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Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Game Summary
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 7 2 MSC Sparta 0
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Boys Sparta 7 2 MSC Barcelona 0
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 0 6 Castleford Hurricane
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Boys United 5 2 Castleford Cyclones
2015-09-27 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 4 2 Yonkers Utd Rush Meteors Another great effort by the Olympiacos!!! The Yonkers Meteors put forth a good challenge. Despite that there was some early scoring by the Olympiacos, with nice passing and coordination from Ethan, Marco and Charlie that led to the first goal. Charlie scored goal 2 with additional support from the group. Jake also came in with a nice shot to score and there was one own goal, which rounded out the score to 4 for the Olympiacos. The game was not all offense though, there was some great defensive moves from the Olympiacos defenders with every boy working hard to keep Yonkers from scoring. There were some key defending moves from Lev, Jack and Ethan and great saves from Gavin and Holden as goalkeepers. Yonkers did not let up though, and ended the game with two goals.
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 6 2 Scarsdale Green City The SGC team was a good match for the Olympiacos. Early attempts at scoring by Gavin, Charlie and Jake were shut down by the SGC goalie. But Olympiacos was undeterred. Charlie scored goal #1 late in the first quarter. Jack came in with Goal 2 and the boys moved the ball well with Lev putting in some critical moves up the field. The second half started out well with Ethan taking a few shots and Niev also. Gavin came in with goal #3 and Marco tried a shot or two also. SGC then came in with their first goal. Ethan showed some good defense and before you knew it Charlie had goal #4. Jordy keep SGC guessing with some good defensive moves and Andrew had some very good passing throughout. Niev as goalkeeper blocked a goal attempt by SGC. Holden kept the pressure on and even threw in a kick back to his teammate. Charlie put in a header goal (#5) from a corner kick by a teammate. SGC got in goal #2. Jack was not ready to quit and came in with a strong kick for goal #6. Overall, tremendous team effort and great game!
2015-10-04 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 7 1 NY Rush NW G08
2015-09-27 EDP U9 Boys Scorpions 1 3 Castleford
2015-10-04 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 1 1 Asphalt Green Crew
2015-10-04 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 4 5 Rye Mustangs Trailing 5-1 at the end of the first half, the Impact staged a thrilling comeback in the second half. They were unlucky not to equalize towards the end but paid the price of having been outplayed in the first half.
2015-10-04 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 0 6 Larchmont Blue Wildcats Rockets had another challenging match up in Larchmont. The girls continued working on spreading out, connecting passes and pushing though the defenders. Keep on practicing and playing hard Rockets!
2015-10-04 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 0 5 Rye The Comets fought hard against another solid team from Rye, but just didn't get the bounces. Good effort and continued signs of improvement are evident. On to Northport next weekend for their first Columbus Day tournament.
2015-10-04 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 0 5 New Rochelle Wildfires The Magic showed a little rust after their bye week, but worked hard throughout the game and maintained their effort and their confidence despite the results on the scoreboard. The girls supported each other well and they had a number of good scoring chances down the stretch. They will look to continue to improve at the Columbus Day weekend tournament.
2015-10-04 WYSL U10 Boys Express 6 0 Manhattan Arsenal
2015-10-04 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 0 2 FC Transylvania Barca
2015-10-04 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 0 6 MSC Express
2015-10-04 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 0 5 FYI Alliance Was a tough match with the Alliance girls dominating throughout the match. The Union girls were outplayed in most aspects of the game. Final score 5-0 for the Alliance girls.
2015-10-03 WYSL U10 Girls Blizzard 6 1 John Jay Thunder
2015-09-06 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 4 1 Staten Island United Excellent win by Freedom Blue in this inaugural NYCFC ADL.
2015-09-06 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 1 2 TSF Orange Undeserved loss for Freedom Orange in this first NYCFC ADL game.
2015-09-13 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 4 7 WCFC Blue Undeserved loss by Freedom Blue with lots of missed opportunities.
2015-09-13 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 4 3 WCFC Orange Freedom Orange extracted a revenge win over WCFC. Well done!
2015-09-19 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 8 1 BW Gottschee Large win over a Gottschee team that was not as strong as anticipated.
2015-09-19 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 4 3 TSF Orange Freedom Orange exacted revenge over a TSF team that beat them in their first game of the season.
2015-09-27 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 8 1 WCFC Blue Large and first win for Freedom Blue over a strong WCFC Blue team. Healthy aggression by Freedom, coupled with their usual technical abilities, allowed the team to dominate the whole game.
2015-09-27 NYCFC U11 Boys Freedom 3 1 WCFC Orange Freedom Orange reiterated their previous win over WCFC Orange. Double win for MSC this Sunday!
2015-10-04 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 2 1 Port Chester B05A True to form, the still undefeated Earthquakes took a half to really get rumbling. For the second week in a row, the boys spotted their opponent a 1-0 lead at half only to then dictate the action in the second half - where their passes became a bit more crisp, tackles a bit more firm and runs a bit more thoughtful. Notably, the defense tightened with Oscar in the goal and Robert in the middle. Upfront, after putting quite a bit of pressure on the opponent during the course of the half, the team broke through over the last ten minutes when Jack's hefty left foot lofted a perfectly placed free kick in the upper left 90 followed by Aiden skillfully punching in a rebound after Naki rocketed a shot on goal. Final score 2-1.
2015-10-04 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 1 0 Rye Brook Rowdies Congratulations to the Toros for a great game!
2015-10-04 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 0 4 Rivertowns Utd B05 T Legends
2015-10-03 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 0 1 East Meadow
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 5 1 Scarsdale Sao Paolo With Wagner making her debut as goalkeeper, and Tablada scoring a goal for the third consecutive game, the Beat defeated the Scarsdale Sao Paolo 5-1.Under coach Michelle, the Beat have come together as a team, seemlessly integrating the rookies and the veterans. Throughout the contest, the Beat were solid in all aspects of the game, exhibiting solid passing, teamwork and communication.The Beat dominated possession in the opening minutes, and took a quick 1-0 lead when Cohen split the gap between two defenders, flicked the ball to Gray, who spotted Baez as the Beat forward charged forward. Baez collected the pass, cut back to shake a defender and blasted it under the cross bar for a 1-0 Beat lead.After Irwin was tripped on a breakaway in the box, Gray took the penalty kick and perfectly placed the ball in the lower left corner for a 2-0 Beat lead.During the twenty second minute, Irwin dribbled past two defenders, passed the ball to Tablada who fired it home for a 3-0 Beat lead. Tablada has scored a goal in each of the three Beat games this season.As the first half was winding down, Sao Paolo had two scoring threats where they got behind the defense on breakaways and were in two on none situations. On the first breakaway, Harned raced back and broke up the threat. On the second, the speedy White raced back and diffused the threat. The defensive combination of Harned and White have been a fortress all season, and invoke memories of Leetch and Beukeboom.After Scarsdale scored to open the second half, and Wagner made a diving save on a shot to the left corner to prevent another goal, the Beat responded. The courageous O'Brien, who was sick all week, but was pumped full of fluids and ready to go, stole the ball and with laser like precision made a sideline pass to Chan, who after faking out three opponents with her slick footwork, passed the ball to Gray. The forward then made a low cross to Baez, who beat the goalkeeper for her second goal of the game.The Beat continued to apply pressure. Following an indirect penalty by Sao Paolo, Irwin, fueled by airhead extreme candy and the halftime grape snack following a camp reunion slumber party, assisted on her third goal of the game by passing to Tablada who "nut maged" it in for her second goal of the game, making it 5-1 Beat.With the win, the Beat improve their record to 2-1 on the year.
