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Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Summary
2016-11-13 WYSL BU9-2008 United 3 1 Edgemont Blast
2016-11-20 WYSL GU10-2007 Lyon 1 2 Rivertowns G2007 Blaze Lyon went into its last game undefeated - both in record and spirit - but met with Rivertowns in a tough battle on a windy day on Randall's 84 and the game ended 2-1 Rivertowns. Lyon played a fantastic, close game and it was an outstanding season. Let's go Lyon!
2016-11-20 WYSL GU10-2007 Sporting 6 0 Mamaroneck Red Flash
2016-11-13 WYSL BU10-2007 Cosmos 2 8 Scarsdale Strong play by Scarsdale.
2016-11-20 WYSL GU11-2006 Comets 2 4 Mt. Pleasant Lady Warriors
2016-11-19 NY Cup GU11-2006 Fusion 0 3 Atletico A tough loss for Fusion in their final State Cup game in their bracket.
2016-11-20 NYCSL GU11-2006 Fusion 5 0 SUSA Commack Elite On a downright cold and windy afternoon in Long Island, Fusion finished off its fall season of play with a 5-0 win over SUSA Commack Elite. Fusion started strong with three goals in the first half. Fusion's defense kept the ball away from their goal for virtually the entire game. The defense played a full service game with Landon knocking in a goal from outside the goal box. The Fusion offense pressed throughout the game with several shots on goal in addition to the five that made it into the net. Fusion played well as a team, with a nice amount of passing, and played hard throughout. Fusion looks forward to the indoor tournaments this winter and then getting back out on the pitch in the spring. Goals by Ava B, Gracie, Landon and Ava P.
2016-11-27 WYSL GU11-2006 Rockets 2 2 Briarcliff Breakaway Great season Rockets !
2016-11-20 WYSL BU11-2006 Express 1 3 Scarsdale Real
2016-11-19 WYSL GU12-2005 Blizzard 3 1 New Rochelle The Blizzard close out the season with a dominating performance against New Rochelle. Goals by Sasha, Sophia, and Kiki led the Blizzard to a 3-1 victory.
2016-11-20 WYSL BU12-2005 Mustangs 7 0 West Side Red Bulls B05W
2016-11-13 WYSL BU12-2005 Valencia 3 2 Scarsdale Everton
2016-11-20 WYSL BU13-2004 Sounders 1 2 Scarsdale Benfica
2016-11-20 NY Cup GU14-2003 Charge 0 1 Athletico FC Charge played a tough, evenly-matched game. Both teams had opportunities, Athletico was able to convert one goal late in the second half. Charge had 32 minutes of possession vs Athletico's 37 minutes. Charge had 4 shots, 4 on goal. While Athletico had 12 shots, 9 on goal. GK #5 Gutierrez made 2 saves in the first half and GK #40 Poppinga made 6 saves in the second half.
2016-11-19 WYSL GU14-2003 Surf 5 0 Portchester Bobcats
2016-11-20 Other GU15-2002 Timbers 5 1 Mamaroneck It seemed more like skiing weather today rather than soccer as the Manhattan Timbers passing game and defense came together for a 5-1 win over the Mamaroneck Tigers. The Timbers' steel curtain defense led by Goalie Gwynne Wolgemuth only allowed one goal while the offense put together 5-6 person combination passes that resulted in 5 goals. The scoring was as follows: Ten minutes into the game Jennifer Frank made a beautiful cross pass to Katherine Evans for the first score of the gameTwo minutes later Katherine Evans broke away at the mid field line resulting in her second score of the gameShortly after that Katherine Evans decided to return the favor making a beautiful assist to Jennifer Frank who scored4 minutes later Avive Pusey made a 30 yard score from almost the half way line. The defense let down only once allowing Mamaroneck to sneak one in from the deep left side of the field. This was the only error of the day for the Timbers; they struck back quickly as Jenna Diamond unleashed her powerful leg putting the ball deep into the back of the net for the Timbers final score. Every score was in the first half. Mamaroneck managed to find their defensive footing holding the Timbers to zero goals in the second half. However, the Timbers managed to stay in control of the ball making some of the most beautiful passes we have seen all season. Coach Marius has been challenging the girls to move the ball and work as a team this week in practice. It seems like those practices paid off big this week for the Timbers.
2016-11-19 Bethesda Premier Cup BU15-2002 Titans 3 0 Bethesda Blue 02 The Titans took the first match of the tournament 3-0 with a strong all around team performance. The defense was solid, midfield controlled much of the play and keepers Jaiden and Andy combined for a clean sheet vs the Bethesda home team. Yali powered through with the first goal and Rufis finished two with assists from Arnold and Leandro.
2016-11-19 Bethesda Premier Cup BU15-2002 Titans 1 0 NJ Stallions Juve Academy In the wind and hail, the Titans got it done with a late score against a top-ranked team from NJ. Andy and Jaiden again combined for the clean sheet and Rufis scored a beauty (assisted by Arnold) late in the match. Another all around good team effort by Coach Lathan's boys at the Bethesda Tournament.
2016-11-20 Bethesda Premier Cup BU15-2002 Titans 3 1 BRYC Elite The Titans were up to the task in a feisty third match with BRYC Elite from Virginia. Yali and Rufis had goals off nice assists from Aiden and Wyatt. Gavin played well in the hold and keepers Andy and Jaiden again kept it close. On to the finals!
2016-11-19 WYSL GU16-2001 Fire 4 0 Gotham Girls Blue
2016-11-20 NYCSL ny cup BU18-1999 Sociedad 4 1 Plainview Old Bethpage Panthers
2016-11-20 NY Cup GU19-98/99 Courage 3 0 Patchogue-Medford
2016-11-19 NY Cup BU19-98/99 Gunners 5 0 Sachem Opening match of NY Cup group play