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Date League MSC Team Opponent
2014-06-21 WYSL U14 G Monaco 1 0 Larchmont Shooting Stars
2014-06-22 WYSL U8 B Wolves 11 7 Mamaroneck Red Panthers
2014-06-22 WYSL U8 G Breakers 4 4 U8 G Blizzard
2014-06-22 WYSL U9 B Mustangs 2 2 Rye Grizzlies
2014-06-22 WYSL U9 G Stars 1 2 FC Transylvania Red Storm 05
2014-06-22 WYSL U10 B Clash 3 3 Castleford B03 Cyclones
2014-06-22 WYSL U10 G Surf 4 1 Scarsdale Revolution
2014-06-22 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 5 2 Castleford B02 Gold
2014-06-22 WYSL U11 B Gremio 3 0 East Ramapo Arsenals
2014-06-22 WYSL U11 G Sting 1 1 Rockland FC Storm
2014-06-22 WYSL U11 G Timbers 0 3 Port Chester
2014-06-22 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 2 2 White Plains Arsenal
2014-06-22 WYSL U12 G Fire 0 4 Chappaqua Blizzard
2014-06-22 WYSL U13 G Pumas 1 1 Pelham Power
2014-06-22 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 2 1 New York Fusion Edge
2014-06-22 WYSL U14 G Monaco 2 1 Larchmont Shooting Stars
2014-06-22 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 5 0 Rivertown Utd G98
2014-06-22 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 2 0 Chappaqua Storm


WYSL - U10 Girls Surf 4, Scarsdale 1

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Ending a great season with a win against a tough team that beat us earlier in the season! Four goals including two by Sara Kunofsky! Silbert and Poppinga added the other two. Way to go, Surf.  


WYSL - U11 Boys Gremio 3, East Ramapo Arsenals 0

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - With this victory, Gremio win the WYSL 12-3 division, repeating their division win in the 11-1 table during the fall.


WYSL - U11 Girls Timbers 0, Port Chester 3

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Despite some strong showings on offense in the first half by Chloe, Nyla Jennifer and Lauren, and strong defensive efforts by Mia and Lexi, the first half ended with Port Chester up by two goals. And while the Timbers came out with plenty of spirit in the second half, they fell short today as the final score was 3-0. However, the score was not truly indicative of the closeness of the game, and gracefully, the girls took it in stride, as they're already looking forward to next season.  


WYSL - U12 Girls Fire 0, Chappaqua Blizzard 4

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Fire vs Chappaqua Blizzard played today - last game of season. Fire comes is only team to win against Blizzards this season. Fire played today with four borrowed players and only one sub. Opponents had a full bench. Fire had a good first half even though opponents scored once. Coming into second half girls seemed to lack cohesive energies and started to fatigue. Overgrown pitch didn't help but Chappaqua succeeded to profit and finish with 4 goals to nil. Good job to Fire for pushing through and trying their best under tough conditions. We are proud of how they worked hard all season despite some difficult circumstances, including losing many players to injury. Go Fire! See you next season!  


WYSL - U14 Girls Monaco 2, Larchmont Shooting Stars 1

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Monaco ended the season with a bang, playing back-to back games against Larchmont, home-and-away. In both games the girls passed the ball well, generated sustained pressure on the Larchmont defense, and played stout defense on their own half of the field. The universal view was that these were the two best games the team has played all season. And the results showed it - Monaco won 1-0 on Saturday and 2-1 on Sunday, catapulting them past Larchmont into third place. All three goals were the result of sustained quality passing, ending in crosses to a waiting teammate who was able to drill the ball home. A wonderful end to the season.  


Date League MSC Team Opponent
2014-06-12 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 4 1 Hudson United
2014-06-14 EDP U14 G Santos 3 0 TSF Academy
2014-06-14 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 1 2 Yonkers Deportivo
2014-06-15 EDP U12 B Titans 1 3 NYSC
2014-06-15 EDP U14 B Villa 2 2 Revolution United
2014-06-15 EDP U14 G Santos 2 2 Smithtown Kickers
2014-06-15 WYSL U8 B Express 3 2 FC Somers Red B06
2014-06-15 WYSL U8 B Whitecaps 2 3 FC Transylvania Barca 06 White
2014-06-15 WYSL U8 B Wolves 7 1 White Plains B05 White
2014-06-15 WYSL U8 G Breakers 6 0 Scarsdale Red Santos
2014-06-15 WYSL U9 B Mustangs 3 2 Castleford B04 Tornados
2014-06-15 WYSL U9 B Toros 1 1 Mamaroneck blue wolves
2014-06-15 WYSL U9 G Beat 0 3 New Rochelle Queen Bees
2014-06-15 WYSL U9 G Stars 2 0 White Plains Orange
2014-06-15 WYSL U9 G Tornado 1 0 Chappaqua United Blue
2014-06-15 WYSL U10 B Clash 2 4 Chappaqua Hammers
2014-06-15 WYSL U10 B Sounders 1 1 Larchmont Blue sharks
2014-06-15 WYSL U10 B Rockers 2 3 Harrison Eagles
2014-06-15 WYSL U10 G Spirit 2 1 New Rochelle Purple Angels
2014-06-15 WYSL U10 G Surf 4 0 West Side Red Bulls
2014-06-15 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 5 5 Castleford B02 Royal
2014-06-15 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 5 1 West Side Red Bulls
2014-06-15 WYSL U11 G Sting 0 3 Chappaqua Power
2014-06-15 WYSL U11 G Timbers 3 2 John Jay Sonic
2014-06-15 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 1 3 Port Chester Lions
2014-06-15 WYSL U12 B Gremio 4 0 FC Briarcliff
2014-06-15 WYSL U12 G Fire 3 1 Rivertowns United Fire
2014-06-15 WYSL U13 B Sao Paulo 4 2 Rivertown United
2014-06-15 WYSL U13 G Pumas 1 0 Rye Riptide
2014-06-15 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 2 0 Eastchester Strikers
2014-06-15 WYSL U14 G Monaco 0 0 FC Briarcliff Barracudas
2014-06-15 WYSL U15 B Cougars 1 4 MSC Boca
2014-06-15 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 1 2 Asphalt Green Wave Valencia
2014-06-15 WYSL U16 B Boca 4 1 MSC Cougars
2014-06-15 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 1 2 FC Greenburgh United
2014-06-15 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 5 0 Pelham Lightning
2014-06-15 WYSL U16 B Cruzeiro 3 3 NYSC


June 12


EDP - U15 Boys 98 Premier 4, Hudson United 1

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 - In Jersey City, 98 Premier defeated Hudson United to complete their EDP season and clinch the 1st Division North title without a loss. It was a great turnaround for the boys, who last season finished 8th. Congratulations to the team and coach John Lathan.   


