Brentwood was not deterred and at about the 5 minute mark they found the key to the Power defense on a long, high crossing shot on goal, that passed over Sara's outstretched hand and knotted the score. Power came back strong on several runs but was unable to convert, and the game ended at 1-1. Great job Power!
2016-04-16 NPL U13 Girls Power 0 4 NY Rush NPL-02 Another tough day for the MSC U-13 Power girls. On a cool sunny spring April morning the NY Rush squad hit the pitch ready to play and was able to run up a 4-0 lead by halftime by taking advantage of the breaks that came their way. Power played a stronger second half holding the Westchester visitors scoreless, but were unable to score themselves. Final score remained at Rush 4, Power 0.
2016-04-17 NPL U13 Girls Power 1 0 Princeton NPL-02 Both teams came with a complete roster of players. The Princeton coach, however, was unable to show proper coaching credentials and the referee refused to start the game, resulting in a forfeit by Princeton. The teams played a short "friendly" scrimmage which resulted in a 1-1 tie before teams were waved off the field.
2016-04-10 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 5 0 Briarcliff Burn The Timbers had a great season opener against the Briarcliff Burn, scoring their first goal in the first two minutes. Coach Katie had another commitment, and MSC sent Coach Stephanie. The Ref was a real stickler about everything, and there was concern about not having our coach on the official roster. Team Manager Greg Frank stepped in, to excellent results. Our defensive team, Ryan, Ainsley, Kayla, Gwen, and Amalia, joined by goalie Sydney, had a perfect game, not allowing in a single goal. The entire team was on fire, consistently keeping the ball on the opponent's side, with multiple opportunities to score. Jennifer was our top scorer, with three goals. Jenna and Alex also connected with the net. We're happy to welcome our newest player, Kayla, who played consistently strong in multiple positions. Go, Timbers!
2016-04-17 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 5 1 Chappaqua Power Goals scored by: Mira Gorton 2Ainsley WoodsJennifer FrankBryanna Blakely
2016-03-19 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 1 2 PDA Kaka White
2016-04-09 EDP Open U14 Boys Titans 01 1 2 Valeo FC Elite
2016-04-09 NY Cup U14 Boys Titans 01 2 1 Auburndale
2016-04-16 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 1 0 Atletico FC
2016-04-23 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 4 0 FC Copa
2016-04-16 EDP Opem Cup U14 Boys Corinthians 0 8 TSF Academy
2016-04-17 EDP U14 Boys Corinthians 5 0 FSA FC Navy
2016-04-10 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 5 0 Yonkers United
2016-04-17 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 2 3 Rye Brook Blitz
2016-04-10 NPL U14 Girls Pride 01 2 0 Brentwood
2016-04-16 NPL U14 Girls Pride 01 6 0 NY Rush
2016-04-17 NPL U14 Girls Pride 01 1 0 Princeton
2016-04-10 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 2 1 Scarsdale United Great opener for the season. Fire scored with two strong strikes from Anisa Mujaj, shot from left side of the box, about 20-yards out. Missing 5 players due to injury and travels, but the remaining squad came ready to play. Well done ladies!
2016-04-10 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 1 2 FSA
2016-04-17 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 3 3 New York Soccer Club
2016-04-09 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 2 1 BERGENFIELD UNITED Tough game in the rain and even a bit of snow. Sao Paulo played with grit, skill and determination to earn their first EDP win.
2016-04-10 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 4 3 DUSC U15 BLUE Sao Paulo completed the weekend doubleheader with another solid victory and remain undefeated in their first season of EDP competition.
2016-04-24 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 0 3 BW Gottschee Crew
2016-04-09 NY Cup U16 Boys Villa 7 1 DUSC 99 Blue
2016-04-10 EDP U16 Boys Villa 4 0 FSA B99 Elite
2016-04-16 NPL U16 Boys Villa 5 0 Ironbound B16 NPL
2016-04-17 EDP/NPL U16 Boys Villa 2 0 NYSC B99
2016-04-17 EDP U16 Boys Sunderland 2 2 Oyster Bay Rough Riders
2016-04-23 EDP U16 Boys Sunderland 1 1 PSG Academy NY PSG 99
2016-04-10 NPL U16 Girls Santos 0 0 Intense SA
2016-04-11 NY Cup U16 Girls Santos 7 0 Clarkstown SC
2016-04-16 NPL U16 Girls Santos 1 2 Massapequa
2016-04-17 NPL U16 Girls Santos 2 1 Quickstrike
2016-04-10 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 0 4 New Rochelle Flash
2016-04-17 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 0 6 Mt. Pleasant Galactic Eagles
2016-04-02 NY Cup U17 Boys 98 Premier 2 8 AC Connecticut Tough day for a spring break-depleted 98 Premier, however they had already guaranteed a berth to the knockout round by winning their first two matches in group play.
