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It was back top league play this weekend as the leaves start to change and the season enters its second half.

Note: several home matches on Kantor field were postponed due to an unexpected permitting issue.

Game Date League MSC Team Opponent Summary
2016-10-16 WYSL BU8-2009 Atletico 2 3 Chappaqua United Black (U9)
2016-10-16 WYSL BU9-2008 United 4 0 Mamaroneck B08 Blue A powerful shut-out by MSC United. A beautifully-played game with a lot of passing and communication. Goals by Cooper Marks, Luca Davidson & two by Charlie Taylor.
2016-10-16 WYSL GU10-2007 Armada 3 5 Mt. Pleasant Lightning Armada played a great game against the Mt. Pleasant Lightning. They were down a few players, but the girls continued to execute the plays they practiced during the week with a lot of pressuring, one-touch passing, and shots on goal.
2016-10-16 WYSL GU10-2007 Lyon 2 2 Rivertowns Utd. G07 T-Blaze
2016-10-16 WYSL GU10-2007 Sporting 6 1 Mamaroneck Red Flash
2016-10-13 WYSL BU10-2007 Cosmos 1 4 North Salem The first half was even but North Salem made the most of the home field advantage in the second half.
2016-10-16 WYSL GU11-2006 Comets 1 3 Mt. Pleasant Lady Warriors The first half ended in 1-1. The Lady Warriors continued to press hard in the second half, and while the Comets got off a number of shots, the Lady Warriors scored twice to end up with the win.
2016-10-16 NY Cup GU11-2006 Fusion 0 1 East Meadow Crew 06 White Today Fusion played a strong East Meadow team in its Second NY Cup game. Fusion controlled the ball for most of the match, but East Meadow were able to get a ball in the net midway through the second half. Fusion played hard the entire game, including a couple of last-minute shots on goal. A very exciting game to watch, with a lot of nice passing by Fusion.
2016-10-16 WYSL BU11-2006 Celtic 4 2 Greenburgh Utd Bobcats
2016-10-16 WYSL BU11-2006 Express 3 1 Scarsdale Real
2016-10-16 WYSL BU11-2006 Whitecaps 3 6 Chappaqua Blaze
2016-10-16 WYSL GU12-2005 Blizzard 2 1 New Rochelle Strong effort from the MSC side which controlled the flow of the game from the open. New Rochelle scored early in the first half to take a 1-0 lead. MSC would keep the pressure on and tie it late in the first half with a goal from Sophia Comeaux.The Blizzard kept the pressure on throughout the second half with some strong challenges that the New Rochelle keeper was ready for. With time running out, Analiese Fajemirokun would leave no doubt on an open shot at the goal, giving the Blizzard the win 2-1.
2016-10-15 NY Cup BU12-2005 Earthquakes 2 3 Mamaroneck Gold Wolves
2016-10-16 EDP BU12-2005 Earthquakes 3 2 STA Morris United 2005 EDP
2016-10-15 EDP BU12-2005 Freedom 1 6 MSC Freedom White
2016-10-16 NY Cup BU12-2005 Freedom 2 0 SUSA FC B05 Elite East
2016-10-16 NY Cup BU12-2005 Freedom 1 5 Everton FC Westchester 2005 White
2016-10-16 WYSL BU12-2005 Mustangs 2 0 West Side Red Bulls B05W
2016-10-16 WYSL BU12-2005 Toros 1 3 Bronx Pumas The Toros headed north on Sunday to play a tough Bronx squad that boasted a few exceptional players. MSC played an excellent first half against a large, physical squad. The Toros scored early on a well-coordinated play and hung tough most of the half, finally giving up an equalizer in the final minutes. MSC came out strong in the second half, with solid defense and some excellent goal keeping; but late in the game the squad finally succumbed, with the Pumas netting two goals late in the game to seal a victory.
2016-10-16 WYSL BU12-2005 Valencia 3 2 Valhalla Vikings
2016-10-16 WYSL GU13-2004 Beat 3 0 Mamaroneck
2016-10-15 NPL GU13-2004 Stars 1 2 STA
2016-10-16 NY Cup GU13-2004 Stars 9 0 BW Gottschee
2016-10-08 Discovery Cup GU13-2004 Stars 4 0 North Union United Storm (PA)
2016-10-08 Discovery Cup GU13-2004 Stars 4 0 Quickstrike FC
2016-10-09 Discovery Cup GU13-2004 Stars 1 1 McClean 04 ECNL (VA) This 1-1 tie forced a PK shootout to decide bracket winner. In a heartbreaking finish, Stars came out on the losing end 7-8 in PK's.
2016-10-16 WYSL BU13-2004 Rockers 4 0 West Side Red Bulls B04 W A solid showing for the Rockers against our Manhattan opponents with the quality of Rocker play improving as the match progressed. In the 9th minute the Rockers took a 1-0 lead on a strike by number 9 Gomes, but from that point to the half, both teams worked to maintain possession and pace. As with several games this season, the Rockers elevated their second half play; Gomes scored two addtional goals for the hat trick and Haile-Manas added a fourth goal for a clear Rocker victory.
2016-10-15 NYCSL GU14-2003 Charge 1 1 STA It was a very tight match on a beautiful fall afternoon. Charge scored early, at 3:58 #38 Amelia Jimenez broke away and brought the ball all the way down left field, #15 Flora Lange was able to receive the rebound and score. At 13:07 STA took advantage of a turnover deep in Charge territory and with two forwards in the goal box, the ball dribbled in to tie the game. The rest of the game was kept at that score with strong defense by both teams.
2016-10-16 NY Cup GU14-2003 Charge 3 1 Lady Red Bulls (East Islip SC) After a late start in East Islip, Charge came out strong with #38 Amelia Jimenez scoring at 00:38 starting it off at 0-1. Lady Red Bulls fought back and at 26:45 a foul was called on #14 Eve Shulman and the Red Bulls were able to score on a penalty kick matching at 1-1. In the second half, #32 Sophia Stellabotte scored with an assist from #21 Piper McGraw at 22:50 making it 1-2. Then #24 Ava Allen shot and scored off of a goal kick from GK #5 Maya Gutierrez. Charge dominated possession with 47 minutes vs. Lady Red Bulls at 23 minutes. Charge made 24 shots, 18 on goal and GK #40 Sidney Poppinga made 2 saves.