June 14


WYSL - U14 Boys Sunderland 1, Yonkers Deportivo 2

Saturday, June 14th, 2014 - The Sunderland looked flat today in their outing against Deportivo, who defeated our boys 2-1. The Sunderland just couldn't seem to find their groove and while they far outshot their opponents, Yonkers came up with the win.   


June 15


WYSL - U10 Boys Sounders 1, Larchmont Blue sharks 1

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - Good game. One goal by Cooper. Good defense on both sides. Till next year. Go Sounders!   


WYSL - U10 Boys Rockers 2, Harrison Eagles 3
Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - Both teams played hard, with plenty of close shaves, in a great final game of the season.

WYSL - U10 Girls Spirit 2, New Rochelle Purple Angels 1

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - The Purple Angels started out strong. They had powerful kicks and were dominating early. They scored the first goal on a hi on the Angels. We had 8 Spirit players this weekend. We were so lucky to borrow the goalkeeper from Surf. She was amazing. She stopped many goals and really made a difference. We also thank two younger U9 players that helped us today, which allowed some of the Spirit players to sub in and out. The final score was 2-1. It was a nice end to the season.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Surf 4, Red Bulls 0

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - Great game. Goals by Lathen, pops, Levinson and Kunofsky led to a 4-0 win over cross-town rival. Great passing and nice saves by Phillips in goal!

WYSL - U11 Girls Timbers 3, John Jay Sonic 2

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - In a hard-fought game for control of the division championship, U11 Timbers scored a late goal against John Jay Sonic in South Salem yesterday to break a 2-2 tie.  With the first half ending scoreless, Jay drew first blood in the second.  Shortly afterwards, Timber found its groove with two quick goals.  The first came on a beautiful lofting penalty kick by Lexie Madsen that found the proverbial "Upper 90" on the right side.  Minutes later, Malia Klein threaded her way through a number of defenders to score the go-ahead goal. Not to be outdone, Jay evened up the score with a high uncatchable ball over the leaping Timber goalie, leading both teams to dig in with renewed seriousness.  The teams were evenly matched, with Jay playing a more physical game befitting their larger size and Timbers playing to their strengths with stalwart defense, pinpoint passes and a couple of thrilling runs by their strikers.  As the final minutes ticked down, the game seemed destined to end in a draw.   But then, with about 40 seconds remaining, Timbers was awarded a corner kick, and Madsen arched a perfect cross that landed right in front of Jay's goal, and as coach and parents alike held their breath, Chloe Singer found the ball in traffic and swatted it in.  After beginning the season with two draws and a loss, Timbers now sits atop the WYSL division and controls its destiny as its enters its final game next week against Harrison.

WYSL - U12 Girls Fire 3, Rivertowns United Fire 1

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - First half was fairly dominated by Fire but Rivertowns made their first goal by a powerhouse left-footed player. Fire quickly rebounded with a wonderful chip into the goal over the goalie's head by Neugarten (43). Opponents came back strong with a great many shots on goal which goalkeeper McAllister (26) handled like a pro thwarting all attempts. Fire then moved on to score two very impressive cross shots high into the goal by Kaplan (17). Game ended Fire 3 and Rivertowns 1.   


WYSL - U13 Boys Sao Paulo 4, Rivertown United 2

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - A satisfying end to the season. Playing without the benefit of substitutes (where the opposition had 5 subs), the squad fought hard in the first half, running up a 4-1 lead. The boys hung tight in the second half despite fatigue, and continued to pepper the opposition goalie with shots. Some great runs up top by Julian, Jon, and Oscar. Some great hustle by Brandon on offense and defense. And some great defending by the back line - Aidan, Adam, and Cedric.   


WYSL - U14 Boys Sunderland 2, Eastchester Strikers 0

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - The Sunderland gave their spectators a father's day gift, defeating the Eastchester Strikers 2 - 0. The Sunderland dominated play and took lots of shots. Two went in and the boys went home victorious. On to a big game next week. 

WYSL - U14 Girls Monaco 0, FC Briarcliff Baracudas 0
Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - On a warm and sunny father's day Monaco played Briarcliff to a scoreless draw.  For much of the game Monaco controlled the pace, with several runs of crisp passing and clever play.  Despite more near-misses than could be counted, the team was unable to get a ball across the goal line.  The defense held up well (requiring a bit of luck here and there, but certainly not as much luck as Briarcliff got) and kept the opponents out of the goal.  Nonetheless, given the many strings of solid play and passing the draw was a bit of a disappointment for the girls as they clearly deserved to get at least one goal (if not many more).


WYSL - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 3, New York Socer Club 2
Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - Cruzeiro fought its way to a 3-3 draw with its nemesis, NYSC, in an EDP match that, by virtue of the tie, sends Cruzeiro to play TSF for the right to go to the Nationals. Cruzeiro was down 1-0 in the first half when Matty Swain shot from the far right side at a sharp angle. The ball ricocheted off a defender and Tomasso Rock cleaned it up at close range for the first goal. Despite many shots and opportunities, Cruzeiro could not equalize and ended the first half trailing 2-1.  In a thrilling second half, Tomasso returned the favor to Matty, crossing the ball in close from the right to Matty in the center, who scored to tie the game at 2-2.  Not long after, Dayo Adeosun scored the go-ahead goal, but NYSC broke through with speed and scrappy ferocity to tie the score at 3-3. We send our wishes for a fast recovery to Andrew Cohen, who played stalwart defense and took an elbow to the chin late in the second half.

WYSL - U16 Boys Chelsea 1, FC Greenburgh 2
Heartbreak as the boys give up a late brakeaway to lose the game to decide the JV-1 championship. Chelsea converts 1 of 2 penalty kicks, but gives Greenburgh another. Chelsea dominates play, but, for the second week in a row, cannot score from open play. Chelsea had only 12 players fit and in attendance and played without their usual keeper, who was injured. Thanks to Orlando for another great season.