2016-04-03 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 3 2 Downtown United
2016-04-10 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 1 3 FSA
2016-04-16 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 2 0 Ironbound FC Navigators Scrappy match
2016-04-17 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 2 5 New York Soccer Club B98
2016-04-17 WYSL U17 Boys Cougars 0 3 Edgemont force
2016-04-09 NPL U17 Girls Courage 1 3 ISA
2016-04-10 WYSL U17 Girls Courage 5 1 Rye Brook Legends
2016-04-17 NPL U17 Girls Courage 2 0 Quickstrike
2016-04-10 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 6 2 New Rochelle All Stars
2016-04-17 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 2 1 Rye Revolution
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Milan 1 4 Castleford B07 Blizzard 4
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Milan 1 4 Yonkers Utd Rush Galaxy
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Milan 4 3 Manhattan Milan
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys United 6 2 Scarsdale Blue City
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys United 3 0 Edgemont Blast
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys United 5 3 Castleford Cyclones
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Olympiacos 6 2 Yonkers United Was pouring like crazy, but the boys all did great.
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Olympiacos 4 4 Riverdale Avengers Kept on raining, but the boys held strong.
2016-05-01 Wysl Festival U8 Boys Olympiacos 4 4 Eastchester Typhoon Did not stop raining and neither did the boys!
2016-05-01 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos Impact Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-05-01 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz Port Chester B07A Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-04-30 NYCSL U9 Girls Fusion 1 1 SUSA United Another strange game for the Fusion. Dominated the possession and chances but ended up with an unlucky draw.
2016-05-01 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 1 2 Rye Firecrackers Under rainy skies in Rye, the MSC G9 Comets faced off with the Firecrackers this Sunday and it was an exciting one. It appeared that the Comets struck first off some terrific passing and an Emmy strike, but the referee didn't see it that way and it was the Firecrackers that got the first goal off a nice counter run. Rye got a second off another counter, but the defense held them from there and it was the Comets turn to attack in the second half. Zoe scored a nice one early off a great ball from Gheri and the girls kept up the pressure from there. The Comets put in a strong effort on both sides of the ball, but their inspired play was not quite enough to even the score against a formidable opponent. Another fun one and the girls keep improving - keep up the good work Comets!
2016-05-01 WYSL U10 Boys Express 1 3 Castleford B05 Rapids
2016-05-01 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic Pelham Nifty Lyons Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-05-01 ENYYSA State Cup U10 Boys Arsenal 0 5 FC Somers Red Bulls
2016-05-01 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 4 1 East Meadow Reign Exciting game, but the Union girls were the better team, leading 2-0 at halftime and finishing the game 4-1.
2016-05-01 WYSL U11 Boys Mustangs Yorktown Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-04-30 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 1 2 Atletico
2016-05-01 WYSL U11 Girls Beat hurricanes Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-05-01 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane MSC Beat Game cancelled due to rain.
2016-05-01 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 3 2 West Side Red Bulls
2016-05-01 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 4 1 Mamaroneck Cyclones
2016-04-30 U12 Girls Charge 3 2 NYSC Blue In the first match on Saturday vs. NYSC Blue, the teams were equally matched. The Charge had a lot of good passing and give-and-go plays. The Charge probably had more possession but NYSC had more shots on goal and the Charge goal keeper had a very strong game. The first goal was scored by NYSC at 10 minutes, a slow roller, well placed, 0-1. At 14 minutes, with great toughness to win the ball Avery, worked up right the sideline, then Amelia had a nice run, beat a tackle and scored, lower right side, 1-1. The halftime score was 1-1. In the second half, the Charge scored at 3 minutes on a good pass from Solo from the left side to Leora at the penalty mark, who landed a hard shot into the goal. 2-1. At 24 minutes at big kick from Maya was controlled by Lulu, who scored on the far post, 3-1. At 34:40, NYSC scored their final goal, which began with a shot blocked by keeper, Maya, in a dive, rolled into a rebound opportunity for an easy tap in by NYSC. The final score was 3-2, a Charge win.
2016-04-30 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 0 NYSC White A nice victory over NYSC White team was had by the Charge White in the second game on Randall's Island. Three goals were scored by the white team, a drive by Sophia, another goal by Ava, and also a free kick by Ava. The final score was 3-0, a Charge victory.
