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Week three of the fall season.

Reminder: WYSL U8 small-sided scores and game summaries are not recorded or published.

Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Summary
2016-09-25 WYSL GU9-2008 Surge 5 6 Castleford Mustangs Exciting game with lots of goals scored. The first half ended with a score of 2 - 1 Mustangs with most of the scoring in the 2nd half. The Mustangs scored first in the 2nd half and pulled ahead 5 to 1 before the Surge scored a quick 2. The Mustangs scored to make it 6 - 3 before the Surge attacked at the end of the game. Down 6 - 5 the Surge had a great scoring opportunity but the ball hit the post.
2016-09-25 WYSL BU9-2008 Milan 1 4 Scarsdale Bayern Game got off to a good start with Milan scoring in the first few minutes of the game. However Scarsdale came back fighting and final score was 4-1
2016-09-25 WYSL BU9-2008 United 3 1 FC Transylvania Barca 08 White A very physical game with great goals by Duffy, Taylor & Rustum.
2016-09-25 WYSL GU10-2007 Armada 0 4 Chappaqua Cheetahs Armada played hard against the Cheetahs today. Not reflected in the score is the fact that the team did a good job of switching the field of play, pressing the ball down the field, and rotating through different positions.
2016-09-25 WYSL GU10-2007 Flash 1 7 Scarsdale Spartak
2016-09-25 WYSL GU10-2007 Lyon 2 0 DUSC G07 Blue
2016-09-25 WYSL GU10-2007 Sporting 3 3 Eastchester Red Dragons
2016-09-25 WYSL BU10-2007 Cosmos 2 7 Chappaqua This was a hard played game. The Cosmos played very hard and put up a strong defense. In the end, the opponents were too fast and played well on their home field.
2016-09-25 WYSL BU10-2007 Fiorentina 2 4 Scarsdale Monaco Fiorentina opened up the game with a slight advantage over Monaco; they were generally more aggressive, kept a longer possession of the ball, and attacked more. However, 15 min into the game, Monaco shot and scored its first goal. Fiorentina was able to score the goal on a free kick closing the first half with 1:1. In the second half of the game, Monaco took an initiative and scored its 2nd goal. Fiorentina players had a few good opportunities to score from the corner kicks and the penalty shot, but they did not capitalize. Monaco scored 2 more goals, one of which was very questionable as the ball seemed to slip through a hole in the net. After some discussion the goal was counted by the ref. Fiorentina scored one more goal in the last minute of the game.The game finished with Monaco's win 4:2 over Fiorentina.
2016-09-18 WYSL BU10-2007 Impact 3 0 Alba Thunder
2016-09-25 WYSL BU10-2007 Impact 5 3 West Side Red Bulls Impact played well and fully deserved the win
2016-09-25 NYCFC BU10-2007 Roma 4 2 Gottschee
2016-09-25 NYCFC BU10-2007 Roma 6 1 Gottschee
2016-09-25 WYSL BU10-2007 Scorpions 5 0 Briarcliff Beasts
2016-09-25 WYSL GU11-2006 Comets 1 6 Rye Brook Storm Rye Brook played a disciplined, focused game with excellent passing. The Comets' play improved in the second half, when the girls got more aggressive and looked for the open player to pass to.
2016-09-25 NYCSL GU11-2006 Fusion 4 2 Westside Red Bulls One minute into the game, the Red Bulls scored. Oh no, this looked to be another painful game against Fusion's Manhattan rivals, the West Side Red Bulls. About half of Fusion, when they played for Union, well remembered a bruising loss to the Red Bulls in the first game of the spring 2016 season, where the Red Bulls won a hard fought 2-1 game against Union in slushy 35 degree weather. Today's game was equally hard-fought, with each team giving it their all and leaving it all on the field. Fusion quickly scored an equalizer and then went up 2-1. Despite the tight score, Fusion had the ball on the Red Bulls side of the field most of the first half. With some aggressive plays, the Red Bulls' goalie saved a couple of balls that might have otherwise made it in. Fusion also got lucky when a big-footed Red Bull shot hit the crossbar from about 20 yards out.The second half started exactly like the first, with the Red Bulls scoring within about a minute, tying the score at 2-2. Luckily Fusion quickly scored another to go up 3-2. The second half was even more aggressive than the first, with both teams getting plenty of fouls, although none led to any goals. The Red Bulls had more opportunities to score than they had in the first and threatened a couple of times with about 10 minutes left, but couldn't break through. Fusion then added an insurance goal, and time ran out soon thereafter. Goals were by Boo, Gracie, Kailin and Harper.