Date League MSC Team Opponent
2014-06-07 ENY State Cup U19 B Ajax 1 2 CJ Kosmos
2014-06-07 WYSL U9 B Toros 1 5 Asphalt Green Rio
2014-06-08 EDP U17 G Ravens 1 3 Arsenal Nighthawks (NJ)
2014-06-08 NPL U15 B 98 Premier 1 2 Delaware Rush
2014-06-08 WYSL U10 B Clash 3 4 Castleford Wolverines
2014-06-08 WYSL U10 B Rockers 8 2 Yonkers United Rush Scorpions
2014-06-08 WYSL U10 B Sounders 3 3 Rye Thunder
2014-06-08 WYSL U10 G Spirit 0 1 Pleasantville Roadrunners
2014-06-08 WYSL U10 G Surf 0 0 Asphalt Green Wave Legends
2014-06-08 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 2 0 Asphalt Green Wave Mutiny
2014-06-08 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 4 1 Port Chester B03B
2014-06-08 WYSL U11 B Gremio 3 1 Castleford B01 Gold
2014-06-08 WYSL U11 G Sting 4 3 FC Somers Lady Cougars
2014-06-08 WYSL U11 G Timbers 0 1 Mamaroneck Red Lions
2014-06-08 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 2 2 Mamaroneck Gunners
2014-06-08 WYSL U12 B Rowdies 3 1 John Jay Bulldogs
2014-06-08 WYSL U12 G Fire 2 1 Edgemont Sharks
2014-06-08 WYSL U13 B Sao Paulo 4 1 Scarsdale Warriors
2014-06-08 WYSL U13 G Pumas 3 0 Castleford G2000 Gold
2014-06-08 WYSL U14 G Monaco 1 6 New Rochelle Panthers
2014-06-08 WYSL U15 B Cougars 1 0 Edgemont FC 99
2014-06-08 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 1 0 Port Chester Golden Cats
2014-06-08 WYSL U16 B Boca 2 0 Munay Ossining Red Devils
2014-06-08 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 0 1 New Rochelle All Stars
2014-06-08 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 3 0 White Plains Electric Venom
2014-06-08 WYSL U8 B Celtics 6 0 Bronx Wildcats
2014-06-08 WYSL U8 B Express 1 1 MSC U8 B Whitecaps
2014-06-08 WYSL U8 B Wolves 4 3 Castleford B05 Storm
2014-06-08 WYSL U8 G Blizzard 2 4 Mamaroneck Shooting Stars
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 B Earthquakes 3 3 Eastchester La Roja
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 B Mustangs 4 2 Mamaroneck White Wolves
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 B Toros 1 7 Castleford Thunder
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 G Beat 5 0 Rye Reign
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 G Stars 6 0 New York Rush Patriots
2014-06-08 WYSL U9 G Tornado 5 2 Rye Wave


Saturday 06/07/2014


WYSL - U13 Boys Sao Paulo 4, Scarsdale Warriors 1

Saturday, June 7th, 2014 - A very satisfying win for the squad. The boys played some smart, simple soccer, and dominated the possession. They won the game in the midfield, and kept their composure on attack and on defense. Well done.   


Sunday 06/08/2014

WYSL - U8 Boys Express 2, Edgemont Sharks 1

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - Fire controlled the field in the first half, resulting in a great but hard-fought long-shot goal by Carmen. Edgemont Sharks regained some control ending the first half. Girls seemed well-matched and there was aggressive play on both sides. Coming into second half, Fire activated their passing and communications skills resulting in a great long shot down center by Lehrman. An unfortunate foul in box resulted in a successful PK for Edgemont, and the game ended Fire 2, Edgemont 1. Well done, Fire!!!   


WYSL - U10 Boys Sounders 3, Rye Thunder 3

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - In the first half, the Sounders scored two goals in 20 minutes. Adam scored from the side and then Mateos scored from an assist by Adam. Braden stopped a couple of shots on goal plus a really good penalty shot. However, the activity was on the other side mostly. Rye were good, hustling and not giving up on any ball. This showed itself in the second half when they scored three goals. Andrew, in the goal for the second half, blocked a good number of attempts. Then Akira scored a goal and the two teams were dueling when the final whistle blew. An exciting match where both teams fought to the end.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Spirit 0, Pleasantville Roadrunners 1

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - It was a very hot day, 85+ degrees on a turf field. Spirit only had 8 girls. No subs. The teams were well-matched, with a few unsuccessful shots on each goal, and the first half ended with the score 0-0. The girls were definitely tired in the second half, but still played well. With less than 4 minutes left in the game, a Spirit player was injured by a ball kicked directly at her from a few feet away. She came out of the game, and the Spirit played down a player since there were no subs. The Roadrunners were able to score during that time with only a few minutes left in the game. The Spirit player came back into the game to finish but the Spirit were unable to tie it up. The girls gave it their all. The game could have gone either way.   


WYSL - U13 Girls Pumas 3, Castleford G2000 Gold 0

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - The Pumas came back to Randall's 83 on a busy day that included Governor's Ball excitement and a post-game team party in the offing. The hot turf of Randall's was tougher on the away team as they came to Manhattan with only 10 players thus providing the home Pumas a 70-minute "power play." Try as they might, the Pumas could not break through in the first 50 minutes as they missed scoring chance after scoring chance. Was this going to end in tie with extra credit going to the visiting Gold? Not today. MSC got on the board when a deft chip across the goal mouth found a teammate to knock in the first goal. From there it was smooth sailing with two more Pumas finding the net and MSC taking home a well-deserved 3-0 win. Just two games to go in what has become a solid spring campaign. Great defending, impressive spacing and passing and a plethora of girls scoring goals have contributed to MSC's recent winning streak. Next up, a final home game against a Rye Riptide team that has had the Pumas "number" of late. Go Pumas!   


WYSL - U14 Girls Monaco 1, New Rochelle Panthers 6

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - Monaco lost to New Rochelle 6-1 today, although the game was closer than the score would indicate. Three goals were the result of free kicks. Monaco had a number of near misses; a few more bounces their way and the game could have been very tight indeed. Clare's fine goal in the latter stages of the second half was a bright spot in an otherwise challenging morning.   


WYSL - U16 Boys Chelsea 0, New Rochelle All Stars 1

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - On a sunny, hot day, the New Rochelle All Stars prevailed 1-0 with a goal midway in the second half. The first half was controlled by Chelsea who had many scoring threats thwarted by good goalkeeping and errant shots. In the second half, New Rochelle mustered more energy, despite having no subs, and had an equal or slightly greater number of scoring threats, equal ball possession. On one of there offensive pushes, the Chelsea defense failed to get the ball out, and that resulted in the sole score of the game.   