2016-05-01 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 2 0 Rye Rockers
2016-05-01 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 1 1 WSSL Red Bulls It was a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon when the Spirit and Red Bulls renewed their rivalry on Randall's Island. With Tess in goal, the Spirit played well, with some excellent midfield play by Flora and Maya G. Late in the first half, with all of the Spirit team up front, a Red Bulls player broke away to score. With their "spirit" unbroken, our girls came back strong to dominate in the second half. Jordyn scored off of a corner kick by Samara. Kate and Shea made excellent offensive plays, while the ever-strong defense of Maria, Talia and Gnouma, and key saves by Ellie fended off the Red Bulls. All in all, it was an exciting and well-played game, with the bragging rights for Manhattan soccer to be settled another day.
2016-05-01 Patti Patel U13 Boys Flamengo 0 1 MUNAY Ossining
2016-05-01 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 2 1 Scarsdale Spurs
2016-04-30 NPL U13 Girls Power 0 5 NYSC NPL 02
2016-05-01 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 2 0 Rivertowns Utd Mustangs The Timbers stayed tough in miserable conditions -- 46 degrees and raining, hard at times. The turf field and the ball were slick, and players and fans alike were soaked to the skin. Both sides' parents were good sports, with positive cheering all around. Sidney was amazing in goal, making numerous impressive saves, with the help of our defensive line-up of Ryan, Amalia, Gwynne, and Rachel. Mira and Jennifer each scored, for our third straight victory.
2016-04-23 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 4 0 FC Copa
2016-05-01 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 2 1 FSA
2016-05-01 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 1 2 Pleasantville Predators
2016-05-01 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 1 4 TSF Academy
2016-04-24 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 0 3 FC Gottschee Crew
2016-05-01 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 3 0 NJ HEAT FC FLAMES 00/01
2016-05-01 NY Cup U16 Boys Villa 8 1 Eastern FC Blues 99
2016-04-23 EDP U16 Boys Sunderland 1 1 PSG Academy NY PSG 99
2016-05-01 EDP U16 Boys Sunderland 1 2 Arsenal Maximus
2016-05-01 NPL U16 Girls Santos 4 1 NYSC
2016-04-30 NPL U16 Girls Santos 0 3 NJ Stallions
2016-05-01 EDP/NPL U17 Boys 98 Premier 2 5 TSF Academy
2016-05-01 WYSL U17 Boys Cougars 3 0 Pleasantville FC Panthers
2016-04-30 NPL U17 Girls Courage 3 2 NJ Stallions
2016-05-01 NPL U17 Girls Courage 1 0 NYSC
2016-04-08 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 7 3 Rye Brook Rush
2016-05-08 WYSL U8 Boys United 2 0 White Plains Galaxy
2016-05-08 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 0 0 New York Rush Patriots Game cancelled due to rain
2016-05-08 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 1 6 Rye Mustangs
2016-05-08 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 0 0 New Rochelle Rockets Game cancelled due to rain
2016-05-01 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 4 3 Munay Ossining G06 The Rockets had a great beginning to May! Despite the wet and cold, the Rockets fought hard to come from behind and beat Munay Ossining. Both teams played well, but Rockets were determined after halftime to maximize their one-touch passing, strong defensive play, and good goal keeping in order to recover from a 2-3 deficit and win the match 4-3.
2016-05-08 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 2 2 Edgemont Unicorns Mother Nature tried to interfere with Rockets' Mother's Day game, but both teams rallied and shifted plans around to play in a later time slot. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for soccer. Rockets had no subs today but the girls played hard and managed to end the game in a tie. Notably, the Rockets went head to head (no actual headers of course) against the same exact team that beat them 7-0 in November. The 2-2 result was solid evidence of the Rockets' vast improvement since fall season.
2016-05-08 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 0 0 Yonkers utd Rush Cougars
2016-05-08 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 4 0 Kings Park Komets Union girls played a very good game and easily won the game 4-0.
2016-05-08 NY Cup U10 Girls Union 0 5 SUSA Alliance A disappointing game but credit needs to be given to the SUSA Alliance girls who played a very good game and dominated the game for the most part.
2016-05-01 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 2 0 John Jay Jaguars
2016-05-07 NY Cup U11 Boys Earthquakes 3 1 Auburndale Academy Green
2016-05-08 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 0 1 Eastchester Bulldogs
2016-05-08 WYSL U11 Boys Mustangs 4 4 New Rochelle purple dragons
2016-05-08 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 3 2 Castleford Gold
2016-05-08 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 0 0 Rivertowns United G05 Cyclones Game cancelled due to rain
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 0 0 Scarsdale Porto Game cancelled due to rain
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 3 2 New Rochelle Bombers Akira's Hat Trick Provides Rockers with First Win of the SeasonAgain, the goalie play was excellent -- Owen and Nick were commanding in front of the net. Akira also shone -- playing with confidence and finesse, putting 3 into the back of the net. With silence from both sidelines, the Rocker players finally began communicating with one another (Arjun, Taymor, and Owen especially). Also, no calls for illegal throw ins were called -- which is a massive improvement over past games. A hobbling Taymor fought bravely in place of injured Oliver and the return of Brian and Derek was much welcome as the Rockers gave their mothers a wonderful gift with their first win of the season.