2016-09-25 WYSL GU11-2006 Magic 0 0 Greenburgh United Cyclones
2016-09-25 WYSL GU11-2006 Rockets 2 0 Mamaroneck Blue Wildcats The Rockets brought home their first victory in convincing fashion striking a clean sheet against the Blue Wildcats of Mamaroneck. Keepers Tyler and Alex were strong in goal and the defense led by Carson, Noa and Sacha were determined to push the ball out of the Rockets side. The midfield and forwards moved the ball well today and Ava broke through with two good strikes for the goals. It was a great showing by the girls and the signs of progress are already showing for coach Hatem's Rockets.
2016-09-18 WYSL BU11-2006 Celtic 2 4 river towns Green Bulldogs
2016-09-24 WYSL BU11-2006 Express 3 7 Rye Galaxy
2016-09-25 WYSL BU11-2006 Whitecaps 1 3 Ryebrook rebellion
2016-09-25 WYSL GU12-2005 Blizzard 1 3 FC Somers
2016-09-25 WYSL BU12-2005 Mustangs 4 1 Rye Messies The Manhattan Mustangs came to play and were they ever ready. The Mustangs were defensively tight and extremely coordinated in the midfield. Great work for a team that just started playing together three weeks ago due to the new calendar year rules. Compared to the previous two games they played much more cohesively as a team and the passing sequences led to four great goals.
2016-09-25 WYSL BU12-2005 Toros 1 2 Rivertowns United The Toros made big strides on a bigger field this afternoon, stepping up to the 80's turf fields and also stepping up their level of play. Unfortunately it was not enough to produce a result, as Rivertowns edged MSC 2-1 in the end. however, the boys played their best soccer of the year in the second half, pressing hard, winning tackles and better controlling the field of play. Excellent work in goal by alex and hard work by the defense was complemented by Campbell's textbook perfect PK, which kept the Toros in the game. The boys could not quite finish in front of the goal, though. All things considered, a solid effort and a step up from last week.
2016-09-25 WYSL BU13-2004 Rockers 7 1 Mamaroneck Thunder Another beautiful day for soccer and another overwhelming win for the Rockers. For the second week, scoring started in the first minute with Ricardo Vivar hammering home the Rockers first goal after just 18 seconds. Scoring followed by Maralazzi, Lawrence-Apfelbaum, Etchebarne, Zumba (2) and Haile-Manas. The Rockers focused on completing a prescribed number of passes and intergrating the goalie into field play.
2016-09-24 NYCSL GU14-2003 Charge 3 2 Massapequa Charge played an aggressive passing game today, defeating Massapequa on their home turf 3-2 with #15 Flora Lange earning her first hat trick of the season. Goals:- 1H 4:54 Massapequa (1-0)- 1H 12:46 Charge (1-1) #15 Lange PK foul on # 38 Jimenez- 1H 16:25 Charge (1-2) #15 Lange assist by #32 Stellabotte- 2H 11:34 Massapequa (2-2)- 2H 22:32 Charge (2-3) #15 Lange assist by #35 YamaguchiCharge outplayed on possession with 39 minutes vs Massapequa at 28. Charge made 19 shots, 11 on goal vs. Massapequa at 15 and 13. GK #5 Gutierrez made 7 saves in 1H and GK #40 Poppinga made 4 saves in 2H.
2016-09-24 WYSL GU14-2003 Surf 0 3 HYSC G03
2016-09-25 WYSL BU14-2003 Flamengo 1 0 Mamaroneck Red Demons