6/1/2014 WYSL U8 B Express 7 7 Mt Pleasant Magic
6/1/2014 WYSL U8 G Blizzard 6 2 Scarsdale Red Santos
6/1/2014 WYSL U8 G Breakers 4 6 Harrison Stars
6/1/2014 WYSL U9 B Toros 2 3 castleford B04 thunder
6/1/2014 WYSL U9 G Stars 2 0 John Jay
6/1/2014 WYSL U10 B Rockers 1 1 Mt Pleasant Bayern
6/1/2014 WYSL U10 B Sounders 8 2 Scarsdale Bragga
6/1/2014 WYSL U10 G Spirit 4 1 Rye Dragons
6/1/2014 WYSL U10 G Surf 2 2 Rye Rampage
6/1/2014 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 1 2 Ossining
6/1/2014 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 6 6 FC Transylvania Barca 03
6/1/2014 WYSL U11 B Gremio 2 0 Harrison Fire
6/1/2014 WYSL U11 G Timbers 6 1 Harrison
6/1/2014 WYSL U12 B Rowdies 4 3 West Side Red Bulls B02 W
6/1/2014 WYSL U13 G Pumas 5 1 Scarsdale Marseilles
6/1/2014 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 5 0 Rye Rockets
6/1/2014 WYSL U14 G Monaco 4 0 Mamaroneck Red Lightning
6/1/2014 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 2 3 Briarcliff Bobcats
6/1/2014 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 2 1 port chester lynx
6/1/2014 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 4 0 Mt. Pleasant Leopards
5/31/2014 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 5 0 Harrison Powerline
5/30/2014 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 6 0 Mamaroneck Blazers
5/31/2014 ENY State Cup U12 B Titans 0 1 Levittown Gunners
5/31/2014 ENY State Cup U13 B Emelec 4 1 Bayport Tsunami
5/31/2014 ENY State Cup U14 G Santos 0 2 FC Quickstrike
6/1/2014 ENY State Cup U16 B Cruzeiro 2 1 Dix Hills
6/1/2014 ENY State Cup U17 B Paris Saint-Germain 96 5 1 Ramapo Valley Tornados
5/31/2014 EDP U12 G 01 Pride 1 1 East Meadow Sky Blue
5/31/2014 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 1 1 Stronghold FC
5/31/2014 EDP U16 B Cruzeiro 0 3 Black Watch
6/1/2014 EDP U12 B Titans 0 4 Cedar Stars
6/1/2014 EDP U13 B Emelec 3 2 New Hyde Park Wildcats




WYSL - U16 Boys Chelsea 6, Mamaroneck Blazers 0

Friday, May 30th, 2014 - It was a beautiful afternoon for Chelsea to take a break from exam studying to try playing on grass once again. After starting out in a 4-4-2, Chelsea switched to a 4-3-3 and the scoring floodgates opened. 2-0 at the half, 6-0 at the final whistle. Goals: Whelan, Rada, Friedsam (3), Wakoff (PK). A clean sheet for GK Landis, with defenders Cooney, Suarez, Deforest, Leavitt. Fine play overall by the lads, especially Villegas.



EDP - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 0, Black Watch 3

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 - Cruzeiro fell to Black Watch 3-0 in an EDP match on Saturday, which was strange only because Cruzeiro had beaten this team 5-1 in the cold rain in New Hampshire back in April. This time around, the Cruzeiro attack could not get any traction, and Black Watch was beating Cruzeiro to the ball most of the time. Theo Jacobs, in goal, made a spectacular save in the first half to limit the damage, and Cruzeiro missed several scoring opportunities.



WYSL - U9 Boys Toros 2, Castleford B04 thunder 3

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - After a very tough Memorial Day weekend and tough week - the Toros came out today with an amazing effort. They fell a bit short in the score but that does not always tell the whole story!   


WYSL - U10 Boys Rockers 1, Mt Pleasant Bayern 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - A game in which the Rockers fought hard against tough competition. A few close shaves, but the game ended 1-1. A good performance!   


WYSL - U10 Boys Sounders 8, Scarsdale Bragga 2

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - First Half: Goals by Nico, Gavin, Braden, Nico, Akira and Pepe. Andrew had only a few attempts on goal. We kept the other team busy defensively. Second Half: Braden was goalie and not too busy as the ball was mostly on the other side of the field. Ethan got a goal on a nice high penalty shot and Pepe got another. There was a lot of passing and the boys were eager to play and they were comfortable out there and hustling. A fun game to watch. A good confidence builder.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Spirit 4, Rye Dragons 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - It was a beautiful day to play soccer. The girls were ready to play after enjoying two days of tournament games last weekend. Dragons scored a quick goal early in the first half. It was a beautiful high kick. Spirit got off to a slow start but then were playing beautifully and passing well. First half ended with score 1-0 Dragons. The second half was a much better half of soccer. Spirit had many breakaways in the second half. They scored two goals so the score was 2-1 Spirit. Then there was a penalty kick. A girl on the Dragons was down and continued to kick the ball and play. Spirit scored. The score was 3-1. Spirit scored another goal and the final score was 4-1.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Surf 2, Rye Rampage 2

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - With a great goal on a penalty kick by Poppinga and a tenacious one by Lathen, the Surf tied the Rye Rampage for the second time this season. Very good goal keeping by Poppinga and Hoine!   


WYSL - U11 Girls Timbers 6, Harrison 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - The Timbers dominated their opponents by a score of 6-1. The entire team played well with Lauren and Malia scoring twice and Lexi and Nyla each scoring once. Also playing well on offense were Jennifer, Sarah and Chloe who, along with the aforementioned four scorers, were relentless in their drives against their opponents. Turning to the team's defensive efforts, Isabelle had an excellent game, outmaneuvering the opponents as she deftly dribbled the ball up the field, time and time again. Lexi and Gwyneth also turned in superb games, keeping the opponents at bay, and both of the Timber's goalies played solidly.   


EDP - U12 Boys Titans 0, Cedar Stars 4

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - A hard-fought loss to the number one team in the country. Derek Martinez, Robert Nava and Aidan Aisiks were the defensive standouts here who kept this game within reach until the final minutes.   


WYSL - U13 Girls Pumas 5, Scarsdale Marseilles 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - The Pumas came back to Randall's hoping to capitalize on the momentum of a GREAT weekend in Massapequa in which they won their division with wins by 2-0, 2-0, 5-2 and 1-0 on a golden goal in OT of the championship game. They started sluggishly on Field 83, however, as Scarsdale struck 1st to take a 1-0 lead. The Pumas evened things before half 1-1 at it shaped up to be a hard nosed battle to the end. Happily though, things changed quickly. The Pumas came out very aggressively in the 2nd Half, pummeling the Marseilles Keeper with shot after shot. A break-through made it 2-1. Three more goals followed in quick succession and the Pumas found themselves victors in a lopsided 5-1 win. The Pumas have always had solid defense and consistent Keepers. Of late though they have mastered the game of possession, thus creating more shooting and scoring opportunities. Great job Pumas! Back to Randall's 83 for another game next week vs. Castleford.   


WYSL - U14 Boys Sunderland 5, Rye Rockets 0

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - The Sunderland finally got the decisive win they've been wanting as they handily defeated the Rye Rockets 5-0. The Sunderland dominated play throughout and moved the ball around the field with control. The defense and midfield were rock solid and created opportunities for the team. Our first goal came before the half from Aadit who broke free and shot to the far post with composure. In the second half, our next goal came as virtually every player touched the ball passing nicely until Aadit assisted Pablo who finished. Macc had the third goal after a ball was deflected out of the box and be finished with his left foot. Next up, Alex put one in off a PK. Bueno fired a rocket from the outside for goal number five. All in all. It was a great day of team focused soccer.   


WYSL - U14 Girls Monaco 4, Mamaroneck Red Lightning 0

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - Monaco bounced back from a tough tournament weekend with a commanding victory over an undermanned and overmatched Mamaroneck squad. Hannah C scored a hat trick and a fourth goal was added by Anna M. Solid defense and goalkeeping kept the opponents from scoring. Consistent quality passing and midfield play gave Monaco many opportunities to add to the score but the team was content with a solid 4-0 thrashing.   