2015-10-04 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 2 3 MSC Beat 0
2015-09-27 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 2 4 Port Chester B04B
2015-10-04 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 6 3 Castleford B03 gold 3 Clash played with heart and drive. Ben, Xavier and Alex all had goals today with assists by Haddon, Yannick, Oscar and Julian. However, there could never be a win without the assistance of all their teammates. Amir, our goalie, also did an excellent job of keeping out the shots made on goal today. Overall it was a great team effort and win for them.
2015-10-04 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 3 3 Rye united With every game the rockers of old are inching closer to their past form and today was no exception.Having relinquished the lead early in the game they ended the first half with a beautifully executed shot from Bryan in midfield.The second half saw a game of catch-up ensue with each team pushing the other. This resulted in Derrick scoring his first goal of the season and Akira equalizing the game with a forceful left-footer which found itself into the bottom left corner of the net. The highlight of the game was Nicholas's phenomenal save of a penalty kick that was awarded at a critical juncture in the game. Once again he showed what a invaluable addition he is the rockers.
2015-10-04 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 3 2 Rye Brook Warriors Active game against a strong opponent. In 10th minute Mateos scored from close to the goal for the Sounders to take the lead, 1-0. In the 18th minute Jack scored off a free kick hitting the Upper 90, Sounders 2-0. In the 28th minute Rye scored on a penalty kick, Sounders 2-1. In the 29th minute a yellow card was given to the Sounders. Lots of action in the second half – in the 42nd minute Jack passes to Nico for the goal, Sounders 3-1. Rye picked up one more in the 45th minute, Sounders 3-2. Sounders hold on for the win. Rye fought their battle but ultimately the Sounders won the war. Our goalies for the game – Braden and Cooper splitting the first half, Adam taking the second – rose to the occasion with some great saves. The other team did not let us have the luxury of time, though our team's passing did catch them off guard. They were the toughest opponent Sounders have faced this season.
2015-10-04 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 4 2 White plains real
2015-10-03 NY Cup U12 Girls Charge 2 1 Silver Lake The Charge played their second NY Cup game vs the Staten Island Silver Lake. It was a gray day, windy and cold but not raining. In two 30-minute halves that were evenly matched, there were not many shots on goal for either side and a lot of time spent in the middle. Charge defense was solid without too many dangerous shots for the opposing team, and continued improvement in ball control and passing for the whole Charge were seen. The first and only opposing team goal came quickly, under 3 minutes. Two free kicks for the Charge almost lead to goals. Then at 25 minutes a corner kick bounced around the opposing goal and was kicked in by Charge left forward, 1-1 at the half. In the second half good work to keep the ball in on the sideline by the right forward, passed to center forward, to right mid and finally out to left defense who scored at 15 yards to put the Charge up 2-1. The last 10 minutes of the second half became very active at the Charge goal with the opposing team attempting to create a tie. Good defense held Silvelake off, defending several corner and free kicks. Final score 2-1, Charge. The New York Cup record, is one win, one loss.
2015-10-04 NPL U12 Girls Charge 1 5 NYSC The Charge faced a tough opponent in NYSC, a well-organized team with good ball control and fierce defense. A good Charge attempt was blocked at 27 minutes. Many shots on goal by the opposing team kept the Charge goalie active and the score of 0-1 at the half was a testament to her skills. In the second half NYSC broke through the defense to score at 4 minutes. Charge center mid had a corner kick at 10:30 that deflected off the defender to score, 1-2. At 22 minutes a Charge free kick almost scored. Another NYSC goal came at 23 minutes, a slow roller through box that was tapped in by the NYSC on far post, 1-3. At 30 minutes another NYSC goal got through, 1-4. At 30:30 a final NYSC goal, that seemed offsides, was kicked in. Final score 1-5, NYSC.
2015-10-04 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 3 NYSC white In the second game vs NYSC, the Charge cruised to a 5-0 lead in the first half. The Charge girls took the opportunity to work on different techniques and played one man down in the second half, where they gave up three goals, but won easily 5-3. The first goal came from a corner kick from center mid deflected in by the goalie at 2 minutes, 1-0. The Charge striker had a breakaway run to score at 5 minutes, 2-0. Charge defensive center mid scored at 21 minutes and again on an assist from Charge center forward, 4-0. The final Charge goal came from left defensive on a free kick from the mid line that hit the upper 90s. Three goals from NYSC in the second half left a final score of 5-3.
2015-10-04 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 3 3 East Ramapo Rebels The Spirit took its 3-0 record on the road to match up against the Rebels of East Ramapo. Spirit played spirited defense throughout the first half with strong play by Maria and excellent goalkeeping by Samantha. The Rebels hit the crossbar on a penalty shot and the Spirit ended up with the first goal of the game on a rebound expertly put in the goal by Olivia following a hard shot by Samara. The Spirit went up 2-0 before halftime when scoring machine Samara blasted another goal.The Rebels closed the gap early in the second half when a goal squeaked in but strong Spirit defense led by Talia, Genouma and Kate thwarted several Rebel rushes. After the rebels tied the game at 2-2, Spirit goalie Samantha made an incredible save on a penalty kick which set the crowd on fire. When Samara scored her second goal of the game, it looked like the Spirit would up its record to 4-0, but a late Rebel goal tied the score and Spirit was unable to convert on several close chances at the end of the game. All and all, it was a hard-fought tie for the still undefeated Spirit.
2015-10-04 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 4 0 Port Chester B03 B 0
2015-10-04 NPL U13 Girls Power 0 2 New York SC NPL-02 It was a cool fall morning, following two days of cold rain, on a beautiful regulation size turf field, that the MSC U13 Power squared off against a strong NYSC U13 squad in their fifth NPL game of the Fall season. Aside from being a little wet and slippery in spots the field was game ready. As the two teams - who split their two meetings last year, each winning their home match - sized each other up in the first ten minutes, it was readily apparent that each team has improved significantly since their Spring match. With opportunities on each end, the defenses and goalkeeping on both ends of the field kept the score knotted at 0-0 for about 25 minutes, until NYSC was able to connect on a neat cross from the left side to their striker, who hit a strong strike and found the net to give them a 1-0 lead at the Half. The second half found the Power re-energized and ready to attack. Two or three consecutive moves up the field resulted in a hit goal post, a neat save and a missed opportunity on a corner. NYSC recovered and took control of possession as the game moved into the final ten minutes. Several attacks were repelled, or good shots went wide, or crosses went through untouched. Finally, on a goal scramble NYSC hit the inside of the right post and got the sweet ricochet into the goal to give them a 2-0 lead. Power repelled another attack on an amazing double save by their goalie, Sarah on a shot and the rebound to hold the score at 2-0 in favor of NYSC, handing the Power their first loss after four consecutive wins. Next week on to the WAGS Cup in Alexandria, Virginia. Go Power!
2015-10-04 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 0 0 Pleasantville Power Great play from the entire team, especially the defensive line. Katie Hall and Ava Lindstrom took their turns in goal and made several impressive saves.
2015-10-04 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 2 0 World Class
2015-10-04 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 4 1 Rivertown United Tornadoes
2015-09-27 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 1 2 West Side Red Bulls G02 E Fire and West Side Red Bulls had a highly competitive game today. The game was enjoyed by all but unfortunately Fire did not have their best day. There was poor field communication and Fire could not seem to fully control the passing and plays. The Fire goal keeper was very responsive and saved the day with tremendous successes. The single goal was by (43) Neugarten who took a beautiful long shot into the goal. The West Side Red Bulls played very well and displayed very good offensive skills with spot on passing and wonderful field communication.