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 1 2 Mt Pleasant Bayern
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 3 6 West Side Red Bulls
2016-04-29 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 0 NYSC white The MSC Charge U12 White game v NYSC started out strong for the home team. The Charge offense pressed early and often through the first half. The team got five shots on goal as well as 5 corner kicks within first 15 minutes. White scored twice in the first half. The first score was on a drive by Stellabotte from midfield. The second goal was a pass from Shulman to Allen for a goal. A strong defensive line as well as direction by goalie, who saved a shot late in half, held NYSC to five shots on goal for entire first half.The second half was more evenly split between White pressing on offense and holding on defense. White drew a few fouls in second half yet the defense did not allow NYSC to convert their free kicks into goals. Allen scored again in second half following a foul by NYSC. White continued to get a number of shots of on goal, but most were wide.
2016-05-07 NY Cup U12 Girls Charge 1 3 Albertson Fury The Albertson vs Charge NY Cup game quarterfinal was played at Randall's Island, on Field 84, at 6pm. Play was evenly matched throughout the game on a gorgeous break from the rainy weather that weekend. It was, actually, a beautiful day to be a Charge. Big, tall and eager Fury strikers were held off by the Charge defense and by very strong play in the goal by Sydney Poppinga in the first. Play was fast and well organized with good ball control and passing and some nice Charge runs up the field as well as shot attempts. The score at the half was 0-0.The Charge continued to play with fight and exuberance in the second half, with some unfortunate calls from the referee netting one penalty shot and a free kick from the corner of the box, both making it in for the Fury, for two goals early in the second half. The first Fury goal was at 8:30, resulting from a hand ball called on the Charge for an in box penalty shot and putting the Fury ahead, 0-1. A high kick call at 10:30, called on the edge of the box, created a free kick opportunity for opposing team, who shot the ball off the cross bar and then rebounded it in from the middle. The third Fury goal occurred at 13 minutes, one on one v the Charge goalkeeper, as a Fury player got behind defense and tapped in the ball.Charge scored at 24 minutes after a penalty in the Charge zone, a really nice goal worked up the right side after the penalty. 1-3.Though we lost, Coach, parents, and players were very pleased with the beautiful game played on this day. Final score, 1-3, a Fury win.
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 0 0 FC Somers SideKicks Game was cancelled due to poor field conditions.
2016-05-08 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 5 0 Port Chester B03
2016-05-08 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 5 0 Port Chester B03
2016-05-08 NPL U13 Girls Power 0 0 Quickstrike FC NPL-02 The MSC U13 Power girls had a rematch of their first Elimination Round of the NY Cup to with the Quickstrike NPL-02 Girls. The rematch was a continuation of a two-year competition of two very equally matched teams. With the Power losing to Quickstrike in their first Elimination Round Game of the NY Cup 3-2 on a late goal, they came today ready to even the score. What followed were 70 minutes of competitive soccer that went back and forth with both teams getting strong shots on goal, or near misses. Both goalkeepers made strong saves. The wind saved more than one goal with strong westerly gusts. Power missed on a PK attempt, but Quickstrike missed on freekick. Final score 0-0.
2016-05-08 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 0 0 Gotham Girls Thanks to Katie and Rachel for effective goal-keeping!
2016-05-07 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 0 3 Valeo FC Elite
2016-05-08 NY Cup U14 Boys Titans 01 5 0 Staten Island United
2016-05-01 EDP U14 Boys Corinthians 0 1 Albertson Porto
2016-05-07 EDP U14 Boys Corinthians 2 3 NASA United
2016-05-07 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 0 2 Bloomfield Soccer Arsenal
2016-05-08 NY Cup U15 Boys Sao Paulo 1 5 Farmingdale Greenhornets
2016-05-08 EDP U16 Boys Villa 2 1 Dix Hills Hurricanes
2016-05-01 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 1 6 Castleford 98 Gold
2016-05-08 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 2 1 Rye Breakers
2016-05-07 NY Cup U17 Boys 98 Premier 0 1 HBC United
2016-05-08 WYSL U17 Boys Cougars 6 0 Pleasantville
2016-05-07 NPL U17 Girls Courage 1 0 Match Fit Academy
2016-05-08 NY Cup U17 Girls Courage 0 3 Stony Brook Spirit
2016-05-01 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 2 1 Scarsdale Maroon Raiders
2016-05-08 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 2 3 Bronx Dragons
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 5 0 FC Transylvania Barcelona had a shutout win over a determined opponent as Damian, Jonathan, Gideon, Rafi all scored.