WYSL - U16 Boys Chelsea 2, port chester lynx 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - Chelsea dominated possession on a glorious afternoon, but was not able to find the net often despite many more attempts than an over-matched Port Chester side. Ryan Friedsam scored in the first half following a brilliant run down the left flank. The score remained 1-0 for the majority of the game as Chelsea threatened for naught. At about 65 minutes, Port Chester was awarded a penalty kick, when a stumbling MSC defender handled the ball in the box. The penalty was converted. GK Will Landis and his defense still maintain a 180 minute streak of no goals allowed in open play. The deadlock was broken in the 75th minute when Oliver Whelan flicked the ball to Spencer Olesky who slotted home the winner. Two victories in 25 hours - a good weekend for MSC Chelsea. The two toughest games await for the lads, who are alone in first place in the JV-1 division.   


ENY State Cup - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 2, Dix Hills 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 - Cruzeiro won its second State Cup, 2-1, against its arch rival Dix Hills. As expected with an excellent team like Dix Hills, the play was relentlessly fast and hard, and Cruzeiro had to fight to the end to protect its narrow lead. In the first half, Ousmane Barry was fouled just outside the box in the center of the field, and Miguel Chung converted on a direct kick to the low left corner. Dayo Adeosun shot a laser off the post, but that was it for the first half. In the second, Dix Hills tied the score and escalated its attack. With time running out, Barry broke away down the left side and crossed a beauty into Matty Swain, who leapt and got his head on it and popped it over the hands of the keeper. Sam Barovick, playing hardcore defense all game, blocked a shot on goal when Theo Jacobs, the keeper, was caught out of position. Theo made fabulous saves throughout the match, and Cruzeiro went on to defeat the team that has given it so much trouble in the past. Now Cruzeiro is off to the Regionals. It was a big-time day for coach Wilson Egidio, who brought home two State Cup titles, one for Cruzeiro and one for his older team, PSG, which won 5-1.   



2014-05-12 NY Cup U14 G Santos 0 1 North Rockland Rowdies (PKs)
2014-05-17 EDP U11 G Power 2 6 Rage FC Renegades
2014-05-17 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 0 0 FC Somers Razors
2014-05-17 EDP U17 G Ravens 0 0 Auburndale SC Avengers
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U12 B Titans 2 1 NY Elite
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U12 G 01 Pride 1 3 HBC Barracudas
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U13 B Emelec 2 1 New Hyde Park
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U14 G Santos 1 0 Albany Alley Cats
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U16 B Cruzeiro 4 0 Massapequa
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U17 B Paris Saint-Germain 96 5 2 Auburndale Bayside Shooting Star
2014-05-17 ENY State Cup U18 B Paris Saint-Germain 95 1 3 Massapequa
2014-05-18 EDP U11 G Power 8 4 SDFC Aztecs
2014-05-18 EDP U12 B Titans 4 6 FSA
2014-05-18 EDP U12 G 01 Pride 1 0 Ramapo Valley SC Tornados
2014-05-18 EDP U13 B Emelec 1 6 Cedar Stars Academy
2014-05-18 EDP U14 B Villa 2 0 NYSC B99
2014-05-18 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 4 1 Lake Grove
2014-05-18 EDP U16 B Cruzeiro 2 0 HBC
2014-05-18 NYCSL U10 G Charge 1 3 FC SESA Sirens
2014-05-18 WYSL U8 B Express 8 2 FC Transylvania Barca 06 White
2014-05-18 WYSL U11 B Gremio 3 1 Mamaroneck Red Hawks
2014-05-18 WYSL U8 G Breakers 4 2 Mamaroneck Shooting Stars
2014-05-18 WYSL U9 G Stars 6 0 FC Somers
2014-05-18 WYSL U10 B Sounders 1 4 Briarcliff Bulldogs
2014-05-18 WYSL U10 G Spirit 0 1 Pelham Flames
2014-05-18 WYSL U10 G Surf 4 3 Red storm 04
2014-05-18 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 3 6 yonkers united rush avalanche
2014-05-18 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 8 3 Edgemont Blue Strikers
2014-05-18 WYSL U11 G Timbers 3 1 Asphalt Green
2014-05-18 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 4 2 Bronx Eagles
2014-05-18 WYSL U12 B Rowdies 5 0 New Rochelle Raptors
2014-05-18 WYSL U13 G Pumas 0 5 Mahopac Flames
2014-05-18 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 0 2 White Plains
2014-05-18 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 6 1 Harrison Powerline
2014-05-18 WYSL U15 B Cougars 4 1 White Plains Clash
2014-05-18 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 3 2 Rockland FC Dream


MAY 12

NY Cup - U14 Girls Santos 0, North Rockland Rowdies 1

In a semi-final New York Cup match on Monday night, Santos and the Rowdies battled to a scoreless tie in regulation. Santos would not relent despite a long weekend of Region 1 Premier playoff and several injuries. The teams remained scoreless through double overtime, and the Rowdies ultimately prevailed on PKs.  

MAY 17

EDP - U11 Girls Power 2, Rage FC Renegades 6

The MSC Power traveled south to New Field, New Jersey for an EDP Match against the Rage FC Renegades Saturday morning. The game was played on a grass field that was a former mushroom farm. The first half saw the Renegades put on multiple strong offensive drives that accounted for 15 shots on goal. The Power goalkeepers combined to stop 13. The Power were minimized in their counter attacks but made both of their shots on goal count to tie the match at 2-2 at halftime. The second half did not go as well for the Power, as the Renegades converted on a couple of quick breakaways. Their goalie stepped up and stopped several strong Power shots on goal. The stretched the the score to a final of 6-2. The Power's next EDP game is Sunday May 18th at the Sportsfriends Center in Wayne, New Jersey against the SDFC Aztecs.   


ENY State Cup - U12 Boys Titans 2, NY Elite 1

Two original Titans from the good old U9 days combined in extra time to send the Titans to the U12 ENY State Cup Finals, when Jaden Graber deposited a confident header off Teddy Bushara's cross from the right wing. Bushara also found Robert Nava in the 10th minute for a 1-0 lead and delusions of a leisurely afternoon in the sun, but of course it was not to be, as the Titans watched a number of opportunities slide by the goal on fine crosses from Aidan Aisiks and Max Mogul, among others. The second half was an altogether nail-biting ordeal as defensive cornerstone Derek Martinez repelled many a desperate counterattack by the Elite from Albany, until a curious penalty followed by an Elite free kick resulted in a 1-1 tie that somehow everyone saw coming. With the arbitrary cruelties of a penalty shootout looming, the Titans regained their composure in two overtime periods, with Zaul Tavangar demonstrating poise and selective brutality, and Christopher Tenempaguay initiating the final goal-scoring sequence from just across the midfield line. All that remained was to hold on for dear bloody life, which Wylie Lonergan and Zidane Douglas, in particular, accomplished with notable tenacity as five minutes trickled away to the final tri-part whistle.   