2015-10-04 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 1 1 Mount Pleasant Wild Cats Great competition and good skills shown on the field. Fire's only goal scored by Avviva Pusey (2) with a long hard shot straight into the goal from just outside the box. Fire had a tremendous amount of excellent on goal attempts but unfortunately all within the goal keeper's reach. Opponents were very skilled with both offense and defense and there was some aggression shown on the field that was healthy and within bounds. Great passing and communication was evident today with Fire and I am more than confident that this team will only get better.


Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Game Summary
2015-09-27 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 9 2 Scarsdale
2015-09-27 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 1 1 Harrison Legends Very evenly-matched game.
2015-09-27 WYSL U8 Boys United 9 2 Scarsdale Green City Another great game. The boys worked on spreading the field, bringing the ball up the wing and shooting. Several great saves by three different goalkeepers! The team is really working well together! Great 3-0 start to the season.
2015-09-27 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 5 7 Castleford The girls played hard and came back in the second half after a tough first quarter, but couldn't quite squeeze out the win.
2015-09-27 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 1 7 FC Transylvania Barca 07
2015-09-27 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 6 5 Bronx Wildcats Balanced game with regular exchange of leads. In the end, a come from behind victory for the Impact.
2015-09-20 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 3 1 Rivertowns United B07 Wanderers Blitz took the field determined to improve the image left from the previous week. The team goal for the game was to maintain the distance between lines and maintaining a balanced team and covering space effectively.By accomplishing that goal the boys were able to secure a 3-1 win!Energy was high and the Blitz defense did an amazing job limiting the Riverstown to only 5 shots on goal! Offense was equally impressive and was able to pull off 13 shots on goal but Riverstown goalie was strong enough to let only 3 through.
2015-09-27 WYSL U9 Boys Blitz 0 5 Harrison Flash On a beautiful autumn day at Harrision high school, the Blitz faced the Harrison Flash. The Flash quickly showed their agility and speed and the Blitz defense responded with great pressure during the first half. Blitz's goalie (Cyrus) did a great job and had multiple saves both in the air and on the ground.In the second half of the game, we saw an awesome increase in Blitz's hustling resulting in three more shots on goals. No goals but great effort by all members of the team.Lessons were learned and spirits were high. The Blitz left knowing what they need to work on for next week's game.
2015-09-27 NYCSL U9 Girls Fusion 9 0 Oceanside United SC
2015-09-27 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 0 9 West Side Red Bulls G-07W The Rockets third game against the West Side Red Bulls was a tough one. The girls continued to work on maintaining positions to cover the large field and passing to the open sides, versus into the crowded middle. An audible improvement was in their communication — you could definitely hear the girls calling for the ball and working on communicating with each other during the game. GO Rockets!
2015-09-27 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 0 6 Rye Rockets The score did not reflect the effort and play of the Comets this week. The girls strung together a number of good passes and played agressively throughout the match. Despite being down, they never quit and continued to play with spirit and enthusiasm. Rye had some strong runners up front, but the girls will adjust and learn how to better defend this rush in the future. There were plenty of bright spots, and onward next week to Rye to play another team from this town.
2015-09-27 WYSL U10 Boys Express 1 3 Pleasantville Mustangs
2015-09-27 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 0 0 Westside Red Bulls B06E
2015-09-27 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 1 3 Edgemont Galacticos
2015-09-27 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 1 3 Eastchester Warriors
2015-09-19 NY Cup U10 Girls Union 0 1 Athletico Orange Evenly played match, with a goal being scored in the final minutes of the game. The girls seem to be still working to get their playing rhythym in line after the break.
2015-09-20 NY Cup U10 Girls Union 3 2 Intense SA Freedom The girls from Intense SA dominated the first 5 minutes of the game during which time the match seemed to be played around the Union penalty box. The Union girls finally started playing like a team and the rest of the game was pretty evenly fought. Going into the half, Union was leading 1-0. In the second half, it seemed the Union girls were more in control of the game and scored 2 more goals in quick succession. Toward the end of the second half, the girls from Intense SA gave Union girls a scare by scoring two quick goals and bringing the score to 3-2. The Union girls managed to hold onto their lead and final score was 3-2.
2015-09-20 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 0 2 Commack SL Destroyers The final game of the weekend was another evenly-fought match, though the final score showing a loss of 2-0 does not really reflect the way the girls played.
2015-09-27 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 0 3 Albertson SC Attack The Albertson girls dominated the first half. It seemed the Union girls were to some extent overwhelmed by some of the dribbling and passing skills of their opponents. Albertson managed to score thrice during the first half. While the Union girls did try in the first half, they did not really come close to scoring. The second half saw the Union girls playing a tougher game and though there were a few chances they were not able to convert. The Union girls really fought very hard in the second half and did not give the opponents any real chance. Final score 3-0 in favor of the Albertson girls.
2015-09-27 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 1 2 MSC Blizzard
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 4 1 West Side Red Bulls N
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Boys Mustangs 1 6 John Jay Jaguars
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 6 2 MSC Valencia
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 2 6 Toros
2015-09-27 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 2 1 Albertson Stars rode staunch defense with opportunistic offense to defeat a feisty Albertson team 2-1 on Randall's Island. Stars opened the scoring with a goal from Olivia Graham on a through ball from Sydney Rodin. They took the 1-0 lead into halftime. Emily Niola added a second goal for Stars on a turnover by the Albertson goalkeeper. With ten minutes remaining, the visitors scored to trim the Stars' lead to 2-1, but that was all Albertson would get. A nice 2-1 victory for MSC.
2015-09-20 WYSL U11 Girls Beat 1 2 Patriots In the highly anticipated match-up of the week, Coach Michelle returned to Fleming Field as the Beat took on her former coach and team, the Patriots.The Beat started off very well from kick-off, and came out firing the ball on the Patriots goal often, but couldn't punch it through. After a lot of back-and-forth that followed, the Patriots took a one-goal advantage at the twentieth minute. Shortly after scoring, the Patriots threatened again, but Irwin made a diving save on a shot to the right corner, and O'Brien alertly cleared the rebound out of danger, keeping the deficit at 1.As time was winding down for the first half, the Beat were not able to capitalize on numerous scoring opportunities, and the score remained 1-0 at halftime.The second half was a continuation of the first half, as Chan continued to befuddle the opponent with her slick ball handling skills, and Cohen and Wagner did a great job of moving the ball upfield, and exhibited solid passing. Trailing 2-0, Castro stole the ball from the opponent, fed a perfect pass to Gray, who dribbled through two defenders, then passed the ball to Tablada at the goal mouth, where she blasted it home into the top far corner to cut the lead to 2-1. The Patriots then mounted several offensive attacks, but the defensive combination of the speedy White and Harned thwarted numerous Patriot drives, and Baez made a great save.The team exhibited great effort on both side of the ball, which will give them a chance to win against anyone in the league.
2015-09-27 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 1 4 Munnay Ossining MSC controlled the pace through most of the game. A goal by Hannah Fetzer off a corner kick early in the second half gave MSC a 1-0 lead. With MSC playing its usual aggressive style, Ossining found a few holes and took advantages of each opportunity, putting up four quick goals to pull away.