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 3 6 Hurricanes
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Boys United 5 2 Scarsdale Green City
2016-05-08 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 11 1 Yonkers Utd Rush Comets The Strikers controlled the field from the outset, going ahead by 4 goals in the first quarter. The Rush exercised their right to add another player during the second quarter and then a second additional player in the second half. Meanwhile, the Strikers focused on completing multiple passes before shooting on goal. Still the Strikers continued to find the back of the net with a range of players contributing: Meimoun (4), Dance (3) Carnoy (1), Rosenberg (1), Thomas (1) and Brooks (1).
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 5 1 Edgemont Comets The U8 Strikers remain undefeated after another strong win today against the Edgemont Comets. The Strikers opened up a healthy lead early on in the game with a hat trick from Itay Meimoun and continued to control the ball throughout.
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 2 1 Castleford Cougars
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 5 0 Scarsdale Red Sporting
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Boys Scorpions 1 4 Chappequa
2016-05-09 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 0 4 Castleford B06 Woves Castleford Wolves were a very physical team. Kudos to Cosmos for, yet again, playing their very best.
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 2 7 Blitz
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 0 3 Castleford
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 7 2 Manhattan Cosmos Great team assists on the Blitz team and killer ball control from the Cosmos!
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 1 2 Rivertown United Blaze After a number of weeks without a game the Magic girls showed a little rust on the field, but still managed to play a very close match against what was arguably the best team they have faced this entire 15/16 season. The first 15 minutes of the game was all Blaze, but some great defense a key saves kept it 0-0. The last 10 minutes the Magic turned the tide and put on pressure leading to a great score by AG on a chip shot over the keepers head. The 2nd half had the Blaze again carrying play early and they were able to get 2 goals, the 2nd on a free kick that caught the girls by surprise. Again the last 10 minutes were controlled by the Magic trying to even the score but they could not get past a very strong back line. Overall a very solid showing by the Magic girls keeping it very close!
2016-05-15 WYSL U10 Boys Express 4 3 Bronx Colts
2016-05-15 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 3 3 Asphalt Green Roma
2016-05-15 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 4 1 SUSA Alliance Union girls played a very good game and easily won 4-1.
2016-05-15 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 7 2 Dix Hills Gummy Bears The Union girls easily won the second game of the day also against Dix Hill Gummy Bears. The Union girls are playing together very well.
2016-05-15 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 0 1 Rye Racers
2016-05-15 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 1 4 Harrison
2016-05-15 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 2 0 Chappaqua Eagles
2016-05-14 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 2 2 Rue Grizzlies
2016-05-15 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 4 3 FC Somers United
2016-05-15 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 4 5 Scarsdale Everton
2016-05-15 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 3 0 Westside Red Bulls
2016-05-12 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 2 1 Rye Inferno The Hurricanes came out sluggish in the first half and neither team was able to break through and take control. Early in the second half, the Hurricanes scored on a breakaway from Kat Shaftel. Catherine Levengood was strong in goal, easily stopping the attempts Rye had. At around the 45th minute, Ashley Davilla played a free kick perfectly from about 40 yards out. Mia Grasso got her foot on it and defelected it in the net to give the Hurricanes a 2-0 lead. Rye would rally and score on a nice finish after a takeaway in the Hurricanes end. For the final five minutes, Rye would pressure the net, but the Hurricane defense was confident and kept pushing back and controlling the pace. The game ended with the Hurricanes taking the win, 2-1.
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 3 3 Port Chester Royal b04
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 3 3 Eastchester Jaguars In light of last weeks success the coach's decision to limit his sideline advice to a minimum paid off once again. Having assumed an early lead following a fluke goal the Rockers took control of the game only to have the lead neutralized by a last minute equalizer. The second half was a Rocker classic: having conceded a goal, they fought back and equalized (thanks Teymour). This was short lived as the Jaguars bounced right back. The drama heightened when a perfectly executed goal by Akira was called offside, a fact that was compounded by the Jaguars taking the lead shortly afterward. Far from being crestfallens the Rockers started to pound the Jaguars' goal and it paid off when Teymour headed the ball into the back of the net, getting the much deserved "equalizer." For those who were present it felt like a victory. Period!
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 4 1 Larchmont White Sharks
2016-05-14 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 2 3 castleford bobcats
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 5 2 Mt Pleasant Bayern
2016-05-08 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 0 0 Harrison Wildcats
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 3 0 Munay Ossining MSC played a great game against Ossining with excellent passing and goals scored by Morgan Hoine, Livy Steinberg and Madison Kim. Defense was strong and Sophie Phillips didn't let in a single goal.