ENY State Cup - U13 Boys Emelec 2, New Hyde Park 1

On this beautiful day for soccer, Emelec's opponent got off to an early point however the Emelec boys kept them scoreless for the remainder of the game while the offense relentlessly chipped away to finally win with a 2-1 score. Some boys worked through serious physical injuries to remain on the field and do battle because they wanted nothing less than a state cup final.   


ENY State Cup - U14 Girls Santos 1, Albany Alley Cats 0

Santos continued its strong ENY State Cup play, defeating the Albany Alley Cats 1-0 on a beautiful breakaway goal by Katie D. Strong defense and midfield play secured the shutout victory. Santos looks forward to its match in the Finals next week.   

EDP - U15 Boys 98 Premier 0, FC Somers Razors 0

The boys earned themselves plenty of chances, but on this day they had trouble finding the net.   

ENY State Cup - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 4, Massapequa 0

In its State Cup Semifinal, Cruzeiro shut out Massapequa, 4-0. This was a surprising result, only because Massapequa, a good Long Island team, had proven hard to beat in the past. Today, though, Cruzeiro dominated, with strong goalkeeping, defense, midfield play and fine work up top by the forwards. Maybe for the first time in its history, Cruzeiro has developed the consistent firepower it needs to go to the next level. The first goal came only a few minutes in, when Chris Foy launched a surgically perfect cross from the far right side onto the feet of Kevin Rodriguez, in the crush, who controlled and scored. The second goal came on a PK by Miguel Chung after Dayo Adeosun was taken down in the box. Theo Jacobs, in goal, made at least three superb saves under pressure to frustrate Massapequa. In the second half, Miguel, now playing defense (our unique defender-striker), charged up the center like a bull and put in a pass to Dayo, who scored. The final goal was notched by Momo Haque from close range on a pass from Dayo. So Cruzeiro goes on to the State Cup Finals.   


MAY 18

NYCSL - U10 Girls Charge 1, FC SESA Sirens 3

The Charge seemed eager to pick up from their inspired come-from-behind 3-1 win against Kings Park last week. After Esme's powerful shot from well outside of the penalty box put the Charge one up in the first half, the match was in the Charge's hands. The second half, however, was another story. The SESA Sirens, who had shown deft passing and dribbling acumen in the first half, finally seized on a series of lucky calls and bounces to score three in the second half. The Charge couldn't convert their resolve into a goal.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Spirit 0, Pelham Flames 1

The game was very close the whole time. The teams seemed evenly matched. The first half ended in a 0-0 tie. The Spirit passed nicely and moved the ball around the field well. It seemed like the game was going to end in a 0-0 tie when at less than one minute left in the game, a Spirit girl was called for a hand ball (hit her inadvertently) in the goalie box. The Flames were given a penalty shot. The Flames scored. The game ended 30 seconds later 1-0.   


WYSL - U10 Girls Surf 4, Red storm 04 3

A nice win for the surf. Comeback from down two goals early to win with nice teamwork and goals by Poppinga, Thorp and Cohen. Nice defense by Steinberg and Levinson led the way.   


EDP - U11 Girls Power 8, SDFC Aztecs 4

Sunday saw the MSC U11 Girls Power square off at the Sportsfriends Field in Wayne, New Jersey against the SDFC Aztecs. In a turnaround, after a tough loss to the Rage FC Renegades on Saturday, the Power found their scoring shoes and their competitive spirit in a fast-moving match. With crisp passing on the front line, good ball control in the midfield and careful teamwork in back line, the Power put together a strong effort on both ends of the field that saw all players involved and five different players scoring. In a seesaw battle in the first half, the Power scored first on a strong driving strike. The Aztecs tied the game at 1-1. The Power returned the favor with two unanswered goals to stretch their lead to 3-1, but the Aztecs followed with two goals of their own, knotting the score at 3-3. The first half scoring was still not done, as the Power answered with two more goals, taking a 5-3 lead into the halftime break. The second half saw the Power continue it's strong offensive surge with two goals, stretching their lead to 7-3. Even with a tightened second half defensive effort by the Power, the Aztecs would not quit as they scored again, bringing the score to 7-4. The Power were not done, as they made a final statement with their season high eighth goal, for an 8-4 final score in their final EDP game before traveling this coming weekend to Pennsylvania for the FC Delco Cup.   


WYSL - U11 Girls Timbers 3, Asphalt Green 1

A resounding win today for the Timbers who comfortably outpaced their opponent by the score of 3-1. In addition to Lexi, Malia and Nyla who scored, other strong contributors on offense included Sarah, Lauren, Jennifer and Mia, who, after today's solid performance was no doubt sorely missed by her previous teammates. On defense, the back three starting line of Lexi, Gwen and Kayla played superbly, with Kayla in particular turning back a number of hard shots in her role. And a shout-out to Jennifer, who, despite being tackled in the box, determinedly held onto the ball and punted it up the field to her teammates.   


WYSL - U12 Boys Corinthians 4, Bronx Eagles 2

The boys played the second leg of their campaign against the Bronx Eagles at home on Sunday in an action packed match. Mendelson scored first on a lefty shot just outside the box. Miller scored next on a hustle play as Gordon applied good pressure. The Eagles fought back to equalize, but the defense of Angulo, King, Regan, Reynolds and Sanchez held strong and Shatz stood tall in net. Banda scored a key third goal off a brilliant run and pass by Mastropasqua and Miller scored the fourth on a speedy break out after a great pass by Eisenberg. Barth and Moehn were solid in the midfield and Coach Fuentes Corinthians ultimately came out ahead 4-2 to stay atop the WYSL first division table. Plenty more soccer ahead as the boys are on to Long Island next week for the Massapequa Memorial Day Tournament.   


WYSL - U13 Girls Pumas 0, Mahopac Flames 5

The Pumas ran into a buzzsaw in Mahopac in the form of the 1st Place Flames. The drive was long. The game was tough. At least the chocolate chip cookies were good after the game. See you all in Massapequa next weekend.   


WYSL - U14 Boys Sunderland 0, White Plains 2

After a scoreless first half, White Plains was able to capitalize on two of their scoring opportunities to earn a hard-fought victory. Sunderland played well under the guidance of Coach Ray Selvadurai and kudos to Diego who did a fine job in goal subbing for the injured Bueno and Liam. 