2015-09-28 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 3 4 Easchester Jaguars With a 0-2 tally, both The Rockers and The Jaguars had enough motivation to jump start their season. The game began on an even keel with both sides having near misses on the goal. The Jaguars then took the lead, but not for long as the Rockers struck back following a scramble for the ball which was nicely tucked away by Akira, breaking his season drought and wrapping up the first half. The second half saw the Jaguars take an early lead. Fired up, the Rockers relentlessly pounded the Jaguars' goal, the closest shot coming from Bryan's ferocious strike which narrowly missed the left corner, bouncing off the cross bar. The Rockers then went through a series of keeper substitutions which resulted in them conceding another three goals. Deflated, the management brought on new team member Nicholas in goal. With 10 minutes to go the team broke their self-imposed "vow of silence" and through clear communication were able to set balls up for both Teymour and Eli to score their first goals of the season. The Rockers of old were back.Sadly it was too little too late, as the final whistle blew closing the game at 4-3. It would have been much worse had it not been for bold and courageous work of Oliver in defense who thwarted at least 3 certain goals.
2015-09-27 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 6 1 Chappaqua Hotspurs Good game for the Sounders, who are starting to get their mojo back. First half saw one Sounders goal at the end of the half - lots of touches on the ball with Todd ultimately tapping it in. Second half saw the team come out strong and with a greater desire to score and it showed lots of passing kept the other team off guard with goals scored by Niko, Mateus, Alex, Spencer and Adam. Opposing team was able to slide one in. Final score 6-1 Sounders got more confident as the game went on..
2015-09-26 NPL U12 Girls Charge 4 2 New Jersey Stallions Charge play was excellent in the first game with well-executed passing, spacing and defense. The Charge executed so well that Patrick Greene remarked that it was the best he had ever seen the Charge play since U8. The Charge created good scoring chances at the 6th, 11th and 23rd minutes of play and at the 24th minute of the first half a throw in from left defense to striker netted the first Charge goal. A second Charge goal began with incredible hustle from right defense who claimed the ball before it went out, passed it up the Charge midfield, who then passed it to the Charge striker, who took the ball up to score from the right side of the box. A third Charge goal was scored by the forward who bend the ball in on a corner kick at the 30th minute of play. A Stallion goal deflected into our goal at the 32nd minute, leaving the score at 3-1 at the half time. The second half brought a goal from Charge left defense at the 24th minute. The shot was received from a Charge striker shot that bounced off the defender for a left foot charge score at the top of the box. One countering goal at the 27th minute left the final score at 4-2, a win for the Charge.
2015-09-26 NPL U12 Girls Charge 0 1 New Jersey Stallions - White The second game of Charge versus the New Jersey Stallions was an even match. The Charge had some good attempts, could have used a few more, and faced tough defense. In the end the Charge lost, 0-1. At the 12th minute, Charge Center mid had a nice free kick that missed off the right post, and 39 seconds later, Charge forward had a near miss of the cross bar. A hand ball called against the Charge at 15 gave the Stallions a close free kick, which they missed. The Stallions scored in the 17th minute on a crossing pass up the middle that split the defense and was kicked in from the middle of the the top the box. At 21, a trip called on the Charge inside the box gave the Stallions a penalty kick. Charge goalie guessed the right direction and saved the goal. Finally, another corner kick from the Charge at 32 nearly missed. The score was 0-1 at the half. The second half brought two good saves by Charge goalie at 28 and 31, and two good scoring chances from Charge midfield at 33 and 34. In the end, the score remained 0-1, a loss for the Charge.
2015-09-27 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 3 Match Fit Blue Good passing and ball control by the Charge created great moments in the first game vs Match Fit, but little mistakes allowed shots by the opposing team and a 3-1 lead for the Charge at the half failed to hold. The first Charge goal came after an offside call with the ball going to Charge goalkeeper, who passed to right defense, who passed to the Charge midfield, who then passed to the Charge striker, who dribbled up the middle to score at the 10th minute of play. Pressure at the 13th minute on the Charge goal was saved by defense. A good Charge attempt at 16 was saved by the Match Fit goalkeeper. Lots of action at the Match Fit goal ended in a Charge goal disallowed on a foul called just before the goal. A handball at the 30th minute, just above the Match Fit box, led to a Charge free kick by the left defender that went in at the upper right corner for a score of 2-1, Charge, at the half. A great save came at the 7th minute of the second half by Charge goalkeeper. Then, at the 12th minute, the Charge nearly offsides, controlled the ball sideways, got on side, and the Charge striker scored, 3-0. At the 15th minute, a score came for Match Fit, 3-1. At the 19th minute, Charge defense gave up the left side, near the goal, leading to an uncontested shot, 3-2. The final Match Fit goal came at the 29th minute on a corner kick blocked out at the top of the box that Match Fit caught for a good shot over everyone to the top left of the goal. Final score 3-3.
2015-09-27 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 3 Match Fit Blue Good passing and ball control by the Charge created great moments in the first game vs Match Fit, but little mistakes allowed shots by the opposing team and a 3-1 lead for the Charge at the half failed to hold. The first Charge goal came after an offsides call with the ball going to Charge goalkeeper, who passed to right defense, who passed to the Charge midfield, who then passed to the Charge striker, who dribbled up the middle to score at the 10th minute of play. Pressure at the 13th minute on the Charge goal was saved by defense. A good Charge attempt at 16 was saved by the Match Fit goalkeeper. Lots of action at the Match Fit goal ended in a Charge goal disallowed on a foul called just before the goal. A handball at the 30th minute, just above the Match Fit box, led to a Charge free kick by the left defender that went in at the upper right corner for a score of 2-1, Charge, at the half. A great save came at the 7th minute of the second half by Charge goalkeeper. Then, at the 12th minute, the Charge, nearly offsides, controlled the ball sideways, got on side, and the Charge striker scored, 3-0. At the 15th minute, a score came for Match Fit, 3-1. At the 19th minute, Charge defense gave up the left side, near the goal, leading to an uncontested shot, 3-2. The final Match Fit goal came at the 29th minute on a corner kick blocked out at the top of the box that Match Fit caught for a good shot over everyone to the top left of the goal. Final score: a 3-3 tie.
2015-09-27 NPL U12 Girls Charge 0 3 Match Fit White The second game versus Match Fit on Sunday began with lots of runs at the Charge goalkeeper and some very nice saves, as an example a great above head catch save at 11:30 and another at 20:00 after a Match Fit run. A free kick for the Charge at 22:00 was a decent chance, but the score was still 0-0 at the half. In the second half, Match Fit took the lead at 7:00, 0-1. Then a good Charge save, trickled out and was kicked in at 11:00, 0-2. Another cross got by Charge goalie and was tapped in at 19:00, 3-0. A good shot at 25:00 by Charge left defense at 10 yards from the top of the box almost made it in but ricocheted off the top corner. Another good save at 33:00 by Charge goalkeep left the final score at 0-3, A Charge loss.
2015-09-27 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 3 0 Chappaqua Panthers
2015-09-27 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 3 0 Eastchester Legends The Spirit took the pitch against the legendary Eastchester Legends on Sunday afternoon with the hopes of extending its two-game winning streak.The first half was marked by nice passing from Maria, good hustle from Shaye and good ball movement by Tess. Kate dominated in the defensive zone and Spirit kept up the attack from much of the early going. Samara, continuing her scoring ways, scored off a beautiful pass by Kate and the Spirit went into half time leading 1-0.Spirit continued its strong play in the second half, with solid defense by Talia and an outstanding save by Samantha to keep the Legends off of the board. Flore, Sydney and Olivia created some nice opportunities for themselves and kept the offense humming. Midway through the half, Tess scored after a nice rush upfield with the ball and the Spirit went up 2-0. Jordyn put the game away with a powerful blast from the top of the penalty area and the Spirit went on to close out the game, 3-0.
