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General information about travel programs, fees, locations, practice and game schedules, busing and other items:  Send an email to soccer@manhattansc.org with your phone number listed, where we can call you back, and an Manhattan Soccer Representative will call you within 24 hours.



Executive Director: Rich Corvino rcorvino@manhattansc.org

President of the Board: Valerie Parkas  valerie.parkas@manhattansc.org

Director of Operations: Samuel Arnoff samuel.arnoff@manhattansc.org

Director of Coaching: Ray Selvadurai  ray.selvadurai@manhattansc.org

Bus Service: Eddie Sutton eddiesutton@manhattansc.org

Referee Coordinator: Scott Morris skot.morris@gmail.com

Manhattan Tournament Coordinator: Jason Kahan  jasonkahan@manhattansc.org

Sponsorship: Nan Shipley nan.shipley@gmail.com

Financial Aid: Rob Ginzberg  robginzberg@gmail.com


Soccer Programs:

U3-5 Toddler:  Jeff Angione  jeffrey.angione@gmail.com

U5-8 Development Academy (training only): Chip Wonderlin  chip.wonderlin@manhattansc.org

U9-18 Training Only Programs: Jason Weisberg  jasonweis12@aol.com

School Outreach and Clinic Programs:  Neri Amaducci baresi22@yahoo.com

Camps and Clinics: Rich Corvino rcorvino@manhattansc.org

Goalkeeper Training: Jay Myers soccerjay18@yahoo.com

Fitness and Strength: Andrew FitzGerald  andrew@e3sports.com


Soccer Travel Programs:

Boys U8 Travel Team Program: Chip Wonderlin  chip.wonderlin@manhattansc.org

Girls U8 Travel Team Program: Patrick Greene mscacademy1@gmail.com

U9-12 Youth Girls Travel Academy: Patrick Greene mscacademy1@gmail.com

U9-12 Youth Boys Travel Academy: Ray Selvadurai  ray.selvadurai@manhattansc.org

U13-18 Senior Girls Travel Academy: Jason Weisberg  jasonweis12@aol.com

U13-18 Senior Boys Travel Academy:  Ray Selvadurai  ray.selvadurai@manhattansc.org

U20-23 Adult Women’s Program: Jay Myers soccerjay18@yahoo.com

U20-23 Adult Men’s Program: Ray Selvadurai  ray.selvadurai@manhattansc.org


What is the general practice and game schedule for Fall - Winter - Spring for various travel age groups? 

Most teams play a game on Sundays during the Fall (Sept-Nov) and Spring (Apr-June) seasons only.  Strongest team in each age bracket practice three times per week throughout the year (twice on weekdays late afternoon/early evenings and once on Saturdays), while the majority of travel teams practice twice per week throughout the year (once on weekdays and once on Saturdays).  Some High School aged travel teams may practice once per week while their school soccer teams are in season.

I want more information just on training. Do you do that?

Yes, for all ages, and anywhere from 1-3 days per week, for Fall, Spring, and Winter, priced per session in various denominations.  For details, contact Chip Wonderlin  chip.wonderlin@manhattansc.org for 8 years old and younger, and Jason Weisberg  jasonweis12@aol.com for 9 years old-to-18 years old.  For Goalkeeper Training, contact Jay Myers soccerjay18@yahoo.com

What can you tell me about the U5-U8 Development Academy?

The MSC Development and Training Academy is a highly successful training program for U5, U6, U7, and U8 girls and boys who are interested in improving their soccer skills. The Academy provides exposure to advanced coaching for players who want to prepare for more advanced travel soccer programs, or simply for those players who want to improve their skills to get more enjoyment out of the game.  For the past six seasons over 70% of the players who ultimately were accepted into the U9 Academy had previously trained within the U5-8 Developmental Academy program.  The program teaches players within a structured, detailed, and sequential curriculum, constructed by Director of Coaching, Ray Selvadurai, who has close to a decade and a half experience as an instructor, Academy Director, Coaching Director, and curriculum developer.  The Developmental Academy program for the Fall season begins shortly after Labor Day and extends all the way through the late November, with opportunities to train Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, or a portion of that schedule, in the late afternoons and in Manhattan except for Saturdays (Randall’s Island). Winter season schedules will be posted early in the Fall. Development Academy players may also have the opportunity to be invited to our full-blown U8 Academy Team rosters at the conclusion of the Fall season.

What can you tell me about the MSC U3-4 Toddler program?

Manhattan Soccer Club has played a major role in developing soccer players the New York City area over the past sixteen years, with our current U5-8 Development Academy, U9-14 Youth Academies, and High School Academies having established a track record of excellence on both the State and Regional Level.  Our U3-5 Toddler Program is an effort toward more gradual introduction to soccer for younger children, with an emphasis on having a fun filled exposure to the sport of soccer, while learning the basic skills of the game. We schedule weekday afternoon classes conveniently located in Central Park throughout the Fall and Spring, and weekend classes indoors in the Winter. For more information, please contact Jeff Angione  jeffrey.angione@gmail.com

I have questions on financial aid and need help with the application

Contact Samuel Arnoff samuel.arnoff@manhattansc.org

I’m interested in the bus option but want more information

Contact Eddie Sutton eddiesutton@manhattansc.org

I’m new to the area and would like my son/daughter to try out for a travel team.

Contact Director of Coaching Ray Selvadurai  ray.selvadurai@manhattansc.org

I left behind something on Randall’s Island. Who can help me?

Contact Sam Arnoff samuel.arnoff@manhattansc.org

I lost something in the bus. Who can help me?

Contact Eddie Sutton eddiesutton@manhattansc.org

I’m calling from a newspaper/radio/tv station. Who can I speak with?

Contact Executive Director Rich Corvino rcorvino@manhattansc.org

What’s your website address? www.manhattansc.org/

I have questions about the tournament. Who can help me?

Contact Jason Kahan  jasonkahan@manhattansc.org

I want to receive general information via e-mail. Do you have an e-mail address?