Scores for the Weekend of May 10-11

5/10/2014 EDP U12 G 01 Pride 0 0 Match Fit Academy FC Lady Jaguar
5/10/2014 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 1 1 BW Gottschee 98/99
5/10/2014 EDP U16 B Cruzeiro 1 3 South Huntington
5/11/2014 EDP U12 B Titans 0 6 World Class FC Raiders
5/11/2014 EDP U15 B 98 Premier 2 0 DUSC
5/11/2014 EDP U16 B Cruzeiro 5 0 FC Coppa
5/11/2014 EDP U17 G Ravens 1 2 TSF Academy Magpies (NJ)
5/11/2014 EDP/NPL U13 B Emelec 2 3 NYSC
5/11/2014 EDP/NPL U18 B Paris Saint-Germain 95 1 0 Delaware Rush (PKs)
5/11/2014 MAPS U10 B Thunder 0 2 SI United Dinamo Jrs.
5/10/2014 Region 1 U14 G Santos 2 3 Century V X-Treme (PA)
5/10/2014 Region 1 U17 B PSG 96 1 2 Century V 96/97 (PA)
5/11/2014 Region 1 U14 G Santos 0 1 Annandale United (VA)
5/11/2014 Region 1 U17 B PSG 96 4 2 Kirkwood Academy (DE)
5/11/2013 WYSL U8 B Whitecaps 1 3 Mt. Pleasant Magic
5/11/2014 WYSL U9 B Mustangs 3 2 Rye Grizzlies
5/11/2014 WYSL U9 G Stars 2 2 FC Transylvania
5/11/2014 WYSL U10 G Surf 2 3 Scarsdale revolution
5/11/2014 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 4 2 Mamaroneck
5/11/2014 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 4 3 Castleford B02 Gold
5/11/2014 WYSL U11 B Gremio 1 2 East Ramapo Arsenals
5/11/2014 WYSL U11 G Timbers 3 1 Port Chester
5/11/2014 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 0 5 White Plains Arsenal
5/11/2014 WYSL U12 B Rowdies 5 0 Edgemont Storm
5/11/2014 WYSL U12 G Fire 2 1 Chappequa Blizzards
5/11/2014 WYSL U13 B Sao Paulo 0 1 Port Chester Pumas
5/11/2014 WYSL U13 G Pumas 2 1 Pelham Power
5/11/2014 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 1 2 New York Fusion Edge
5/11/2014 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 4 0 Rivertown Utd G98
5/11/2014 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 3 1 Bronx Dragons
5/11/2014 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 1 3 Chappaqua Storm

Game Summaries


EDP - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 1, South Huntington 3

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 - This was an all-around uninspired game by Cruzeiro, as they fell to South Huntington 3-1, a team they'd beaten in the State Cup Quarterfinals the week before, 2-0. Cruzeiro went down 2-0 in the first half after a 30-minute rain delay. Towards the end of half, Matty Swain was fouled at the edge of the box, and Miguel Chung scored on a direct kick. But that was it for Cruzeiro, whose passing game was off, and players kept getting beaten to the ball. In the second half, Miguel boomed a shot off the post, and in the closing minutes, Tomasso Rock fired a great shot that was blocked by the keeper. In this, the birthplace of Walt Whitman, we did not hear a "barbaric yawp," though we did hear some barbaric things from our hosts on the sidelines.


WYSL - U10 Girls Surf 2, Scarsdale revolution 3

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - In a devastating loss, Scarsdale Revolution scored in the final minute to beat the Surf 3-2. The Surf played well against a tough team and led 2-1 with 7 minutes left. Great goals by Silbert and thorp! Awesome defense by entire team but especially by Olivia Steinberg.


WYSL - U11 Girls Timbers 3, Port Chester 1

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - Timbers did it for moms today! What a fun game it was to watch Timbers play so well against one of their toughest rivals. Timbers dominated in the first half with repeated shots on Port Chester's strong goalie who defended well against numerous shots. Port Chester pushed back with a few shots on Timbers, but could not get past Jennifer solidly defending goal. Late in the first half, Timbers took the lead with relentless Lauren assisting the first successful play to speedy Nyla who shot a quick outside left flick shot in the corner goal. In the top of the second half, Sarah assisted the second goal to sure-shot Malia, who scored solidly from wing and Timbers were up 2-0. But Port Chester came back strong and scored in the middle of the second half, making it 2-1. Timbers charged back with numerous shots from big-boot Chloe, fast-footwork Isabelle, wing-man Jenna and the aforementioned front and midfield line. Port Chester piled on the offense, but Timbers defense put up a wall led by can't-ever-get-past-me Lexi in Center D, cool-under-pressure Kayla and the great give-n-go duo of Gwyneth and Sophia to take the ball back. Just when Timbers parents worried that the game may end in a tie, Alex thwarted a potential second goal and Mia moved the ball back to offense. Taking a commanding lead, on-fire Sarah then passed the ball to quick-footed Jennifer in wing who shot the ball confidently into the right side of the net. Timbers won solidly with a 3-1 score, making moms and dads proud!

WYSL - U12 Boys Corinthians 0, White Plains Arsenal 5

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - The Corinthians fought hard this week, but White Plains Arsenal set the bar in the Westchester U12 first division by defeating MSC 5-0. The boys will have a chance at redemption as they will travel to White Plains later this season for a rematch. 

WYSL - U12 Girls Fire 2, Chappequa Blizzards 1

First half of game resulted in a very quick goal by opponents in which the Chappaqua Blizzard rebounded a missed shot.  Fire quickly took over control of first half and dominated the field.  Substitute goalie Lehrman did an excellent job of keeping opponent efforts out of the goal box.  Second goal of the first half was Fire's with Kaplan assisting Neugarten goal.  Second half was more evenly matched and substitute goalie McAllister did an excellent job of keeping her goal safe.  Fire had several amazing goal shots but the second Fire goal of the game was had by Lehrman assisted by Kaplan.  Over all the game was physical and hard-played.

WYSL - U13 Boys Sao Paulo 0, Port Chester Pumas 1

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - A frustrating loss. The boys were slow to start and at a disadvantage with poor field conditions that prevented most attempts at short passes in tight spaces. But the boys rallied in the second half, did a better job at challenging loose balls in midfield, and peppered the goal with shots in the last 10 minutes. Special mention to: Cedric for playing in the back with grit; Brandon and Julian who teamed up for several long balls and for delivering several excellent crosses; and Kai, who has consistently raised his game in the last several weeks.

WYSL - U13 Girls Pumas 2, Pelham Power 1

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - The Pumas maintained their undefeated record at Icahn Stadium with a 2-1 Mother's Day gift to a great group of soccer moms. The Pumas had the majority of scoring chances throughout the contest, passing into open space and playing great ball control soccer. Following a scoreless first half, the Pumas struck first with a high bouncing ball that sailed over the Pelham Keeper's arms. Pelham fought back shortly later, equalizing the score at 1-1. From there, the Pumas created multiple great opportunities through great passing and spacing. With only two minutes two go the Pumas pressed the agenda in the Pelham box and found the back of the net with an aggressive rebound goal. The result was secure and MSC moved to 3-2 on the Spring season. Next up, a visit to 1st Place Mahopac to avenge an early season loss. Go Pumas!

