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Randall's Island Fields


Download a pdf version of this map and instructions here. 

For a Google Map click here.  


Online: use the this custom Google Map:http://bit.ly/RandallsFieldsMap
GPS: Randall’s road names are new and some GPS’s still have trouble finding them. These addresses are the best bets:
Icahn:                            20 Randalls Island Rd, New York, NY 11105
 Central Road, New York, NY 10035
70’s fields:                     Ward’s Meadow Loop, NY, NY 10035
80’s fields:                     East River Lane, NY, NY 10035
90’s fields:                     Sunken Garden Loop NY, NY 10035
There is a bridge toll to enter Randall’s, but no toll when leaving.
From Bronx and points north: Triboro/RFK Bridge/I-278 southbound; follow signs for Exit 46A Randall’s Island, about 0.5 miles past toll on the right. At bottom of ramp, turn right for 60's, 70's, and 80's fields; turn left for Icahn, 50’s and 90’s fields.

From Queens and points east & south: On Triboro/RFK Bridge/I-278 northbound, keep right and follow signs for Exit 46 Manhattan/Randall’s Island; keep right at tolls, exit to right immediately after tolls toward “Randall’s Island/Icahn Stadium.” Once on the island, follow signs to fields.
From Manhattan and points west:
To Icahn: Triboro/RFK Bridge; keep left at tolls; immediately after tolls exit far left toward “Randall’s Island/Icahn.” 
To 50’s, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90’s fields: Triboro/RFK Bridge; keep right at tolls, toward Queens and airports. About 0.5 miles past toll on the right take Exit 46A Randall’s Island. At bottom of ramp, turn right for 60's, 70's, and 80's fields; turn left for Icahn, 50’s and 90’s fields.
Walking:   The 103rd St walking bridge over the Harlem River leads to the 80’s fields. Enter the bridge at 102nd St and the FDR Drive.
City Bus:         MTA bus M35 runs from 125th Street in Manhattan to Icahn Stadium.
Parking:          Icahn (Field 10): Plentiful in lots by the stadium
50’s and 60’s fields: Field-side parking
70’s, 80’s, and 90’s: limited field-side parking, particularly during game changeovers.
Please plan to drop off players and then circle back to Parking Lot "J" under the bridge.
NOTE: field-side parking is “back-in only.” This rule is enforced vigorously.
Bathrooms:     Icahn and the orange kiosk by field 71 have full bathrooms. Portable toilets are posted near other fields.
Bring Water:  There is only running water at Icahn Stadium and the orange kiosk
Food:               The Sportime tennis center across from Icahn and the Golf Center just north of Icahn both serve food. Drinks and snacks are available at the orange kiosk.
Dogs:               …are not allowed on Randall’s Island fields. Sorry.