2015-09-27 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 6 1 Scarsdale Arsenal
2015-09-27 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 4 0 Yorktown Union The Aztecs put forth another great effort, keeping the ball on the Yorktown half of the field most of the game and transitioning particularly well. Max opened the scoring on a penalty kick, and then JP scored early in the second half. Max added another goal,and Atlas closed out the scoring. Congratulations to the boys!
2015-09-26 NPL U13 Girls Power 3 0 New Jersey Stallions NPL 02 The MSC Power U-13 Girls hosted one of the new teams to the NYCSLNPL on Saturday at Randall's 73 under the RFK Bridge. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the 4:00 pm start added the low afternoon sun as a factor. The Power started to control the pace and action of the game from the start. The Stallions, focused on defending their end of the field, often bunched up all ten of their field players in the defensive third of the field, making the Power's new found offensive edge difficult to connect with resolve with a goal. Kylie Stanlzer finally connected with assists from Stephanie and Allana to give the Power a 1-0 lead. Five minutes later Stephanie connected on her first of two goals on a long line drive shot from outside the 18 yard box on a pass from Justine. Halftime score 2-0, on seven shots on goal. The second half was more of the same. The Power defensed dominated again, with Lexi, Lauren, Emma, Nyla and Malia shutting down every drive. Finally Stephanie connected on her second long goal on a pass from Emily giving the Power a 3-0 win, their third in a row in the new Fall 2015 Season.
2015-09-27 NPL U13 Girls Power 6 0 Match Fit FC NPL-02
2015-09-27 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 0 2 Port Chester G03 A
2015-09-27 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 6 0 FSA Jaden Graber had a hat trick, Zaul Tavangar notched two assists, and Yali Levy, Wyatt McCarthy and Zidan Douglas contributed one goal apiece, the last off a steaming fresh-baked cookie from Christopher Tenempaguay, as the Titans bounced back from last week’s disappointment against TSF with a 6-0 thumping of longtime rival FSA, who were admittedly victims of a very short bench and a medium high sun radiating across the synthetic expanses of Icahn 10 on Randalls Island. At least we didn’t have to travel to Farmington. Overlooked between the comfortable margin of victory and Douglas’s superlative somersaults is the historical reality of the Titans’ first victory over Connecticut’s finest in seven contests over three seasons. The Titans also scored more goals against this brand-name opponent than in all of this season’s other six games combined, and keeper Andy Aquino turned in his sixth clean sheet across ten games, four states, and countless sliding lunges, going back to Indiana in July. Jacob Mendelson produced a couple of tricky touches to loosen FSA’s defense in the second half, Aidan Aisiks stepped in the way of a number of FSA chances in the first while this game was still in the balance, Mateo Murillo produced a goal-line clearance out of thin air, Vincent Gioannini did everything but carry Levy’s score across the threshold and plant it with a kiss, and forward Claudio Ferri took one for the team, relieving a Titan defense depleted by injuries and infractions with characteristic savvy and good cheer. And now everyone can go back to believing they’re the sixth-best team in the country.
2015-09-27 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 0 2 Briarcliff Bearcats
2015-09-27 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 1 2 West Side Red Bulls G02E


Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Blurb
2015-09-20 WYSL U8 Boys Barcelona 8 4 White Plains MSC Barcelona got out to a big early lead in their first game of the season. Goals by Jonathan, Gil, David and Jonah put them up 5-1 at halftime. The Barca crew received good goalkeeping from Ewing, Gil, Damian and Jonah to keep the speedy opponents (mostly) at bay.Go, Barcelona, Go!
2015-09-20 WYSL U8 Boys United 3 1 Yonkers Utd Rush Meteors Good team effort.
2015-09-20 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 5 0 Edgemont It was a great afternoon for a game. Sun was shining brightly and both teams played well. Charlie put in a fantastic effort with four goals and Jack scored one to make it a 5-0 game.
2015-09-20 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 4 2 Scarsdale Blue Sporting The team Lyon played a great hard-charged match, keeping Scarsdale on the defense most of the game. Great job, Lyon!
2015-09-20 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 1 7 Red Bulls
2015-09-20 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 6 4 Mt. Pleasant Fireball Great game by the Impact who played a compact game and managed to defeat their opponent despite playing with two fewer players.
2015-09-20 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 2 4 Edgemont Unicorns Rockets second game showed a big improvement over last weekend's season opener. During practices, the girls got to know each other better which enabled them to communicate much more on the field and connect passes. Coach Hatem is working with them on spreading out to cover the larger field, trying to one-touch the ball, and staying in an offensive mindset. All the Rockets worked hard again in defending and attacking, and our three keepers each did a great job guarding our goal. GO Rockets!
2015-09-20 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 1 4 West Side Red Bulls The Magic played really well and worked very hard in their second game, which was considerably closer than the final score indicated. It took some time for the girls to get going, and they trailed 2-0 at halftime despite fairly even possession in the first half against a very solid Red Bulls team. The Magic turned the tide in the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half, pulling to within 2-1, and had multiple opportunities to tie including at one point three straight corner kicks. While pressing for the tie, the Magic got caught upfield and gave up two late goals to fall 4-1. After a bye next week, the Magic are excited to continue progressing at their next game on October 3rd!!
2015-09-20 WYSL U10 Boys Express 1 1 Yorktown Impact
2015-09-21 WYSL U10 Boys Whitecaps 1 3 Mt. Pleasant Gosto
2015-09-20 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 1 2 Rivertown Warriers
2015-09-20 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 1 0 Eastchester Red Rockets
2015-09-19 NY Cup U11 Boys Earthquakes 7 0 Auburndale Academy White
2015-09-20 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 3 0 Scarsdale Man City
2015-09-20 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 3 0 Larchmont Bandits
2015-09-19 NY Cup U11 Girls Stars 1 2 East Islip
2015-09-20 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 1 3 FC Somers The Hurricames got off to a tough start, conceding two first half goals while battling a difficult sun. MSC battled back with a second half goal by Duffy. A late hand ball in the box lead to a third goal for Somers. Despite controlling most of the tempo of the game, the final score was a tough 3-1 loss.
2015-09-19 NY Cup U12 Boys Clash 3 0 Stony Brook Brook Soccer Club Cruzeiro The Clash team did an excellent job working together as a team. They won this NY Cup game by playing hard, working together and playing with heart. This game was a true reflection of what the Clash team is capable of accomplishing.
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 8 2 FC Somersault Fire The Clash played a game of inspired soccer today and are off to a great start of the season. They played great as a team with passion and drive to win. There were some great goals by scored by multiple players in the team. However, we can never have a great game without the great defense and great goalkeeper saves. This was played with great heart and determination as well. The team did an excellent job shifting the ball, crossing and scoring goals. Great job Clash.
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 1 3 New Rochelle United B04 Having started with only 11 players against New Rochelle United's 17 it would have been surreal to expect a victory from the Rockers. This being said the Rockers took an early lead following a nicely executed set piece by Teymour which was buried into the back of the net by Arjun. With 10 minutes left United equalized and the first half ended 1-1.The rockers started the second half much more flair, with a couple of near-misses by Eli and Akira. The rest of the half centered around the Rockers shutting down United's attempts on their goal with the help of some brilliant defense work by Oliver and saves by Owen whose work ended following a penalty which gave United a 2-1 lead in the 20th minute. This was reinforced by a 3rd goal in the 22nd which saw United win despite a valiant performance by the Rockers.