2016-05-15 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 0 0 Chappaqua Panthers Spirit ventured to Ossining on a cold May afternoon to face off against the Chappaqua Panthers. The game was tightly fought throughout, with the defensive efforts of Gnouma, Maria and Talia making goalie Samantha's day relatively quiet. The Spirit saw some solid play at midfield by Shaye, Ellis, Tynne, Kate and Flore and had a few opportunities to score thanks to hard work by Tess, Sydney, Samara and Jordyn. Spirit saw their best chance to score late in the game but their penalty kick hit the cross bar and the team had to settle for a scoreless tie.
2016-05-15 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 5 0 John Jay Storm
2016-05-15 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 3 0 NY Fusion Dynamo
2016-05-15 NPL U13 Girls Power 0 3 New Jersey Crush NPL 02 The MSC U13 Power girls traveled to Ramapo College for their first meeting this year with a strong New Jersey Crush team. They played on a beautifully manicured college grass field on a very cool and windy May day.The Power were hoping to stop the Crush's strong season and end the spring season with a win. Power played with heart and gave the Crush a difficult afternoon, but to no avail. After falling behind 1-0 at halftime, Power attempted a comeback in the second half, but were out played and finally fell to a 3-0 defeat. It was a the end of a tough spring NPL season for Power, who fell to a 1-2-3 record and a final record of 6-3-7. This was the last NPL League game for the Power. The Score Reporter would like to thank Coach Stephen Hoogerwerf for his field leadership, Managers Rebecca Madsen and Nikki Trager, Shutterfly Website Manager, Amanda Tierney, Travel Booking Agent Greg Singer, and all of the other parents, car poolers, field setters and stand-in linesmen for their work and most of all the sideline fans who cheered their girls on thru the thick and the thin. Power, with its current roster will finish the 2015-16 season at the Delco Cup on Memorial Day Weekend. Best of luck to all in their new team assignments for the 20165-17 season. Regards, Score Reporter - Don Tapert.
2016-05-15 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 6 0 Castleford G02 Gold The Timbers played great, with good focus on passing.Amalia and Ava each took a turn in goal, performing well when called upon, but well-protected by our excellent defensive line of Ryan, Gwynne, Rachel, and Amalia.Our goals were scored by:1) Jennifer (on an assist from Ainsley)2) Alex (on an unstoppable shot that hit the goalpost and then deflected inside)3) Jenna (after she dribbled past multiple opponents, she took the shot from 20 yards out)4) Ainsley (from 30 yards out; after several near misses, including an almost header)5) Aria (always tough, after several excellent shots, this one got past the goalkeeper)6) Jennifer (on an assist from Jenna who dribbled it up the left side)maintaining control.For the last 20 minutes, the Timbers passed the ball around the field,
2016-05-14 EDP/NPL U14 Boys Titans 01 5 2 Ironbound
2016-05-15 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 2 0 Downtown United
2016-05-14 EDP U14 Boys Corinthians 4 1 Black Watch Premier Inverness
2016-05-15 EDP U14 Boys Corinthians 0 5 Clifton Stallions Barca
2016-05-15 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 4 0 West Side Red Bulls
2016-05-14 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 4 1 Dundee
2016-05-15 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 7 1 ISTEP Leopards
2016-05-15 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 2 0 .FC Copa '00 Granada
2016-05-14 NY Cup U16 Boys Villa 4 1 AC Connecticut 99-00
2016-05-15 EDP U16 Boys Villa 5 1 Met Oval
2016-05-15 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 0 0 Pelham Pelicans
2016-05-14 EDP/NPL U17 Boys 98 Premier 9 0 FC Copa (NJ)
2016-05-15 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 1 2 Lake Grove
2016-05-15 NPL U17 Girls Courage 1 1 NJ Crush
2016-05-15 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 2 2 Rye BHS United
2016-05-22 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 8 3 White Plains Passing was at the forefront as Barcelona rolled over its foes on a bumpy field Sunday. Nuhan had two great assists as did Jonah, Ian and Jonny. David, Edward, Jonah all scored. Damian was a workhorse in the middle as were Rafi and Ewing.
2016-05-22 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 2 5 Yonkers Utd Rush Galaxy
2016-05-15 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 3 1 Riverdale Avengers
2016-05-22 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 6 2 Rye Brook Rush Great game today. Good start in Quarter 1 with Jack, Jake, Ethan, Gavin, Lev, and Holden at goalkeeper. Ethan came in with 2 goals. Rye Brook answered with 1. Quarter 2 saw substitutions, with Marco, Matthew, Gavin, EJ, Jack and Lev. Marco scored 1 making it 3-1. Quarter 3, we had a new crew with Jake as goalie, Matthew, Lev, Holden and Jack. Rye Brook scored 1 and then Jake came in with a nice goal off a pass from Matthew. Marco passed to EJ who came in with goal 5. Quarter 4 saw good playing from both teams and ended with a final score of 6-2.