WYSL - U14 Boys Sunderland 1, New York Fusion Edge 2

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - On a Sunny Mother's Day at Randall's Island the Sunderland came up short one goal in a heartbreaker of a loss to the New York Fusion Edge. The play was fairly equal throughout, but the Fusion seemed to have a bit more tenacity, outshot us and went up 2 goals to none by the end of the first half. We came back stronger in the second half, missed some opportunities but drew blood toward the end of the period when Aadit fed the ball to Alex for our only goal of the game. Bueno made some awesome saves throughout.

WYSL - U16 Boys Chelsea 3, Bronx Dragons 1

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - Clear blue sky, warm sunny temp rising toward 70 at 9AM on Mother's Day. Chelsea dominated the first half, keeping the ball well more than half the time. Many offensive pushes resulted in multiple corner kicks. Those corners connected with heads in front of the box several times but the ball went over or to the side of the goal. In the 37th minute, Charlie was called on a foul just outside the penalty box. Just as Chelsea was getting a wall set up, the Bronx player kicked quickly and accurately, over the defense, and beyond Will's outstretched arm into the top left corner for a score, and despite several additional chances for Chelsea, the half ended with Bronx up 1-0. Chelsea came out strong in the second half. Within the first few minutes they had a free kick on a foul. A blur of four Chelsea players streaked down the right side of the field as the kick was taken, and one connected to get Chelsea's first score and tie the game. [This reporter was unable to discern which player scored it.] About three minutes later Ryan F had a break away and scored on a low ball just under the goalie's arm. About 15 minutes later a combination of Chelsea passes ended in a cross to Ryan Z who connected in the goal box and scored to make it 3-1. The last 15 minutes of play was ragged, and although the Bronx defense seemed wobbly, and Chelsea had numerous attempts, all were thwarted. Final score 3-1 Chelsea.

EDP - U16 Boys Cruzeiro 5, FC Coppa 0

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - In its second EDP match of the weekend, Cruzeiro shut out FC Coppa, from New Jersey, 5-0. Coppa played the same brand of controlled, elegant, finesse soccer that Cruzeiro plays, but Cruzeiro did it better. Coppa almost scored the first goal, but Chris Foy blocked the shot and cleared on a sliding tackle. Moments later Paolo Franzzini-Melendez passed to Dayo Adeosun, who slammed it in from up close. That goal would prove to be the game-winner, but four more followed. Still in the first half, Tomasso Rock lobbed one in over the keeper's fingertips, and then Jade Bedoya put up a through-pass to Matty Swain, who scored. In the second half, big Matty railroaded up the right side of the field, plowing through a swarm of defenders, and put the ball in the net. The final goal came from Ousmane Barry, on an assist from Momo Haque. Unlike the previous day, Cruzeiro today was operating on all cylinders. Next Saturday it's on to the State Cup semifinals against Massapequa, on Randall's Island.

EDP - U18 Boys Paris Saint-Germain 95 5, Delaware Rush 4

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - The U18 boys claimed the EDP National Premier League Title with a 5-4 PK Championship Game shootout win over #9 in the nation Delaware Nike Rush. After 100 minutes of scoreless regulation and overtime periods, PSG 95 converted on all five of their PK attempts from Gus Saltonstall, Ben Metrikin, Jethro Dede, Ben Hicks and Levi Stern. Goalkeeper Calvin Griffin came up with the key stop in the shootout.


Scores for the Weekend of May 3-4

5/3/2014 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 4 3 Edgemont Blue Strikers
5/3/2014 ENY State Cup U12 B 01 Titans 3 0 West Babylon
5/3/2014 ENY State Cup U14 G Santos 10 0 Saratoga Blue Streaks
5/3/2014 EDP U11 G Power 3 4 SDFC Aztecs
5/3/2014 EDP U12 B 01 Titans 0 3 PDA Kaka White
5/3/2014 EDP U16 B Cruzeiro 4 2 FSA
5/3/2014 EDP U17 G Ravens 1 3 Smithtown Kickers Lightning
5/4/2014 WYSL U8 B Express 6 4 FC Somers Red B06
5/4/2014 WYSL U8B Celtic 7 2 FC Greenburgh United
5/4/2014 WYSL U8 G Breakers 6 0 Scarsdale Red Santos
5/4/2014 WYSL U9 B Toros 0 6 Alba Sea Eagles
5/4/2014 WYSL U9 G Beat 3 1 Rye RoadRunners
5/4/2014 WYSL U9 G Stars 1 2 White Plains Orange
5/4/2014 WYSL U9 G Tornado 1 1 Mamaroneck Red Waves
5/4/2014 WYSL U10 B Rockers 3 3 West Side Red Bulls B04 e
5/4/2014 WYSL U10 B Sounders 5 0 Castford B03 Hummers
5/4/2014 WYSL U10 G Spirit 0 0 Castleford G03 Ravens
5/4/2014 WYSL U10 G Surf 3 2 West Side Red Bulls G10
5/4/2014 WYSL U11 B Aztecs 2 1 Harrison United
5/4/2014 WYSL U11 B Flamengo 7 4 West Side Red Bulls B03E
5/4/2014 WYSL U11 B Gremio 2 1 Rye Tornadoes
5/4/2014 WYSL U11 G Sting 2 0 Rye Raiders
5/4/2014 WYSL U11 G Timbers 3 0 John Jay Sonics
5/4/2014 WYSL U12 B Corinthians 1 0 Port Chester Lions
5/4/2014 WYSL U12 G Fire 4 1 Rivertowns Utd G02 Fire
5/4/2014 WYSL U13 B Sao Paulo 7 1 Rye Scarlet Knights
5/4/2014 WYSL U13 G Pumas 1 2 Rye Riptide
5/4/2014 WYSL U14 B Sunderland 4 1 Port Chester Cubs
5/4/2014 WYSL U14 G Monaco 1 0 Briarcliff Barracudas
5/4/2014 WYSL U15 G Dynamo 3 1 Asphalt Green Wave Valencia
5/4/2014 WYSL U16 B Boca 4 0 FC Briarcliff Bull Sharks
5/4/2014 WYSL U16 B Chelsea 6 1 Harrison
5/4/2014 WYSL U16 G Shamrock 6 0 Larchmont Fusion
5/4/2014 NYCSL U10 G Charge 4 0 East Islip
5/4/2014 ENY State Cup U12 G 01 Pride 1 0 North Babylon Pride
5/4/2014 ENY State Cup U13 B Emelec 2 0 HBC Chelsea
5/4/2014 ENY State Cup U16 B Cruzeiro 2 0 South Huntington
5/4/2014 EDP U11 G Power 3 2 International Girls Futbol Acade
5/4/2014 EDP U14 G Santos 1 0 WWPSA Mercer FC Magic