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 1 1 Harrison Sharks In the first half the boys had possession 80 percent of the time but were not able to score. Lots of passing though.In the second half Mateus passed to Nico who put it in for a 1-0 lead. Then at the end, Harrison had a corner kick and Nico headed the ball into the goal - then the whistle. A stunner for a tie.These things do happen - even in the World Cup.
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Boys Rapids 9 4 Scarsdale Braga It was an impressive first game. The Rapids were well coached and played as if they had been playing together for some time. Their disciplined passing really stood out.
2015-09-19 NY Cup U12 Girls Charge 2 5 Plainedge Red Phoenix The Red Phoenix kick-and-run style kept the Charge running and the goalie busy with lots of shot attempts for the opposing team. The Charge played well and controlled the ball in the first half, and both Charge strikers had nice breakaway runs at the 14th and 26th minutes, respectively, which left the Charge with a 2-0 lead at half time. Unfortunately, struggles in the second half led to a 2-5 finish with a loss for the Charge. A quirky high kick into the sun in the first minute caught the Charge goalie's blind spot. Then breakaways at the 16th, 20th and 23rd minutes netted three more goals for the opposing team. Finally, a scramble near the Charge goal ended in a header into the goal near the end of the second half.
2015-09-20 NPL U12 Girls Charge 1 3 Brentwood SC The first game of two versus Brentwood had lots of back-and-forth and the Charge had some good goal attempts. Brentwood got around the Charge defense at the 7th minute to score. Then a throw-in from the Charge left back went to the Charge right front and then to the Charge right back, who scored from a position behind the penalty box with a nice high cross into the goal. Quickly afterward, Brentwood counterattacked to take the lead on a nice corner kick deflected into the goal, leaving a score of 1-2 at halftime. Another attacking play ended with a goal for the opponents in the second half, and a final score of 1-3 Brentwood.
2015-09-20 NPL U12 Girls Charge 4 2 Brentwood, White In the the second game versus Brentwood on Sunday, the MSC Charge played well. Charge left forward scored at the 6th minute. Brentwood also had a goal, leaving teams tied at 1-1 at the half. In the second half, Charge came on strong, controlling the ball with good passing and lots of opportunities. Charge striker scored on an attacking passing play near the goal at the 4th minute, and the Charge was up 2-1. Brentwood scored at the 10th minute and the Charge quickly countered at the 11th minute with a breakaway from Charge midfield passed to Charge striker for a score that put the Charge up 3-2. Finally, an aggressive attack by Charge forwards in the penalty box beat the Brentwood defense to score in the 24th minute. Final score: 4-2 Charge.
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 1 2 Pleasantville Road Runners
2015-09-20 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 1 0 Mamaroneck United The MSC Spirit traveled to Mamaroneck looking to avenge a tough defeat at the hands of Mamaroneck United team last season. The early going was all Spirit as the team kept the ball on the United side of the field for much of the first half. Spirit took seven corner kicks but were unable to find the back of the net. Sidney, Ellis and Shaye hustled and kept the pressure on the United team, while Gnouma and Kate made defensive stops when the ball crossed over onto the Spirit's side of the field. The second half was a mirror image of the first, with United dominating the action for much of the time. The Spirit team scored early in the half when Jordyn made a beautiful pass off of a throw in and Samara's shot found paydirt, putting the Spirit up, 1-0. Maya G and Tess worked hard to keep the pressure on United, and the Spirit defense held on the rest of the way, with strong play by Talia and Maria who made goalie Samantha's day much easier. The Spirit toughed out the 1-0 win, upping their record to 2-0 in the young season.
2015-09-20 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 2 1 Larchmont Demons
2015-09-20 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 5 0 Chappaqua Wolves Lots of boys contributed to the scoring, with Max, Atlas, Mikel, Jay and Sebastian all finding the back of the net in the first half. And several boys helped preserve the shutout by taking a turn in goal -- Jules, Jackson and Sebastian. Congratulations to the boys on a great, sportsmanlike game!
2015-09-19 NY Cup U13 Girls Power 1 3 Stony Brook SC Crew The Power U-13 Girls started their 2015-16 NY Cup qualifying round with a game at Stony Brook University against the Stony Brook SC Crew. The teams squared off on the large, well-maintained college intramural grass fields. Both teams came ready to play and Stony Brook showed the Power a strong and disciplined defense and quick punt-and-run offense. Neither team was able to score in the first half; the Power dominated possession but were unable to score on several shots. The second half found the Power finally able to break through the Crew defense, as Emily Tierney fought her way up the right side and hit Allana Alcorn with an interior pass, who found the net to give the Power a 1-0 lead. Not to be outdone, the Crew quickly countered as they split the Power defense and tied the score at 1-1. As the afternoon heated up and the Power finding the grass to be dragging their passes into slow motion, Crew intercepted a pass and struck a second goal to go up 2-1.The Power continued to dominate possession, but were unable to strike gold. A final drive by Crew caught a loose ball in the 18-yard box that squirted out from the Power goalies reach and their striker stepped over the Power goalie and took the ball home to cement the game at 3-1.
2015-09-20 NPL U13 Girls Power 2 1 Brentwood SC NPL-02 The Power U-13 Girls took to Randall's 10 for their second NPL League game of the Fall 2015 Season against the Brentwood SC NPL-02 squad, a team that has been a tough opponent for the Power in their previous meetings. Today was no different, but the Power brought their patience and determination to the field. The first half saw the Power get off to a strong start and they drove to the Brentwood goal at the kickoff. They continued to control the ball and drive deep into Brentwood territory, but the Long Island girls brought their strong defense that was able to deflect several Power attacks. It was not until the last minute of the first half that Power was called for holding foul in the 18-yard box, setting up a penalty kick, which they converted to take a 1-0 lead into the half and taking wind out of the Power offense. The second half found a continuation of the strong Brentwood defense, but a team effort by Power kept up the pressure. Power found the goal, and thought they had tied the score but were called for a goal crease offside. Not to be deterred they came back again, up the middle and passes from Pilar Rossi and Malia Klein found Allana, who finally tied the score at 1-1. The Power kept up the pressure, determined to finally beat their Brentwood foes. Finally a second center drive by Kylie Stanlzer found Allana in front of the Brentwood goal and she drilled a shot in the net go give the Power a 2-1 lead. The Power defensed went into lockdown as Alex, Lexi and Sarah fought off the final Brentwood attacks and Power prevailed for their second straight NPL victory.
2015-09-20 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 2 0 West Side Red Bulls G03 W In an exciting match-up against the New York Red Bulls West, the Timbers entire team worked to keep the ball in front of their opponent's goal, with consistent defense and excellent passing. Jennifer Frank scored twice, on set-ups by Hailey Tenasaca and Alex Glogoff.
2015-09-19 NY Cup U14 Boys Titans 01 1 0 Downtown United Corinthians The Titans survived a close one, defeating cross-town rivals Downtown United on Pier 40 in a curiously demanding first round matchup for the 2015 defending New York Cup Champions. Manhattan had its way with possession for most of seventy minutes, but only a left-footed torpedo from Alexis Xicali in the twenty-eighth accounted for the final margin. Titan shots of every distance and velocity went meanwhile ricocheting off posts and crossbars and goalie mitts and electromagnetic force fields as Cristopher Tenempaguay, Gustavo Perez, Jacob Mendelson, Jaden Graber, Vincent Gioannini, Zidan Douglas, Wyatt McCarthy and Teddy Bushara also had their delectable licks, still Titan friends and family needed to suffer yet another jaw-clenching outcome right up until the final whistle, making this truly the eighteenth time in Manhattan’s last nineteen chances that a game was decided by one goal or less. A credit to the defense then, Mateo Murillo especially, making his Titan debut with hard knocks and heavenly composure.