2016-05-22 WYSL U8 Boys Strikers 5 2 Alba Storm The Strikers kept their undefeated streak alive with a 5-2 win today against the Alba Storm at Lehman HS Field. The score was tight for most of the game, standing at an even 2-2 mid-way through the second half when the Strikers finally took the lead for good and built up some insurance against a strong Alba team. Once again the Strikers saw scoring contributions from a number of players - Meimoun, Thomas, Rosenberg and Brooks - with outstanding goal-tending from Dance and Ooten, and strong midfield support from Sood and Carnoy.
2016-05-22 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 4 1 Harrison Dynamo
2016-05-22 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 5 3 Castleford Wolves
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 1 4 MSC Comets Rockets and Comets both played hard Sunday. Their last official match against each other was in the MSC KOC tournament where Rockets won, and this time around the Comets turned the tables and were able to outscore the Rockets. It is good to see the all the GU9 girls working hard and improving their techniques on the field.
2016-05-22 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 2 3 Yonkers United Rush Osprey Rockets had an interesting game versus Yonkers. Due to a deficit of Yonkers players, the Rockets had to play 6 v 6 for the game. The girls had to adjust to a new formation and strategy but they played well.
2016-05-15 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 4 1 MSC Rockets This Manhattan Derby was an exciting one. There was great play and intensity on both sides. The goaltenders were solid as was the defense on each side. It was close throughout with both the Comets and Rockets making good runs and moving the ball well. In the end the Comets broke through with some nice efforts by Zoe and Emmy. Each side should be proud of their progress and play. Well done coaches Hatem and Edison.
2016-05-22 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 1 2 Scarsdale Spartak Another hard fought match by the Comets this week as the Scarsdale Spartak visited the hallowed grounds of Kantor Field. The Comets started well, knocking it around and defending with intensity. But it was the Spartak that struck first, right at the end of the half. The girls went back and forth early in the second half and Spartak scored the next one on a nice upper 90 strike. The Comets could have folded, but they fought back and upped their intensity. Zoe scored a well earned goal to bring them closer and Maura hit the cross bar to miss on the equalizer by inches. The Comets pressed, but came up a bit short. It was a fun match to watch and the kids on both sides played well and competitively.
2016-05-22 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 2 2 Edgemont Blue Jays The Magic girls played an aggressive and physical game against a smaller Edgemont team and were able to build a 2-0 lead. From that point forward, the game became more evenly played and late in the first half Edgemont cut it to 2-1. The second half was back and forth throughout, but not many strong scoring chances either way, until a foul was called late in the box giving Edgemont a PK which they converted to tie 2-2 where the game ended.
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Boys Express 7 2 Eastchester Warriors
2016-05-15 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 1 5 Transylvania Barca 06 white
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 1 0 Larchmont Blue Lightning Finally!
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 4 2 John Jay Rage While this was only the third game of the Celtic's season - games cancelled due to weather and other weeks missed due to byes - the Celtics came out strong with quick passes to the outside and follow through on shots on goal and very few defensive errors. Both first and second half goalies saved many a great shot from the John Jay Rage. Final score Celtics 4/John Jay Rage 2.
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 6 5 Edgemont Galacticos
2016-05-21 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 2 4 Massapequa Force The Union girls played a good first half with both the offense and defense playing a good game. The first half was highlighted by two good goals and a couple of great saves by the goalie. The score at half-time was 2-0 in favor of Union. The second half was a different story with the Massapequa girls playing with a fierce determination scoring two quick goals and tying the game and in the process taking the wind out of the Union girls. Two more girls by the force made the final score 4-2 in favor of the force.
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 3 1 West Side Red Bulls
2016-05-22 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 1 5 Rivertowns United
2016-05-21 NY Cup U11 Boys Earthquakes 0 2 Eastchester Bulldogs
2016-05-22 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 0 3 Port Chester 05 A
2016-05-22 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 1 3 John Jay Indians
2016-05-22 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 3 9 Pelham Pumas
2016-05-22 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 1 0 Rivertowns Cyclones
2016-05-22 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 0 1 WSSL Red Bulls The Hurricanes dominated the pace throughout. The Red Bulls scored on a chip early in the first half to go up 1-0. Despite numerous Hurricane chances, the Red Bulls keeper was stellar and came away with the clean sheet taking the game 1-0.
2016-05-22 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 1 0 John Jay Spartans
2016-05-21 NY Cup U12 Boys Clash 0 6 Carmel united
2016-05-22 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 1 2 Castleford B03 Before the last-minute goal that broke a 40 minute 1-1 deadlock, the match was a nail-biter, no team ever dominating completely. The Rockers continued their stronger play from the previous two games, communicating to each other and playing with their heads up to find open teammates. Eli started the scoring with a well placed grounder across the front of the goal into the corner. Eli nearly had a second score only minutes later with a bomb from 20 yards that hit the cross bar. The Rocker's offense was more potent in the first half with a number of scoring opportunities. Brian was once again instrumental in keeping the ball in Rocker's possession and organizing offensive movement of the ball. But the player of the game was Will, who made a number of timely stops. Will covered his teammate's backs, always seemed to be in the correct defensive position, and played aggressively. Despite the heartbreaking loss, the Rockers should be very pleased with their effort against an Eastchester team that understood how to run into empty space and pass effectively.
2016-05-21 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 1 4 Larchmont Sharks
2016-05-22 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 0 4 Castleford bobcats
2016-05-22 NPL U12 Girls Charge 4 5 Quickstrike FC The Charge played a makeup game vs Quickstrike today. The weather was good, overcast, 60 degrees. The first goal was for Quickstrike at 12 minutes, a high looper from far out that went over the keeper's head and was followed quickly by a second goal for Quickstrike. A good scoring opportunity came on a free kick by Solange at 30 minutes and was followed by a Charge rebound that almost went it. A third Quickstrike goal at 33 minutes came from good passing up the middle and a shot off of the top of the box. The score at the half was 0-3, with Quickstrike ahead. In the second have, Ava stole the ball at 18 minutes at midfield and dribbled all the way in finishing with a nice far shot post, 1-3. This was followed by a nice score from Avery at minutes, 2-3. At 25 minutes a 25 a throw in from Ella in quick play went to the middle to Solo, and then to Lulu who scored, 3-1. At 26 minutes, a good shot from Sophia was rebounded to Kylie, who put in for a goal brining the score to 4-3, the best comeback in Charge history. At 27 minutes, an attempt almost cleared by Charge defense ended in a big bouncer over Pops's head for a quick tying score, 4-4. In the last minute of play, a break away for Quickstrike ended in a good shot that put them ahead, 4-5. A loss for the Charge.
2016-05-15 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 3 New Jersey Crush A great-fought game with a heartbreaking tie in the last seconds of the game.
2016-05-21 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 2 Quickstrike FC A win for the Charge white of 5-2. Great job!
2016-05-15 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 1 New Jersey Crush A great win for the Charge White, with a final score of 5-1, Lulu lighting up the goal with 4 goals. Nice job Charge!
2016-05-22 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 0 0 Red Bulls
2016-05-22 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 1 2 Greenburgh United Lightning It was a tough defeat for the Spirit in Ardsley. Greenburgh United Lightning scored two goals in the first half despite a great save by Samantha and solid defending by the midfield and defense. In the second half the Spirit turned on the heat and saw some great playing by Flore, Shea and Kate, and outstanding corner kicks by Samara. Kate scored our one goal, and despite offensive pressure, the game stayed 2-1.
2016-05-22 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 0 3 Yorktown Galaxy
2016-05-22 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 5 0 Larchmont Demons
2016-05-22 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 3 0 North Salem Sparks The Timbers played great against a strong team, the North Salem Sparks. Sydney in goal and Rachel, Ryan, Gwynne, and Amalia (with Ainsley in at the end) on defense didn't let anything past them.Alex scored on a beautiful long shot. Jennifer scored on Ainsley's assist.Mira scored when Aria passed to Jenna, who took the shot, which was blocked by the goalkeeper, but Mira was right there to boot it in.
2016-05-21 NY Cup U14 Boys Titans 01 1 0 Levittown
2016-05-22 EDP/NPL U14 Boys Titans 01 2 2 World Class
2016-05-22 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 3 0 Yonkers Rush Revolution
2016-05-22 EDP U15 Boys Emelec 5 2 World Class
2016-05-21 NY Cup U15 Boys Emelec 1 2 Brentwood
2016-05-22 EDP U15 Boys Sao Paulo 2 3 Performance in Technique Gladius
2016-05-21 EDP U16 Boys Villa 0 0 FC Revolution
2016-05-22 WYSL U16 Girls Monaco 2 1 Yonkers Utd Rush Eagles
2016-05-22 EDP U17 Boys 98 Premier 0 3 AC Connecticut
2016-05-22 WYSL U18 Boys Chelsea 3 0 Munay Ossining United b96