2015-09-20 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 0 3 TSF The less said, probably the better here, but Ben Dreano turned in a revelatory second half in goal, with no fewer than five perfectly-timed slides on TSF breakaways to keep this game within striking distance, as the sun cornered family and friends in steel bleachers like ants under a magnifying glass. The Titans controlled possession through much of this game with Wyatt McCarthy and Alexis Xicali in particular delivering tireless performances, though three small mistakes resulted in the final, if slightly misleading, margin of defeat, and twenty minutes of garbage time when longtime Titan followers seemed unsure where to direct their exertions. Not sweating bullets, anyway. Just sweating.
2015-09-20 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 0 5 New Rochelle Raptors
2015-09-20 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 1 1 Larchmont Tornados MSC Fire 1 / Larchmont Tornados 1Fire had the lead early on in the game and opponents scored their only goal with 30 seconds left to the second half. That's unfortunate for Fire, who had a tremendous day with goal opportunities which were defied by the opponents. MSC Fire's goal was executed by Mujaj (33) who took a long high shot directly into the goal early on. Numerous other attempts were nicely set up and assisted by both Neugarten (43) and Pusey (2). Larchmont displayed good defense skills to hang in there but lacked a bit on the offense today. Well done to both teams.


Date League MSC Team Opponent Game Summary
2015-09-13 WYSL U8 Boys Milan 1 4 Westside Red Bulls Good first game. Team will be more successful once chemistry is formed. Go Milan!
2015-09-13 WYSL U8 Boys United 5 0 Edgemont Crushers Great first game. The boys took an early lead and never let up. Every player contributed to the United's very first victory. Go United!
2015-09-13 WYSL U8 Boys Olympiacos 7 2 Greenberg Bombers Despite the ref not showing up (scheduling snafu), there was a spirited competition. The Bombers lead 1-0 through the first half, helped by a stupendous goalkeeper in the second quarter. The Olympiacos found their stride in the third quarter, and scored seven goals and only allowed one in the second half. Good work boys! Also a special thanks to the Bombers fans who provided a stand-in referee for the match.
2015-09-13 WYSL U8 Girls Sporting 5 0 Harrison Liberty
2015-09-13 WYSL U8 Girls Lyon 4 2 Transylvania Red Storm The girls had a hard-fought game. They played defense, worked on their passing, and were formidable in the offensive end. They scored 4 goals over the course of the game and had a lot of fun.
2015-09-13 EDP U9 Boys Scorpions 2 3 New Rochelle It took a little while for our boys to get acclimated to the big field and hot sun but after giving up two early goals to a fast and skilled New Rochelle team, they found their shape. Relentless hustle and crisp passing resulted in two well earned Scorpion goals which tied the game just before the end of the first Half. The second half displayed more of the same, as the Scorpions continued to play team soccer with solid defense and some key scoring chances. However, New Rochelle kept the pressure on the Scorpions side of the field and midway through the second half, netted a goal that proved to be the game winner. Overall, it was a well-rounded effort by our boys setting the tone for what stands to be a fun and exciting season.
2015-09-13 WYSL U9 Boys Cosmos 0 7 FC Somers Spartans
2015-09-13 WYSL U9 Boys Impact 9 3 Edgemont Thunder Solid performance by the Impact who displayed good teamwork and control of the game and necessary skill work. Strong team building exercise and a good foundation from which to build on.
2015-09-13 WYSL U9 Girls Rockets 0 6 Castleford Tigers Congratulations Rockets on completing your first game! The girls faced a very skilled and coordinated team and while the score was lopsided, all our Rockets stayed engaged and worked hard throughout the game. While they seemed a bit unsure and hesitant in the beginning, they showed steady improvement as the game progressed. The defense was particularly strong in the second half and we were able to move the ball upfield a little more often to crest scoring opportunities for the offense. We are all looking forward to seeing the girls progress as they gel as a team. See you all next week and GO Rockets!
2015-09-13 WYSL U9 Girls Comets 0 3 West Side Red Bulls The Comets kicked off their season vs. the West Side Red Bulls this Sunday on Randall's Island. It was the first Manhattan Derby of the season for the Comets and the first time ever playing travel soccer for some of the girls. It was a competitive match and the girls on each side displayed good skills and effort. The Comets did well on the large field connecting on passes and defending vs a strong Red Bulls attack. It was Coach Sam's inaugural showing with the club and we welcome him along with all the new players and families in what will undoubtedly be an exciting season.
2015-09-13 WYSL U9 Girls Magic 0 1 Rye Rockets
2015-09-13 WYSL U10 Boys Wolves 1 2 Rye Rouge Wave
2015-09-13 WYSL U10 Boys Celtic 5 0 Port Chester
2015-09-13 WYSL U10 Boys Arsenal 1 4 Mt pleasant magic
2015-09-12 NYCSL U10 Girls Union 2 3 NY Soccer Club Union played the NY Soccer Club girls in their opening game of the season. The two-month-long break resulted in the girls being a bit rusty and they struggled to get into the rhythm of the match. The NY Soccer Club girls seem to be better coordinated and had more possession of the ball. They also seemed to be able to execute on their set pieces. At half time the score was 1-1 thanks to numerous saves by the Union goalie. The NY Soccer Club girls scored soon into the second half which spurred the Union girls to push a bit harder and they managed to equalize. An unfortunate hand ball in the penalty box toward the end of the game, gave the NY Soccer Club girls a chance to get ahead and they did. Final Score NY Soccer Club 3, MSC Union 2.
2015-09-13 WYSL U10 Girls Breakers 3 6 John Jay Thunder
2015-09-12 WYSL U11 Boys Earthquakes 6 3 Mamaroneck Red Wolves
2015-09-13 WYSL U11 Boys Toros 4 1 Castleford B04
2015-09-13 WYSL U11 Boys Valencia 7 1 Rye Brook Rowdies
2015-09-13 NYCSL U11 Girls Stars 1 2 Levittown
2015-09-13 WYSL U11 Girls Hurricane 0 2 Castleford G11 Gold Castleford came to play posting two quick first half goals. The Hurricanes regrouped and kept the game close. A few unlucky bounces and missed opportunities made the game closer than the score indicates.
2015-09-13 WYSL U12 Boys Clash 3 6 White Plains Barca It was the first division 1 game for the U12 Clash team. They did well for their first game through the hot weather and a hard first few seconds. There were a few errors made right in the beginning of the game. Clash defenders did an excellent job and played their positions with passion. Unfortunately the White Plains Barca got the upper hand in the first half and Clash was not able to get ahead of them. However, the MSC Clash rallied together in the second half, scoring three goals, one in the last minute of the game. It unfortunately was not enough to win today but it will be soon enough.
2015-09-13 WYSL U12 Boys Rockers 2 3 New Rochelle Bombers
2015-09-13 WYSL U12 Boys Sounders 4 2 Castleford B03 Foxes
2015-09-12 NPL U12 Girls Charge 3 4 Massapequa Fury In Charge's first game of the season, following a great pre-season with Coach Darren Marshall, play got off to a good start with lots of scoring opportunities. A massive punt from the Charge goalie found the center forward who drove it in for a goal at the 12th minute of play. Another Charge goal was delivered by an assist from the left forward to center forward at the 21st minute. This was quickly countered by the Fury, leaving the score at 2-1 in the 22nd minute. Some back and forth followed with shots on goal from both sides that ultimately netted a Fury goal at the 33rd minute of play and the teams were tied at the half. The second half began with more exciting scoring attempts, two from the Charge left forward assisted by the center forward and one from Charge right forward. These were accompanied by exciting action in the Charge goal and some impressive saves by Charge goalie. By minute 14, another goal from Charge center forward was scored with gusto after a run up the field, bringing the score to 3-2. Unfortunately, some mistakes led to two late-game goals by the Fury, in minutes 28 and 30, land a final score of 3-4, a loss for the Charge.
2015-09-12 NPL U12 Girls Charge 5 1 Massapequa Fury Charge came roaring back in game two against the Massapequa Fury, with two goals from the Charge center forward scored early in the first half. As in game one of Charge v Fury, there was lots of action on both sides with Charge defense and goal keeping coming into play and defending well, and Charge's two goals ultimately countered by a Fury goal near the half. The score at half time was 2-1 Charge. The Charge continued to gain stride in the second half with a goal scored by the Charge left midfielder, and another goal from Charge center forward that was assisted by Charge left forward, and a final great late play goal from Charge left back. Charge defense held strong in the second half with a final score of 5-1, leaving the Charge with a convincing victory.
2015-09-13 WYSL U12 Girls Surf 2 2 Rye Rockers
2015-09-13 WYSL U12 Girls Spirit 2 1 Mt Pleasant Red Hot Chili Peppers The Spirit returned to the pitch for their first match of the Fall 2015 season in fine form, defeating the dreaded Mt Pleasant Red Hot Chili Peppers in a hard fought battle, 2-1. Spirit dominated much of the play throughout the game and consistently beat their opponents to the ball. The first half featured good hustle by newcomer Shea and strong defense by Talia and Maria. Toward the end of the half, Samara, looking in mid-season form already, smashed home a goal to put Spirit ahead, 1-0. The score held throughout the rest of the half, thanks to the stellar goalkeeping by Samantha, another new Spirit player. The second half saw much of the same type of play that characterized the first half, with hustle by Jordyn, and shut down defense by Kate and Gnouma. After the opponents scored the equalizing goal, the Spirit roared back and retook the lead, 2-1, when Tess hammered home a rebound off of a tremendous shot by Samara that went off of the crossbar. The defense and keeper shut down the Chili Peppers the rest of the way and the Spirit held on for the well-earned victory.
2015-09-12 NYCSL U13 Boys Fury 6 2 Auburndale SC Green Great start for the newly formed u9 girls Fusion team. Six nice goals and get passing play all around.
2015-09-13 WYSL U13 Boys Flamengo 6 1 New Rochelle Rovers Henry scored. Flamengo up 1-0. George scored. Flamengo up 2-0. New Rochelle scored an own goal. Flamengo up 3-0. Halftime. George scored. Flamengo up 4-0 New Rochelle scored. Flamengo up 4-1. Juan scored. Flamengo up 5-1. Gonzo (Brian) scored. Flamengo up 6-1.
2015-09-13 WYSL U13 Boys Aztecs 2 1 Rye Brook Renegades Great start to the season for the Aztecs with goals by Justin and Max and terrific consistent play by all.
2015-09-12 NPL U13 Girls Power 4 2 Massapequa SC NPL-02 With great excitement the MSC U-13 Power NPL-02 took the field Saturday afternoon against Massapequa SC NPL-02 at Tibbetts Field in Yonkers under grey and threatening skies. With a new expanded roster, a new coach, an expanded playing field and goal, the move to 11 x 11 soccer, 35 minute halves and a size 5 ball, it was a fall kickoff full of anticipation. In the end our girls left it all on the field and made us all proud. Jumping off with several strong offensive attacks a strike from Allana Alcorn found the net to give Power a quick 1-0 lead. Massapequa, with a rangy and disciplined offense, countered several times but were repelled without getting any good shots off. An unintended "own goal" on a pass back to the goalie got them into the game at 1-1. Power continued to dominate as Justine Tapert made a quick pass to Allana in front of the goal on a rebound from a free kick to give Power a 2-1 lead at the Half. The second half found the intensity picking up at both ends of the field. Allana found the net for a third time with a long strike that hit the inside of the post before going in to give Power a 3-1 lead. Massapequa countered on a drive up the right flank with a nifty cross that found the Upper 90 over the outstretched reach of Goalie Sarah Villacres to tighten the score to 3-2. Power continued to press and Emily Tierney took a run up the right wing deep in the opponents zone and hit a long cross towards the far post that Justine Tapert struck home to stretch the lead to 4-2. The Power defense went in to lock down as Lexi Madsen and Alex Gottlieb shut down several attacks along with some strong saves. Final score: Power - 4 : Massapequa - 2.
2015-09-13 WYSL U13 Girls Timbers 1 4 Harrison Hornets Jennifer Frank scored in the first half. Leyla Jacoby played goalkeeper the entire game. Thank you, Leyla!
2015-09-05 Lou Ramos Classic U14 Boys Titans 01 1 0 Cedar Stars
2015-09-05 Lou Ramos Classic U14 Boys Titans 01 1 0 LDC United
2015-09-06 Lou Ramos Classic U14 Boys Titans 01 1 2 Wall SC
2015-09-13 EDP U14 Boys Titans 01 0 1 Valeo FC Elite Manhattan’s Titans began their 2015 EDP fall campaign on Randall’s Icahn 10 with a generally well-played loss to Boston’s Valeo FC, and God bless them for making the drive. Defenders Wylie Lonergan and Matthew Ross were essential to repelling Valeo counterattacks in the first forty minutes, while the offense mustered stretches of technical precision that ended in close chances in front of the Valeo goal from Lonergan, Jaden Graber, Zaul Tavangar and Teddy Bushara, though all in all a scoreless tie at the half seemed more than worth the Triborough toll. Rugged performances by Alexis Xicali on the left wing, and Zidan Douglas on the right, forward, midfield and seemingly everywhere else, highlighted the physical competitiveness of this game, though no card was ever issued, and indeed the run of play was mostly crisp and mutually respectful – if players (and coaches) needed to sometimes holler at one another to be heard across a DJ’s public rumblings at nearby Disco Icahn. Oi! There’s a football match going on over here! Party on. A near miss on a header by Derek Martinez off a Graber corner in the second half was as close to a lead as the Titans would ever get, as Valeo remained true to their counterattacking ways – finishing a breakaway in the seventy-third minute for a 1-0 lead – and the Titans betrayed some impatience in hoping to equalize, but alas. That a loss to the nationally seventh ranked Valeo should vaguely needle is a testament to the airy heights these nationally sixth ranked Titans have begun to inhabit after last season’s storied triumphs. A rematch or two surely await – against this obviously well-drilled squad, with the mysteriously named Umi in midfield and the last girl standing (really, excelling) in boys’ U14 premier soccer – so John Lathan’s side may one day count themselves lucky to have absorbed this lesson with thirty, or forty, or fifty games remaining to apply it.
2015-09-13 WYSL U14 Boys Rowdies 2 0 Yorktown Crew
2015-09-12 NPL U14 Girls Pride 01 1 1 Massapequa
2015-09-13 WYSL U14 Girls Fire 5 3 John Jay MSC Fire had their first game of season today with only three days practice and five new team players. A most impressive outcome. Score Fire 5 to John Jay 3. Scoring players were Neugarten (43), Mujaj (14), Pusey (2) and Varma (3). Assists from Siegel (31), Neugarten and Varma. John Jay seemed taken by surprise in first half and came on strong for second half with excellent passing and defense that resulted in three goals with one the result of a penalty kick from inside the box. Great competition.